iPhone 8 Won’t Turn On? Try the Latest Fixes in 2022

  1. Published on Aug 24, 2021
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For some reason, you picked up your iPhone 8 and saw the black screen. You press the power, home, or volume buttons, but nothing is happening.

Then, there is a possibility that your iPhone 8 is not turning on because of a hardware or software problem.

To know what the problem might be and how you can fix it, continue reading below.

Why Won’t My iPhone 8 Turn On? Potential Reasons

 My iPhone 8 Turn On

"If my iPhone did not turn on, I believe it has something to do with the hardware. Maybe the hardware has malfunctioned, and this is the reason my iPhone 8 is not responding."

However, a hardware problem is one of the least possible reasons why the iPhone 8 is not starting. The most common problem for an iPhone 8 not turning on is due to a problem in the software. It can be a bug that is causing the iPhone 8 to become unresponsive or not powering on. 

How can a problem in the software stop your iPhone 8 from turning on? The simplest answer to the question is to imagine what happens when a computer program crashes. All other processes in the system will start acting up and the PC will become unresponsive. In some cases, the system would try to restart itself, and you will see a black screen.

Thus, when an app crashes or a software bug interferes with the iPhone's operation. The device will stop working and cause the iPhone to become unresponsive and get stuck on the black screen.

Now given your situation, you might be thinking that the iPhone is not turning on. But, what is happening is that the device is turning on but getting stuck on the black screen. Like I said before, damaged hardware can also result in iPhone 8 not turning on.

The most common physical causes of the iPhone 8 not turning on can happen due to liquid exposure or drop from a height. It can result in a component inside the iPhone being damaged and not working properly.

If this happens, then you need to see a repair technician or visit the Apple care center. However, if this is not the case, then consider the following fixes to help you turn on your iPhone 8.

First Solution: Force your iPhone 8 to restart

You can force restart your iPhone 8, which is practically the same as a soft reset or reboot. I always recommend it to anyone facing the problem of the iPhone 8 not turning on.

If the cause of the iPhone 8 not turning on is a minor bug in the software. So a force restart will resolve the problem, and it will fix your iPhone 8. If you do not know how to force restart an iPhone 8, then you can read the following guide:

  1. Volume Up Button: Press and quickly release it.
  2. Volume Down Button: Perform the same action -> Press and quickly release it.
  3. Side (Power) Button: Press and keep holding down the button until you see the Apple logo on your iPhone 8.

Force Restart iPhone 8

Second Solution: Give it more time to charge

If force restart does not help you fix the problem. Also, your iPhone 8 is still unresponsive or stuck on the black screen. Then, please plug in the iPhone 8 to a power source and charge it for about an hour or two. There is a big chance that the iPhone ran out the power or the battery is empty or drained for some reason. 

If everything goes well, you can see the charging icon on the screen after a few minutes of charging. But if this is not the case after an hour or you see a message telling you to connect the iPhone to power. Please check your USB cables, power adapter, and make sure that everything is properly plugged in and not damaged in any way.

Plug the iPhone 8 into charger

Suppose you can try charging the iPhone 8 from different locations and power outlets. You can see if your iPhone 8 is charging by connecting it to the laptop or a power bank. If the iPhone 8 starts charging, then it means your power outlet must be damaged.

Also, you can check to see if the power adapter is working correctly or not. Try to use another power adapter to charge the iPhone 8. It can help you to find out if the problem has to do with the adapter or socket.

If you're still unable to turn the power on of your iPhone 8 or charge it. Then, check out these possible options:

  • Check to see if your lightning cables (the cable that comes with the iPhone) are working properly or not. Most of the time, your iPhone will not charge if the cable is damaged. It can also cause issues when transferring the data between PC and the iPhone, resulting in the iPhone 8 getting stuck on the screen. How to check if the lightning cable is working properly? You can try to plug the lightning cable into a PC or a wall socket. If the iPhone responds in any situation, it means that the lightning cable is working. If your iPhone does not respond, you will need to replace the lightning cable or get it fixed from the Apple care center. 
  • Check to see if your iPhone 8 is responding by connecting it to your PC and open iTunes. If the iPhone is recognized in iTunes, then it's good news. It means that the iPhone 8 is starting on but becomes unresponsive and gets stuck on the black screen. If this happens, try restoring the iPhone 8 and check to see if it works again. 

So after your iPhone 8 is all charged up, try to force restart the device again. 

3rd Solution: Use iOS System Repair tool

If the iPhone 8 does not turn on after force restarting it. Then, you can use an iOS system repair tool to fix the problem. TinyFix is a tool that can help you reboot your iPhone 8 in recovery mode.

TinyFix can also use it for fixing other issues or problems regarding iOS. To use the TinyFix tool to fix the iPhone 8 won't turn on the problem, then follow the steps below: 

1. Download and then launch the TinyFix software on your computer. Connect your iPhone to the PC with a USB cable. 

2. Click on the Enter Recovery Mode option to put the iPhone 8 into recovery mode successfully. 

Enter Recovery Mode successfully.

3. Now proceed to click on the Exit Recovery Mode. Once the process is ended, your device will exit the recovery mode and restart. 

Exit Recovery Mode successfully

If this does not help you fix the problem of why the iPhone 8 won't turn on. You can try to use the Standard Repair Mode option to fix the problem without losing any data.

1. Begin by clicking on the Start button, followed by the Standard Repair button. 

Standard Repair Mode

2. To download the latest iOS firmware package, you would need to click on the Download button. After the iOS firmware package is downloaded, click on the Fix Now button to begin repairing the iPhone 8. 

get the appropriate firmware

3. After the repairing process is finished, the iPhone 8 will restart, and you can use it. 

repairing the device

4th Solution: Try DFU Restore

You can try the DFU recovery fix if the above method fails. If you try to DFU update your iPhone 8. Then, you must create a backup of your important data. This method will result in erasing all the data from your iPhone 8. To try this method, follow the steps below:

  1. Open your Computer and Launch iTunes.
  2. Connect the iPhone to the computer by using a USB cable
  3. Press and hold down the power button. 
  4. Press and hold down the volume down button while continuing to hold the power button.
  5. If the Apple logo appears, then repeat steps 3 and 4
  6. Now release the power button and continue pressing the volume down button.
  7. iTunes will detect the iPhone, and from there, you can select the restore option.
  8. After the process is finished, you can set up your iPhone and use it.

 restore iPhone 8 in DFU mode

Hardware damage cannot be repaired by software solutions

Now after trying all the methods, you're still not able to turn on your iPhone 8. Then, it has to do with the hardware being damaged or malfunctioned. Therefore, a force restart, using the TinyFix tool, or a DFU reboot would not work.

You can take your device to an Apple care center or a mobile repair technician to get it fixed. If the iPhone 8 is under warranty then there is a chance that you can get it replaced for free. Otherwise, the Apple store can charge you a good amount to repair the iPhone.


Always check your iPhone 8 for a software fix if you encounter any problems. Take the device to the Apple center as a last resort. Let us know in the comments below if you can fix your iPhone 8 by using any of the methods above? 

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