Screen Time Passcode Recovery: the Ultimate Guide

by J. Robertson Macaulay D. Young Basic iPhone Tips Ideal for Newbies Published On Mar 4, 2022 Updated On Mar 30, 2023
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Whether or not can recover a forgotten Screen Time Passcode on your device, depends on several factors.

The most important of these factors is whether you have access to the Apple ID associated with the device.

If you do, then you can simply use it to reset the passcode and get full access to your device once again.

But does this mean that some of your apps will remain locked forever if you also don't know the Apple ID password?

Not necessarily. This article will show you the right ways you can recover the Screen Time passcode under various circumstances.

Forgotten Your iPhone Screen Time Passcode?

Forgetting the screen time or restriction passcode can happen to anyone in different circumstances, particularly if you change these settings regularly.

The good news is, there are several ways that you can retrieve your restriction settings without having to restore or jailbreak the iPhone. Here, we will be looking at these options in more detail.

Unlike the screen lock passcode, entering the Screen Time passcode too many times will not lock you out of your device.

You'll just keep getting the "Failed Attempt" notification. But the rate at which you can try new codes will slow down with every failed attempt.

Remove the Screen Time Passcode with Apple ID

If your device is running iOS 13.3 or later, you will be prompted to provide the Apple ID when creating the Screen Time passcode so you can automatically recover the passcode if it is ever lost.

Assuming that you did choose to connect your Apple ID to the Screen Time Passcode, you can easily recover it by going to Settings > Screen Time > Turn off Screen Time or Settings > Screen Time > Change Screen Time Passcode > Turn off Screen Time Passcode.

You will then be prompted to enter the Apple ID and Password.

Remove the Screen Time Passcode with Apple ID

It is however worth that this option is not available to all iOS users.

If you don't see this option to set up Apple ID as your recovery option, you will not be able to use this method to recover the Screen Time passcode.

In this case, you will need a more specialized solution such as an iPhone lock remover solution.

Use iPhone Unlocking Tool to Remove Screen Time without Passcode

If using your Apple ID to recover the Screen Time passcode is not an option for you, you can use the iPhone unlocking program Unlockit to effectively remove the Screen Time passcode from the device without credential.

Unlockit is an easy-to-use solution that will remove the passcode in a few seconds and without causing data loss on the device.

Follow these steps to use this program to disable the Screen Time passcode:

Step 1: Start by downloading Unlockit on your computer, then follow the instructions to install it on your computer.

Step 2: Open Unlockit after installation and then choose "Remove Screen Time Passcode" from the options on the main screen to begin.

 Unlockit iPhone Screen Unlocker

Step 3: Connect the iPhone to the computer using a USB/Lightning cable. Wait for the program to detect the connected device.

connect your device to your computer

Step 4: In the next window, click on the "Start" button to start removing the passcode from the device.

Remove Screen Time Passcode

In a few minutes, the program will notify you that the Screen Time passcode has been removed and you should be able to use the device without any restrictions.

successfully removed the screen time passcode

The video also shows the process outlined above:

Recover Screen Time Passcode by Restoring an Older Backup

You can also recover the screen time passcode by simply restoring the device to an older backup (if you have one). Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Begin by making sure that you have a recent encrypted backup on your computer.

Step 2: Then turn off "Find My iPhone" on your device. To do that, go to Settings > {Your Apple ID} > Find My > Find my iPhone.

Step 3: Now connect the iPhone to the computer using a lightning/USB cable and click "Restore iPhone." iTunes will download the latest firmware for your device, before erasing and updating the device.

When the process is complete, iTunes will prompt you to choose a backup to restore the device from.

Choose the backup you created earlier. Your device will be restored to normal function, but without the Screen Time passcode.

Restore iPhone

More Tips for Screen Time Passcode Recovery

If you would rather not go through the process of resetting the device, you can try one of the following tips to help you figure out the passcode:

Try using "0000" as the passcode. This is an option that most users have claimed has worked for them. There is no reason why it shouldn't work for you too.

You can get more attempts to enter the passcode if you change the time on your iPhone. If the device prevents you from entering the passcode for another few minutes, move the time forward by an hour and instantly try again.

If you have a backup that predates the Screen Time passcode, restoring the device using this backup will remove the password. But you will lose any new data that was not included in that backup.

Forgetting the Screen Time passcode on your device is actually very common and while entering the wrong passcode may not lock you out of your device, you may find that you are unable to use certain apps or features on the device.

If this is the situation you find yourself in, we hope that the solutions above have been very helpful.

Unlockit is particularly useful as it helps you recover the passcode without losing data and even when you don't have the Apple ID.

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