iPhone XS Stuck on Apple Logo? These Fixes Are Worth Trying

  1. Published on Jul 27, 2021
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Many iPhone XS owners have experienced the unfortunate situation of their device freezing on the Apple screen logo.

Commonly, this happens when you jailbreak your device, iOS doesn’t boot up properly, or the device turns off when transferring the data; meaning something went wrong during the boot process.

Worry not, fellow iPhone enthusiast, because we’ll help you figure out how to fix the iPhone XS stuck on the Apple logo.

Troubleshooting an iPhone XS

There are many possibilities why you might be seeing the still Apple logo on your screen. We’ve evaluated all of them to come up with a few troubleshooting steps to fix the problem.

Let's quickly try a force restart troubleshoot before moving on to more advanced fixes. You can simply force restart your device by following these simple steps:

  1. Press and release the Volume Up button quickly.
  2. Press and release the Volume Down button quickly as well.
  3. Keep holding down the Side button until you the Apple logo is there on the screen.

It might take 30 seconds to complete the process. But if nothing happens, proceed below for more advanced and detailed solutions.

Force Restart iPhone xs

Fix iPhone XS Stuck on Apple Logo without Data Loss by using TinyFix

Now, if hard rebooting the iPhone XS does not solve the problem, you have the option to use the TinyFix software.

The software is easy to use and will help you resolve the iPhone XS Apple logo stuck, iPhone XS won't switch on, and iPhone XS restart loop problems.

After installing the TinyFix software, you would only need two clicks to fix the stuck on logo screen issue. Just follow these instructions below:

1. Connect the iPhone XS to the PC and open TinyFix. Next, click on the 'iOS System Repair' option.

 main screen of TinyFix

2. Now, click on the 'Standard Repair Mode' option.

Standard Repair Mode

3. Then follow the instructions to download the firmware and fix your device. You may need to wait a while (a few minutes only).

get the appropriate firmware

4. The iPhone XS will restart automatically after the repair.

repairing the device

Factory Reset Your iPhone XS

If TinyFix fails to work and you still see the Apple logo on your device’s screen, try to factory reset the device. This step will delete all the data from your iPhone XS and will restore it to the default factory settings.

Before following up with these steps, make sure that you have backed up all your data. Follow the steps below to factory reset the iPhone XS:

  • Use a lightning cable to connect iPhone XS to PC.
  • Run the latest version of iTunes on your computer.
  • iTunes will now try to recognize the iPhone XS. Wait for a few seconds and once the device is recognized click, on the device's icon on the top left of the menu.
  • Next, restore the device by clicking on the 'Restore Button’. Before doing so, we advise you to back up your important data and files from the iPhone XS to the PC.
  • Proceed with restoring the device when you see a prompt on the iTunes menu by clicking on it.
  • iTunes will now begin the process of erasing the data and restoring the factory default settings.
  • After the process is completed, choose the option to 'Setup as a New iPhone’ and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

Factory Reset Your iPhone XS

During this time, do not disconnect the iPhone XS from the PC until the setup is completed. If the problem continues, please proceed to the next step and restore iPhone XS while it’s in recovery mode.

Restore Your iPhone XS in Recovery Mode

The recovery mode will override your iPhone XS, allowing you to manually update the device to the latest iOS version and hopefully resolving the issue.

To begin restoring your device in recovery mode, connect the iPhone XS to the PC by using a cable.

Now run the iTunes software and once connected to it, force restart your device into the recovery mode by following these simple instructions:

  • Press the Volume Up button and release it instantly.
  • Press the Volume Down button and release it instantly.
  • Press and keep holding the Side/Power until you can see an option that says 'Connect to iTunes' - if you see the Apple logo, do not let go of the Power button.

 iPhone XS in recovery mode

  • iTunes is going to recognize the iPhone XS in recovery mode. It will give you two options to choose from, Update or Restore. The difference between the two options is that in Update, the device will not delete any data and will install the latest iOS firmware; in Restore, the data will be erased. Click on the Restore option to erase the data from the iPhone and install the latest version of the iOS (recommended).
  • However, if you don't want to delete any of the existing data, choose the option Update.

Perform a Recovery Mode Restore

If this solves your problem of iPhone XS getting stuck on the Apple logo, proceed to configure your device as a new iPhone setup. But if you still can’t get past the Apple logo, continue to the next step to restore your iPhone XS with DFU mode.

Restore Your iPhone XS in DFU Mode

If all else fails, this method is your last chance to fix the problem. So what does DFU mode actually do? Well, it will put the iPhone XS into a state where the boot loader is not activated, but the device can still communicate with iTunes.

Just like the two methods above, factory reset and recovery mode, the DFU mode will erase all the data before restoring the device to factory default settings.

Hence, we recommend backing up your critical data before following the DFU instructions.

Done? Cool. Now take the following steps to put your device in DFU mode:

  • Immediately press the Volume Up button and release it.
  • Press and release the Volume Down button quickly.
  • Keep pressing the Power button (aka. side button) until the display turns off. Release the power button for a short second and then press it again while also holding down the Volume Down button for a few seconds.
  • Now release the Power button but keep holding the Volume Down button for the next few seconds.
  • On your PC when you see a recovery notification in iTunes, let go of the Volume Down button. The display will turn black, which means that you have successfully entered the DFU mode. Now you can restore your iPhone XS from iTunes.

However, if you see the Apple logo or the message 'Connect to iTunes' on your display, then it means the DFU mode didn't initiate, and you need to start again. You can exit the DFU mode by force restarting your device.

Perform a DFU Mode Restore

Contact Apple support

After trying all the above methods mentioned to fix your iPhone XS, you might still be left with the Apple logo on your screen. If that’s the case, there’s an internal issue that needs to be solved.

In most cases, DFU mode usually fixes any iOS firmware problem that prevents the iPhone from booting properly.

If DFU does not work, then there must be a serious problem in the software's deep backend or an internal hardware problem that needs to be fixed.

Apple is known for building its devices with more secure firmware. Therefore, there aren’t many options to go digging down in the software to solve this problem.

The best option at your disposal is to contact the Apple geniuses (customer support) to assist you in fixing the issue.

If your phone is under warranty, it is most likely that the device will be replaced or fixed without any charges. Otherwise, you might end up paying a good amount to fix your iPhone XS.

Contact Apple support


Let us know in the comments below if any one of the above fixes helped you. Or did you end up taking your iPhone XS Max to the nearest Apple service center?

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