How to Install IPSW Without iTunes (Easy Steps)

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An IPSW file, in simple words, is the latest software update file from Apple. iOS users must know the process and importance of using IPSW files.

These files help improve security patches on the device. So, how can you download an IPSW file on your device without using iTunes?

Without using iTunes, you will be left with third-party options to download IPSW files. In this guide, we will give you the details of a safe and trusted tool to accomplish this goal.

Apple users can upgrade or downgrade iOS versions with the help of IPSW files. However, you cannot downgrade your device with the original iOS version.

This post talks in detail about IPSW and why you need a third-party tool to use your IPSW files.

Why You Don't Want Use iTunes to Install IPSW

iTunes is a good place when looking to restore IPSW files. But you need to download the IPSW file and then process it further.

First, you need to choose the version of iTunes and update it to the latest edition. However, there are some cons of using iTunes to restore your IPSW files such as:

  • The possibility of making an error is high when using iTunes for restoration
  • Using iTunes is time-consuming and can get very complicated for people with little to no technical awareness
  • The user needs to download their IPSW file manually, which can lead to a range of issues
  • All your devices will lose their data after you use iTunes to manually restore the IPSW

How to Install IPSW Without iTunes

If you do not wish to manually install IPSW through iTunes, we recommend that you use a tool like TinyFix.

There are a number of tools that you can use to upgrade or downgrade iOS versions, but ’s TinyFix is one of the most trusted ones out there.

It is very easy to use and you do not need a technician to walk you through it. Moreover, the tool is safe and helps you install IPSW files within a few minutes.

TinyFix Pros:

  • The software supports all Apple devices, including iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, and Apple TV.
  • It works for all iPadOS and iOS versions (plus, all IPSW file versions are included).
  • TinyFix can downgrade and update your device using “signed” IPSW files.
  • Besides storing IPSW without iTunes, you can use the tool to fix system issues like boot loop, iTunes errors, and the stuck on Apple logo problem.
  • It’s beginner-friendly, professional, and safe. Your data won’t be invaded.

Here is how you can use TinyFix to install IPSW files without iTunes:

Step 1. Download and install it on your computer.

Step 2. Launch the application and select ‘iOS System Repair’ from the first screen you see.

 main screen of TinyFix

Step 3. Then choose ‘Standard Mode’to install the IPSW on your device without losing data.

Standard Repair Mode

Step 4. Connect your phone to the Mac or computer and click on ‘Download’ to get the file recommended for your device.

get the appropriate firmware

Step 5. Click on ‘Fix Now’ to let the tool begin its job (restore or update your device).

repairing the device


What is IPSW?

It’s a file extension housing software from Apple. Basically, the DGM files and others such as IMP4Ps, PLISTs, and BBFWs are stored in the archive format.

IPSW files are used to restore Apple devices to their factory state. They can also add security improvements and new features to iOS devices.

Additionally, IPSW helps iPhone owners upgrade and downgrade their iOS version, but updates are only available for devices above the iPhone 6 series.

Where to download IPSW files?

All IPSW files and downloads may be found at the following websites: and

What can the IPSW files be used for?

Most users take the easy route by updating their iOS with iTunes, Finder app, or through the Settings app, but IPSW can provide its own set of benefits.

The most important benefit of using firmware files is that it is easy to download when there is limited internet connectivity.

In this case, users can copy the firmware version from where the internet is available and bring it home on a USB device.

This way, it is possible to update the device manually. If a user has the same iOS devices, they can save internet bandwidth by using the same IPSW file.

The firmware also proves to be useful when you need to restore an iPhone, iPad, or iPod to a somewhat working condition.

It is rare for this to happen, but if your iOS update gets stalled due to any reason, the device has to be put into DFU mode and manually restored with a firmware file.

Restoring the device through iTunes is the common fix in this case, so the firmware option comes in handy in rare cases.

Lastly, there are situations where it is crucial to use IPSW to create customized firmware that can help with future device restores.

This method goes hand in hand with the ‘restore’ option where you can use custom firmware files.

This file is generally created with a third-party application and is used extensively for jailbreaking.

Creating such customized files is now a dated method and is found common amongst those who wish to jailbreak devices.

The average firmware file from Apple works fine for all other updates for the common user.

Wrap Up

When you restore the IPSW file on your Apple device, the device will return to normal operations. However, you may lose some data in the process, so it is crucial to backup your device to iCloud before restoration.

We hope that this guide gave you all the information you needed before using IPSW. Using TinyFix is one of the easiest ways to download and install on Apple devices, and following the steps mentioned above will get you your desired version in no time.

IPSW makes it possible to change your iOS if you don’t like it, with the help of TinyFix.

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