[Fixed] iPhone XS Max Stuck on Apple Logo Even After Hard Reset

  1. Published on Feb 7, 2022
  2. Updated on Feb 8, 2022
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Most people are unsure what to do when their iPhone XS Max gets stuck on the Apple logo.

The go-to solution is to hard reset the device, but depending on the cause of the issue, some users have found that this doesn’t work either.

So, what do you do when your device is stuck on the Apple logo and a hard reset doesn’t work?

Well, this often points to a much deeper software issues that could be affecting the device.

But don’t worry, there are some more effective solutions that can help you fix the device and get it working normally again.

This article looks at the most effective of these solutions.

Repair iPhone XS Max Frozen on Apple Logo without Losing Data

When a hard reset fails, often the next recommended solution is to reset the device. The problem with this solution is that you could lose all data on the device.

Even if you have a backup of your data, you may still lose new data that was not included in the backup.

If you would rather not lose the data on your device or you don’t have a recent backup, we recommend using TinyFix to repair the device.

This is an iOS system repair tool that is designed to repair all iOS stuck issues without causing data loss.

It is also a very simple solution that you can easily implement even if you don’t have any technical knowledge.

To use TinyFix to repair ab iPhone XS Max stuck on the Apple logo, download and install the program on to your computer and then follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Open TinyFix on your computer after installation and then click on “iOS System Repair” in the main window.

 main screen of TinyFix

Step 2: Connect the iPhone XS Max to the computer using its lighting cable and then tap on “Standard Repair” to repair the device without losing any data.

Standard Repair Mode

Step 3: You will then be prompted to download the latest firmware for the repair of the device. Simply click “Download” to start downloading the firmware package.

get the appropriate firmware

Step 4: When the download is complete, click on “Start” to begin fix the device. The repair process should take just a few minutes.

repairing the device

Keep the device connected to the computer until the program notifies you that the process is complete. Your device will restart in normal mode and should no longer be stuck on the Apple logo.

Factory Reset Your iPhone XS Max through iTunes

If a hard reset doesn’t work and you don’t want to use a third-party tool to fix the device, you can factory reset the iPhone using iTunes.

While this method will most certainly be effective, you will lose any data that is not included in an iTunes backup.

Follow these steps to factory reset your iPhone XS Max in iTunes:

Step 1: Use the device’s lightning or USB cable to connect it to the computer.

Step 2: Open iTunes if it doesn’t automatically open and make sure that you are running the latest version.

Step 3: When iTunes detects the connected iPhone, click on the device’s icon on the left side of the screen.

Step 4: Click on “Restore.” If you can, you can also choose to “Back Up” the important files on your device. This may help prevent you from losing some of these files.

Step 5: Confirm that you want to reset the device by clicking on “Restore” and iTunes will erase all data and settings on the device.

Step 6: Once the restore process is complete, you should be able to setup the device as new and more importantly, the iPhone XS Max will no longer be stuck on the Apple logo.

Factory Reset Your iPhone XS Max through iTunes

Restore Your iPhone XS Max in Recovery Mode

Restoring your iPhone XS Max in recovery mode is a good solution when a simple restore will not work or for some reason iTunes doesn’t recognize the device.

A recovery mode restore is a little advanced and it is important that you follow the steps below as precisely as possible to avoid any problems.

To restore and iPhone XS Max in recovery mode, connect the device to the computer using its original Lightning/USB cable, open iTunes and then follow these instructions:

Step 1: Press and release the Volume Up button.

Step 2: Press and release the Volume Down button.

Step 3: Then press and hold the Side button. Continue to hold the button even after you see the Apple logo and only release it if you see the Connect to iTunes logo appear on the screen.

iPhone 8 or later in recovery mode

Step 4: Once the device is successfully in recovery mode, you should see a message in iTunes indicating that a device is recovery mode has been detected.

iTunes will then offer you the choice to “Update” or “Restore” the connected device. Choose “Restore” and iTunes will erase all data and settings on the device and the install the latest version of iOS.

If you want to try and fix the device without losing data, you can choose “Update” to reinstall the iOS without erasing the data.

finder recovery mode notification

Once the restore is complete, you can set up the iPhone XS Max as new and the problem should be resolved.

Restore Your iPhone XS Max in DFU Mode

If both a regular restore and restore in recovery mode fail to fix the device, it is time to consider restoring the iPhone XS Max in DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode.

This is an effective solution for stubborn software-related problems because it deactivates the bootloader while still allowing the device to communicate with iTunes.

But just like restoring in recovery mode, a DFU restore will cause data loss. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Connect the iPhone XS Max to the computer using its original lightning/USB cable and open iTunes.

Step 2: Press and release the Volume Up button, press and release the Volume Down button and then press and hold the Side button until the screen goes black.

Step 3: Release the Side button after the screen goes black. Then, press and hold the Side button and the Volume Down button at the same time for 5 seconds.

Step 4: Release the Side button after 5 seconds, but continue to hold down the Volume Down button for an additional 5 seconds.

Step 5: If you see a prompt in iTunes, let go of the Volume Down button and if the screen remains black, then you are successfully in DFU mode. Now, just follow the on-screen instructions in iTunes to restore the device.

 restore iPhone in DFU mode

You can perform a force restart to exit DFU mode.

Get Help from Apple Expert  

If the iPhone XS Max is still stuck on the Apple logo even after attempting a DFU restore, it is time to get the device to an expert technician as the problem could be hardware-related.

We recommend making an appointment at your local Apple Store and if the device is still under warranty, you may even get it repaired for free.

It is our hope that this guide has been helpful to you in dealing with an iPhone XS Max stuck on the Apple logo.

This problem is often software-related, meaning that the solutions above should be able to help.

If you have any questions, you can post them in the comments section below or reach out to us via social media and we’d be very happy to help.

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