How to Unlock iPad without Apple ID? Find Full Solutions Here

  1. Published on May 10, 2022
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Most people find themselves in a situation where their iPad requests an Apple ID and password after resetting or restoring the device.

If this is a second-hand iPad or you haven’t used that Apple account in a while, there are several options that you can try to unlock your iPad even without the Apple ID.

Here, we will share with you the most effective of these solutions.

How to Unlock iPad without Apple ID If Find My is On

If the “Find my iPad” feature is enabled on the device, your only option is to use third-party software to unlock the device.

One of the best tools for this purpose is this Apple ID removal tool. It is easy to use and allows you to unlock the device even if you don’t have the Apple ID password.

Follow these simple steps to use this program to unlock your device:

Step 1: Download and install the program on your computer. You can find the download link on the program’s main website.

Step 2: Run the program after installation and then click on “Unlock Apple ID” on the main window.

Step 3: Now, connect the iPad to the computer using its original lightning cable and unlock the device to allow the program to detect the connected device.

Step 4: Once the device has been detected, click on “Start Remove” in the next window to begin removing the Apple ID from the device.

Step 5: Because “Find My iPad” is enabled, you will need to reset all settings on your iOS device to remove the Apple ID. Just follow the instructions on the screen to reset the device.

Step 6: Once the reset is complete, the program will immediately begin unlocking the device. In a few seconds, the device will be unlocked and you can continue using it as you would normally.

Unlock iPad without Apple ID If Find My iPad is Not Turned On

If on the other hand, you have not enabled “Find my iPhone” on the device, you can very easily remove the Apple ID by restoring the device in the recovery mode using iTunes.

This process is very simple, just follow these steps:

Step 1: Open iTunes on your computer and then connect the iPad to the computer.

Step 2: On the iPad, press and hold the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button at the same time. Keep pressing both buttons until you see the recovery mode or “Connect to iTunes” logo on the screen.

Step 3: In iTunes, click on “Restore” to erase the iPad and therefore remove the Apple ID and password.

But while this method can be very effective, it does have a few disadvantages, including:

  • It will only work if “Find my iPad” is not enabled on the device.
  • It may not be very easy to put the iPad in recovery mode and you may find that you need to try several times before getting it right.
  • You need to use the latest version of iTunes to ensure that the process goes smoothly.

Unlock iPad without Apple ID If It’s Stuck in iCloud Lock Screen

Sometimes, you may find that the device gets stuck in “Activation Lock” soon after restoring or updating it. This is a far bigger problem that is often very hard to fix.

But we have a solution that will get you out of this bind as well. This is Unlockit iCloud bypass tool, It is a tool that will help you bypass iCloud Activation Lock even if you don’t have the Apple ID password.

Follow these steps to use this tool to get out of the iCloud lock:

Step 1: To begin, download and install it on your computer.

Step 2: Once it is installed, run the program. Connect the iOS device to the computer and then click “Start” in the main interface.

Step 3: To unlock the device, the program will need to jailbreak it. The program will download the jailbreak package needed to jailbreak the device and initiate the jailbreaking process. Just click on “Next” to continue.

Step 4: Once the jailbreak is complete, confirm that the information on the screen corresponds to your device and then click “Start.”

Step 5: The program will begin bypassing the iCloud lock on your device. Keep the iPad connected until the program notifies you that the device has been successfully unlocked. Click “Done” and then disconnect the device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Wipe my iPad without an Apple ID?

Yes, it is possible to erase the iPad without the Apple ID. But this is only possible if the “Find my iPad” feature is enabled.

How do I Open my iPad without an Apple ID?

There are several ways that you can turn on your iPad without the Apple ID. One way is to reset the iPad to factory settings and set it up as new.

Some of the other options to open your iPad without the Apple ID have been explained above.

To Conclude

If you don’t know the Apple ID or you forget your password, you may find it difficult to unlock your device.

The solutions we have outlined above should be able to help you bypass all these restrictions and easily unlock your device, especially when you don’t know the Apple ID and password attached to the device.

Choose a solution that best suits your current problem and follow the instructions to implement it.

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