Here Is One of the Best IPSW Restore Tools (2022)

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IPSW or iOS Software files are firmware files you can download for your Apple device. As an Apple user, you must be well-aware of the benefits of an IPSW file.

iTunes long reigns as the champion solution for most Apple device fixes, but when all else fails, you turn to an IPSW file. IPSW files are exclusively a tailor-made solution for software updates.

This post sheds light on IPSW files and how you can install them on your device with the help of a professional IPSW restore tool.

What Is an IPSW File?

IP or iPhone Software is a file format. You can use IPSW to install the latest operating system to your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, HomePod, or Mac.

All Apple devices have the same IPSW file format, so you can flash your devices through the Finder app or iTunes.

What Is an IPSW File? 

Top IPSW Restore Tool: TinyFix

The latest version of iTunes allows you to install or restore IPSW files. However, the process may result in potential errors and data loss. Moreover, it takes a lot of time for the process to complete.

If you are looking for an easier-to-use IPSW restore tool, TinyFix is our top recommendation.

You can use TinyFix to install IPSW files onto your device without losing data and fix common software issues on iPhone or iPad.

The most important thing about TinyFix is that it is a one-stop solution that covers all versions of iOS.

Follow these steps to use TinyFix to install IPSW:

Step 1. Download the tool on your computer and launch it.

Step 2. Choose ‘iOS System Repair’ on the main screen.

 main screen of TinyFix

Step 3. You will see some options on the next screen, out of which you should click on ‘Standard Repair’ if you want to secure your data. Or ‘Advanced Repair’ if you don’t mind losing your device’s data.

Standard Repair Mode

Step 4. Connect your Apple device to the computer with the help of a lightning cable. TinyFix will automatically detect a device.

If your device is not being detected, you need to put it in DFU or recovery mode. The process of doing this will pop up on the screen as you follow the prompt. (the tool will suggest you the steps based on your device model)

Step 5. As the software detects your device, click ‘Download’ to download the firmware file. Or, choose the ‘import local firmware’ option and then select the firmware files on the computer.

get the appropriate firmware

Follow the final prompts on the screen to complete the process

repairing the device

This is all you need to do to download an IPSW file from TinyFix. You have a speedy, efficient tool at your hands that provides you with the firmware files and fixes your Apple device issues as well.


What is the Structure of an IPSW file?

The IPSW file is a compressed archive file that contains three Apple Disk Image files and one that contains the root file system of the operating system and two RAM disks for device restoration and update.

The tvOS, macOS, and audioOS also contain a recoveryOS disk image. IPSW also contains kernel caches and a folder named ‘Firmware’ with the following contents:

  1. LLB
  2. iBSS
  3. iBEC
  4. Security Enclave Processor Firmware
  5. Device Tree
  6. Firmware Images
  7. Zip file with baseband firmware files
  8. Other firmware files
  9. BuildManifest.plist and Restore.plist containing compatibility information and hashes for various components

Is it safe to use an IPSW file?

It is safe to use the IPSW file which is downloaded from trustworthy websites such as

Why use IPSW?

The most important benefit of going the IPSW route is for people with limited access to high-speed Broadband internet.

In such cases, the user can go somewhere with a faster internet connection, download the IPSW file, and bring it home using a USB device.

Users who have the same type of devices can use one file to update their devices and conserve bandwidth.

You have to restore it manually with the help of firmware files when you need to restore your device in DFU mode.

How to restore IPSW using iTunes?

IPSW files are available on the internet, but the process of installing them through iTunes can lead to several errors.

Make sure you download the latest version of iTunes before getting started. After that, follow these steps:

  1. Download the relevant IPSW file and connect your device to the computer.
  2. Choose your iPhone in iTunes and then go to Summary > press Shift / Option Key > Restore.
  3. Choose the IPSW file and the update should begin downloading.
  4. At last, you will be presented with a user agreement. As you sign the agreement, the restoration will be completed.

The cons of this method are that you may lose all your device data. Moreover, the update can become interrupted and takes a lot of time to complete.

If you have never followed this method, you can still opt TinyFix which accomplishes the same task in a few steps.

Wrap up

When it comes to restoring or fixing issues of an important device, it is better to leave it to a specialized tool like TinyFix.

TinyFix has a high success rate for Apple users and an array of services for you to choose from. All your requirements regarding IPSW are handled with this tool, so you don’t have to look elsewhere.

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