How Many iPhone Restrictions Passcode Attempts Are Allowed

  1. Published on May 3, 2022
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Smartphones and other modern devices can access everything that is available on the internet and on social media. It opens a ton of avenues for content, and we are free to indulge however we want.

The problem with this is that children have access to these gadgets as well, making them vulnerable to potentially inappropriate content.

To prevent this from happening, Apple has integrated additional security features, such as Restrictions, that can block certain features and apps on your children’s devices.

This article will talk about what the Restrictions setting on iPhone is and how many iPhone Restrictions Passcode attempts are allowed.

Let’s head right in.

What are the Restrictions on iPhone?

Restrictions are a built-in feature in Apple devices that prevents users from making any changes to the device’s settings.

It can allow or disallow access to certain features on your device, including applications, functionalities, and the like. It can also restrict Apple Store or in-app purchases.

The parents can only access this feature through a passcode that is set back when you first set up your device.

This prevents unauthorized persons from changing the Restriction settings, which may give them full access to the device.

Using this Apple feature, kids can focus more on their academics rather than get distracted by games and videos.

Plus, it helps block unwanted content from reaching unsupervised eyes.  

Restrictions on iPhone

How Many iPhone Restrictions Passcode Attempts Are Allowed?

While this feature is generally helpful, especially to the parents, there may be circumstances wherein you might forget the passcode.

This could get you barred from using all the features in the device as well. You can try guessing the password if you only have a few combinations under your belt, but that will be a problem if you have a wide variety of passcodes.

Unlike the lock screen passcode wherein 11 failed attempts will prompt the device to erase its data, the worst thing that could happen after six attempts of the Restrictions passcode is a time penalty wherein you can guess again after the time has elapsed. The time penalty increases after further failed attempts.

If you want to push through with guessing the passcode, there is a trick to lessen the time penalty. You can head to Settings > General > Date & Time. 

Manually set it to the time when the time penalty elapses, and you can start guessing again. Remember to reset the time back to its original state when you’re done guessing.

Resetting Restrictions Passcode

You can reset your Restrictions passcode through other methods rather than guessing it.

There are two methods to do this. You can either reset your device back to its factory settings or use a third-party app to remove the Restrictions passcode.

You can refer to this tutorial for a step-by-step process on how you can reset your Restrictions passcode.

Wrapping Up

Restriction is a helpful feature that limits the content your children can access on their devices. This prevents inappropriate content from reaching your children.

The Restrictions settings aren’t easily accessed as well due to its passcode feature.

If you ever forget your Restrictions passcode, you can always try to guess up to six times before you get a time penalty. Besides guessing, you can also try to reset your device or use a third-party app to remove the passcode.

If you have any questions or comments about the Restrictions passcode, feel free to shoot us a comment down below.

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