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Apple DEP (Device Enrollment Program) is a tool that enables corporations and businesses to enroll and issue corporate Apple devices.

IT admins can use Apple DEP to preconfigure the device's settings (such as services and apps that can be accessed through the device), automatically enroll the corporate devices in the organization's MDM, and more.

If you find that your device has been enrolled in Apple DEP, you might want to learn methods to remove it so you can access your favorite functions and apps.

Good news: this post highlights some effective ways to remove the device from Apple DEP, whether you have administrator rights or otherwise. 

About MDM Device Enrollment Profile

Before anything else, we should take a closer look at MDM and DEP. MDM refers to Mobile Device Management, which is a system of different tools built to help companies enroll corporate mobile devices.

MDM allows administrators to control personnel's activity and protect corporate information and data from unauthorized access.

DEP is Apple's Device Enrollment Program that comprises various MDM applications that enroll new Apple devices. The purpose is to control these gadgets within the company.

Remove Device from Apple DEP As an Admin

If you are the admin of the company-owned Apple device, it'll be easier to remove it from the Apple DEP server. Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Go to the Apple DEP portal and enter your company's username and password to access it.

2. Click 'Manage Devices' and enter the serial number or order number to locate the device you want to remove. Another way is to add a CSV file containing the device's information. CSV files are useful when you want to remove multiple devices in one go.

3. Choose 'Unassign Device' to unlink it from the MDM server. Be careful with the 'Disown Device' option – it's a non-reversible command that will remove the device from the company's enrollment program permanently.

Remove Device from Apple DEP As an Admin

Remove Profile Manager Enrollment from Settings

It's also possible to delete the DEP profile manually. This tactic is best for Apple School manager deployment:

1. Head to Devices, select the Lifecycle option, and then choose the Enrollment Status page.

2. Select the iPad or iPhone you want to delete the DEP profile for.

3. Click Remove Profile to get rid of the association.

Remove Profile Manager Enrollment from Settings

By taking these steps, you'll be able to remove any current DEP profile from the iDevice. But remember that you need to have administrator privileges in the enterprise that enrolled the iPad or iPhone to the DEP program.

It's also worth mentioning that the DEP profile updates automatically when you connect the enrolled device to a WiFi network and perform a factory wipe.

Remove Device from DEP Without Admin Rights

The above steps might be easy, but they're only applicable when you are one of the administrators of the DEP profile.

For those who don't have this privilege, removing the Apple DEP can be quite a challenge.

In fact, it can be so hard to achieve that not even a factory reset will help you regain access to the device's features.

What you'll need to do is wipe out the MDM configuration profile so that you can delete the Apple DEP sync and get full access to the iOS features.

For this purpose, we recommend using Unlockit, which is a nifty all-in-one tool designed to bypass various Apple device locks, including screen time passcode, and MDM locks.

What makes this tool special is that it can delete the MDM profile from your iPhone even if you're not an administrator.

In fact, you can get rid of the MDM configuration in only 3 clicks on your PC (without having to enter a username and password).

With a high success rate, proves its worth to millions of users every time it's deployed. 

Steps to remove device from Apple MDM/DEP with Unlockit:

1. First, download and launch Unlockit on the computer.

2. In the home screen where you see all of the tool's features, select the "Bypass MDM Lock" offer to start the process.

 Unlockit iPhone Screen Unlocker

3. Then use a USB cable to connect your device to your PC.

connect your device to your computer

4. If the iPad or iPhone is locked out of the MDM screen, immediately click "Start" to proceed ahead. But if it's still on that screen, you'll need to switch off the Find My iPhone feature and reset the handset.

start to bypass the MDM lock

5. In this step, Unlockit will configure your device for the MDM bypass and finish the process.

MDM lock bypassed

And remember to choose "Don't Transfer Apps & Data" when setting up the device as new (you'll get a prompt for this).

Please note that factory resetting the device after this process will bring up the MDM lock screen once again.

And while you can use Unlockit to bypass it as many times as you desire, we recommend avoiding a factory reset unless it becomes a necessity.


That's all for today. With each of these three methods, you can remove your Apple device from the DEP server.

For admins, it's possible to immediately disconnect the device from the Apple DEP portal.

But if don't have admin rights, you can do the same with the assistance of Unlockit, which is the most reliable 360-degree Apple MDM unlocking tool in the market. Feel free to try it out for yourself.

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