iPhone 12 Pro Max Screen Unresponsive? Try These Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Published on Nov 29, 2021
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As a touchscreen device, you expect the touchscreen on your iPhone 12 Pro Max to be working as it should.

When the touchscreen is unresponsive, you are completely unable to use the device, a problem that can be very frustrating.

While there are very many reasons why you iPhone 12 Pro Max’s screen is not working, there are also a lot of solutions that you can try to fix it and get the device working normally again.

In this guide, we outline the tried and tested solutions for your iPhone 12 Pro Max with an unresponsive touchscreen.

But before we get to the solutions, let’s begin by looking at why your iPhone 12 Pro Max screen is unresponsive.

Why Is the Screen of My iPhone 12 Pro Max Unresponsive?

It is not easy to figure out why your iPhone 12 screen is not working. The common consensus is that it is often a software problem.

The software is responsible for interpreting any input made on the touchscreen, so when there is a problem with the software, you may experience problems with the touchscreen.

The screen can also become unresponsive if an app malfunctions or is slow to respond.

Your iPhone’s screen is also made of a glass panel and the digitizer. The glass panel is the top protective layer and it is often affected by dirt, grease and moisture.

The digitizer is located beneath the glass panel and is actually what responds to touch.

If the digitizer is broken or damaged, it will not respond. This can happen if you drop the iPhone 12.

One Report On iPhone 12 Touchscreen Issue

While this problem can be caused by software problems and hardware issues, Apple has reported that a small percentage of iPhone X and iPhone 11 displays may be affected.

These devices have a faulty display module that can cause the screen to be unresponsive. If your device is one of the few, then you can get a replacement free of charge.

So, if your iPhone 12 is new but it has been experiencing touch issue, contact Apple to get it serviced or replaced.

Apple is yet to provide replacement services for the iPhone 12 series, but the latest iOS update seems to fix the problem.

Numerous reports indicate that the iPhone 12 seems to have a touchscreen issue, with most users complaining that the screen can stop responding randomly, but after an iOS update, the problem seems to go away.

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix iPhone 12 Pro Max Unresponsive Screen

The following troubleshooting solutions are some of the best ways to get the touchscreen on your iPhone 12 to respond to touch:

Update Your iOS Using iTunes/Finder

Since an iOS update can introduce bug fixes that may help fix the device, we recommend you start here. Fortunately, updating the iOS on your device is a very simple process.

Just go to Settings > General > Software Update and if an update is available, tap “Download and Install” to update the device.

If the screen is completely unresponsive and you are unable to access the settings, you can follow these steps to update the iPhone 12 via iTunes without losing data:

  • Step 1: Unlock your device, connect it to the computer and when prompted, tap “Allow” to “Trust this Computer.”
  • Step 2: Open iTunes and click on the iPhone’s icon when it appears.
  • Step 3: Click on the “Summary” section in the sidebar and then click on “Update.”

Keep the device connected while iTunes downloads and installs the latest firmware.

Update Your iPhone via finder

Force Restart Your iPhone 12 Pro Max

You can also try to force restart the iPhone. This is a good solution for a whole host of software issues that may affect the device. Here’s how to do it:

  • Step 1: Quickly press and release the Volume Up button.
  • Step 2: Quickly press and release the Volume Down button.
  • Step 3: Then press and hold the Side button until the Apple logo appears. Release the Side button and allow the device to go through the bootup process.

Force Restart iPhone 12

Remove the Screen Protector

You might also want to check the screen protector you are using.

If you’ve had it for a long time, air can accumulate in the space between the protector and the glass panel, affecting the screen’s responsiveness.

Remove the screen protector to test the screen response without it or replace it if you need to.

Remove the Screen Protector

Use an iOS System Repair Tool

This problem is often caused by software-related problems and the best way to get rid of those is to use an iOS system repair tool.

These tools are designed to repair most of the common iOS system issues and may come in handy even for a device with an unresponsive screen.

TinyFix iOS system repair tool that we recommend you use stands out as a simple, yet effective solution that will quickly fix the underlying software problem. Here’s how to use it:

Step 1: Download and install the iOS system repair tool on to your computer. Open the program after the installation.

Step 2: Connect the iPhone 12 to the computer and then select the “iOS System Repair” tab.

 main screen of TinyFix

Step 3: Choose “Standard Repair Mode”, which will repair the iPhone 12 without causing data loss.

Standard Repair Mode

Step 4: In the next window, choose the appropriate version of iOS for your device and then click on “Download” to start downloading the firmware package.

get the appropriate firmware

Step 5: Once the download is complete, click on “Fix” and the program will start repairing your iPhone 12. Keep the device connected until the repair process is complete.

repairing the device

It is Possibly a Hardware Issue

If you have tried all the solutions above and your iPhone 12’s screen is still not working, it is time to contact Apple Support for further assistance.

You may need to make an appointment at your local Apple Store to get the device repaired as it is most likely a hardware issue and we don’t recommend tackling those by yourself.

If you dropped the device, then the touch screen may be broken. This often means that the digitizer is broken or in worse cases, the LCD screen cable connector that connects the LCD screen to the logic board is loose.

Technicians at the Apple Store will be able to figure out the problem really quickly and recommend a course of action.

Wrapping Up

An unresponsive touch screen is a very common problem and while it is rarely caused by a hardware problem (unless you dropped the device) you can easily fix it using one of the solutions above.

If the issue is software-related, you should be able to get it working normally again in a matter of minutes.

But if you suspect a hardware issue, don’t try to repair it: get it checked by an Apple-authorized technician to avoid further damage.

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