iN-Box V4.8.0 iCloud Removal: Where to Download It

  1. Published on Nov 11, 2021
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If you have ever tried to remove the iCloud Activation lock from any iOS device, you probably know how hard it can be.

But with the right unlocking tool, the process is not impossible. You can go from a device that will not function at all to one that you can use in a matter of minutes.

One of the tools that claim to remove the activation lock is iN-Box v4.8.0. But if you have tried many similar tools with little success, you may have a hard time trusting that this one will be any different.

But this is where we come in. This review will take a very close look at every aspect of iN-Box v 4.8.0 to help you determine if you would like to use it.

What is iN-Box v4.8.0?

What is in-box v4.8.0

iN-Box is a program that is designed to help you remove any type of iCloud lock. It is available for the Windows system and its only purpose is to remove iCloud Activation Lock without needing your Apple ID or password.

This tool is very easy to use, despite having a less than friendly user interface. Its key features include the following;

  • Removing iCloud Activation Lock using this program is very easy
  • It will remove iCloud locks for free and without the interruption of popup ads
  • It supports all iPhone models and all versions of iOS
  • You don’t need to have any technical skills to use it
  • It can be installed on any Windows Operating system from XP to Windows 10

Where to Download iN-Box v4.8.0

If you want to use this unlocking tool, your first hurdle will be trying to download and install the program onto your computer.

Getting the iN-Box setup file on the internet is practically hard, and we also failed to find any working and virus-free download links of in-box v4.8.0.

The reason is that there are very many fake tools out there that are branded to look like in-box that it can be very hard to determine which one is genuine.

How to Use iN-Box v4.8.0

But if you want to take your chances with this program, follow these steps to see if it will unlock your device;

Step 1: Once you have a copy of the iN-Box iCloud removal tool, go ahead and install the program on to your computer.

Step 2: Open iN-Box v4.8.0 after installation and connect the locked iPhone to your computer using a USB/lightning cable.

Step 3: Click “Unlock iCloud” and the program will begin unlocking the device. Hopefully, the process shouldn’t take very long.

Does iN-Box v4.8.0 Still Work?

Based on our research and the feedback that we have received from our readers, iN-Box v4.8.0 seems to be inconsistent, working for some people and not others.

It seems like this program was only viable for a while and then for some reason stopped working.

So, you may want to try a different tool, especially if you want a tool that will work quickly.

Other than the fact that there is a chance this program will not unlock the device at all, there are a number of other drawbacks of using this program, including;

  • Finding the official iN-Box v4.8.0 is very hard
  • There are a lot of fake versions of the program out there that may include a lot of viruses
  • You may fall prey to websites that trick you into taking endless surveys, one after the other without ever getting the download link
  • This program also doesn’t have an official website. There is no information on its developers, meaning that it may be impossible to get help if your device is damaged

Alternative that Deserves a Try

If you would rather not deal with all the download problems you would encounter if you tried to find iN-Box and you would rather not have a damaged device, it may make more sense to find a different solution.

One of the best is Unlockit Activation Unlocker, a program that is as effective as it is easy to use. Its key features include the following;

  • It will easily bypass the activation lock on any device, ideal for those times when you forget your password
  • It allows you to remove the activation lock on a second-hand device without the previous owner’s input
  • You can also use it to turn off Find my iPhone without the Apple ID and password
  • It supports all iPhone modes from 5S to 12 and all versions of iOS including 14

Here’s how to use Unlockit Activation Unlocker to remove iCloud activation lock on any iOS device;

Step 1: Install Unlockit Activation Unlocker onto your computer. The program can be easily downloaded from the main website.

Step 2: Once it is installed, connect the iPhone to the computer and then click “Start” to begin.

Step 3: The next step is to jailbreak the device and the program will immediately begin downloading the jailbreak tool that you need.

Step 4: Once the download is complete, click on “Start Jailbreak” to begin the actual jailbreak process. This should only take a few minutes.

Step 5: You should see information about the device on the next screen. Go through the information to make sure that it is accurate and then click on “Start Remove” to begin the actual unlocking process.

The unlocking process will take a few minutes. It is important to keep the device connected to the computer until the process is complete. You should see a notification on the screen, indicating that the device has been unlocked.


Like most iCloud unlocking tools that you may have across online iN-Box v4.8.0 is a tool that may have worked at one point in the past, but is no longer reliable now.

To avoid all the problems you may encounter when you try to use this tool, download Unlockit Activation Unlocker and unlock your device in minutes.

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