iPhone 12 Stuck on Apple Logo? Here’re the Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Published on Sep 27, 2021
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As soon as you turn your iPhone 12 on, you'll see the Apple logo. On some unfortunate occasions, your phone can’t get past it.

It’s normal for an iPhone 12 to take a while when booting up but when it takes forever, something’s wrong.

Why is this happening? And how would you fix your iPhone 12 stuck on the Apple logo issue? Well, you’ll be glad to know that this article might have the solution for you.

Let’s start!

Why Is My iPhone 12 Stuck On The Apple Logo?

During boot up, your iPhone 12 performs a variety of tests to prepare its software and hardware components. The Apple logo probably gets stuck on the boot up screen due to firmware-related problems.

It may seem like a daunting issue to fix at first, but don’t worry because there are a number of ways to get your iPhone functioning properly again.

1. Perform a Force Restart on iPhone 12

Our first course of action is to do a force restart. This should solve minor problems on your iPhone 12 like being stuck on the Apple logo or unresponsiveness.

Performing a force restart enables your phone to reboot its system and refresh all the components that it needs to load.

To perform a force restart on your iPhone 12, follow these steps:

  1. First, quickly press and release the volume up button.
  2. Next, immediately press and quickly release the volume down button.
  3. Finally, hold down the side button until the Apple logo appears. Hopefully, your phone should now start up normally.

Force Restart iPhone 12

Usually, the Apple logo on an iPhone 12 screen takes up to 30 seconds before finally disappearing. If a forced restart fails to resolve the problem, try the next solution.

2. Fix iPhone System Issue without Data Loss with TinyFix

Since you can’t turn your iPhone 12 on, we’ll try to fix it using your computer and with a third-party app called TinyFix.

TinyFix is a repair tool that can be used to fix common iOS-related problems such as iPhone 12 frozen screen, the black screen of death, and your current problem, which is being stuck on the Apple logo.

Using this program, you can solve your issue with just a few clicks and without any data loss. Here’s how to repair your iPhone 12 using the TinyFix tool:

  1. The first thing you need to do is to download and install the TinyFix application into your computer.
  2. Upon installation, launch the application and click iOS System Repair > Standard Repair Mode from the interface.
  3. Afterwards, connect your iPhone 12 to your computer using a USB cable.
  4. Then, you have to download the appropriate firmware for your iOS using the application. TinyFix automatically detects the firmware version it should download, so all you have to do is click the Download button. The download process may take some time depending on your internet speed.
  5. Once the firmware has been downloaded, click on Fix Now to repair your iPhone 12. Wait until the process completes before disconnecting your phone.

Standard Repair Mode

After doing all the steps above, check if your iPhone 12 is already turning on the normal way.

3. Restore iPhone 12 in the Recovery Mode

In case none of the previous methods work, you can start your iPhone 12 into Recovery Mode and perform either an update or restore. You will also need a lightning cable and a computer running iTunes to use this method.

These are the steps that you need to perform:

  1. First of all, connect your iPhone 12 to your computer using its lightning cable and start iTunes.
  2. Next, start your iPhone 12 in Recovery Mode. Here’s how to do it. Quickly press and release the volume up and volume down buttons one after the other. Then, press and hold down the side button until the iTunes logo and lightning connector appears on the screen.
  3. Once your phone is in Recovery Mode, you’ll be given the options to either  update or restore your phone. At this point, select Update first because it's possible that you just need to update your device to fix the problem.

Restore iPhone 12 in the Recovery Mode

If updating your iPhone 12 did not fix your problem, make a backup of your files and consider restoring your device. While updating will not erase your local data, restoring will.

4. DFU Restore Your iPhone 12

A DFU (Device Firmware Update) restore is your last resort before finally deciding to have your iPhone 12 repaired at a service center. This method lets you wipe out all files and revert your device’s system back to its initial state.

This is one of the standard methods done by technicians when fixing Apple devices. You can do a DFU restore right from home by following these steps:

  1. Plug in your iPhone 12 to your computer with a USB cable and start iTunes.
  2. While connected, press and quickly release the volume up button of your iPhone 12.
  3. Then, press and release the volume down button.
  4. Immediately after releasing the volume button, hold down the side button until the screen of your phone turns completely black.
  5. As soon as the display turns black, hold down the volume down button while still holding the side button. Keep holding both buttons for 5 seconds.
  6. After 5 seconds, release the side button only but keep on holding the volume down button. At this point, your iPhone’s screen should not display anything and iTunes should detect your device. Repeat the previous steps if the Apple logo appears instead.
  7. With your iPhone 12 now in DFU mode, proceed with the restore process using the iTunes application.

DFU Restore Your iPhone 12

5. Have Apple Repair Your iPhone 12

Suppose you’ve tried all the options above and nothing seems to work. Perhaps it’s time to call the iPhone experts at the nearest service center.

You might get a free repair or replacement if your device is still under warranty. Just make sure to bring it to an authorized Apple service center.

In addition to visiting the physical store, you might want to consider contacting Apple’s support through their official website.


We understand how frustrating it is when your iPhone 12 doesn't turn on normally because it’s stuck on the Apple logo.

Fortunately, we found ways on how to address this problem and we are happy that we were able to compile and share them with you.

If you have further questions or suggestions, please reach out to us by leaving a comment below.

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