Bouffalant Pokémon GO: How to Get Bouffalant in Pokémon GO

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One of the Pokémon that you can catch in the wild is Bouffalant. It is one of the rare ones, which means it is worth quite a bit in the game.

But also, that it can be rather difficult to find, particularly if you are not in the areas where you can find it.

In this article, we will show you where to find Bouffalant and how you can catch this rare Pokémon without needing to be in close proximity to where it spawns.

But let’s start with exactly what Bouffalant is.

What is Bouffalant in Pokémon Go

Bouffalant is a rare Pokémon that was introduced into the game from the Unova region.

It is a very rare type of Pokémon as it is only available in a few geographical locations in the world.

So, if you don’t know where it is or you are not close to its spawning locations, you are less likely to catch Bouffalant.

Bouffalant is a pure type of Pokémon, meaning that it doesn’t have any further evolutions or any unevolved forms.

It is weak to physical types but is very strong against ghost-type Pokémon.

Bouffalant in Pokémon Go

Where to Find Bouffalant

Bouffalant is a very rare form of Pokémon that can only be found in New York City, United States.

There are however been some reports that players have been able to find Bouffalant in Maryland and Massachusetts.

Therefore, to catch Bouffalant, you would need to travel to the North Eastern areas of the United States.

Pokémon Go Bouffalant Coordinates

The following are some of the coordinates where you can find Bouffalant:

  • 40.79510, -73.73389
  • 40.72074, -73.99471

How to Spoof Your Location to Bouffalant's Coordinates

If you are not in the Eastern part of the United States and there is no way for you to travel there, you may find it very difficult to catch Bouffalant.

But there is a way that you can teleport your device to one of the GPS coordinates above and be able to catch this rare Pokémon.

One of the best ways to teleport iOS devices in this way is MockGo. This is a desktop solution that allows you to simply connect the iOS device to the computer, select a location or enter the coordinates and teleport the GPS of your device.

One of the major benefits of choosing MockGo is that you don’t need to jailbreak your iOS device to change the location.

Once there, you can also use the GPS movement simulation feature to move around in the new location and catch rare Bouffalant.

Follow these simple steps to use MockGo to teleport the GPS of your iPhone to anywhere in the world:

Step 1: Download the MockGo Setup file onto your computer. Open the file and follow the instructions on the installation wizard to install the program. Open it after installation.

Step 2: Connect the iPhone to the computer and then click “Start” in the main window.

connect your iOS device to the computer

Step 3: You should see a map on the screen showing the current location of the device. To change the location, click on the “Teleport” icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

choose teleport mode

Step 4: Then enter the location you would like to use.

 search for a location

Step 5: Confirm that this is the location that you want to use and then click “Move Here” and the location on the device will change.

click Move Here to teleport the GPS

location teleported

To Conclude

Once you've figured out where Bouffalant spawns, you can simply spoof your device's location to catch it. If you have an iPhone, you can use MockGo to catch tons of Pokemon without leaving your house.

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