Fake GPS Joystick & Routes Go: The Complete Guide

by J. Robertson Macaulay D. Young Tips Published On Aug 6, 2021 Updated On Sep 9, 2022
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If you have been looking for the best way to spoof Pokémon GO on Android, you have no doubt come across a lot of different options. One of the more popular solutions is Fake GPS Joystick & Routes.

Like most Android solutions, it is an app that you can install on to your device and teleport the device to another location or use the Joystick feature to simulate GPS movement.

In this complete review of the Fake GPS Joystick & Routes Go app, we take a look at exactly what it is and how it works to spoof GPS location on Android devices.

What is Fake GPS Joystick & Routes Go?

Fake GPS Joystick & Routes Go is an Android app that you can install on your device for the sole purpose of facilitating GPS location spoofing. Unlike other similar apps, this one is not free to use; it will cost you $3.99 to install on your device.

It is easy to setup and use and comes with additional advanced features including the joystick that you can use to simulate GPS movement more easily. You can also customize the speed of the movement and automate movement in a specified radius.

There are also a number of features that are designed specifically for Pokémon GO, including expert mode and better spoofing features. You can track the location history and add custom locations to your favorites to make it easy to find them when you need to.

What is Fake GPS Joystick & Routes Go

Should You Root your Android for Pokémon GO Spoofing?

In the early days of location spoofing, all you had to do was download the mock locations app and easily select the new location you wanted to use.

But Niantic started to detect spoofing, making it necessary to downgrade the version of Android or root the device to convert the mock locations app into a System App to avoid detection.

Most people think that downgrading Android and rooting the device are the same, but they are not. You don't need to root your Android device to downgrade the version of Android you're using and downgrading will not void the device's warranty as long as you use official firmware.

Depending on the app you are using to spoof the location, downgrading may be a better option than rooting the device.

To check the Android version you have, go to Settings > About Phone > Check Android Version.

If your device is running Android 6.0 to 8.0, then you can simply downgrade the Google Play Services and you should be able to use location spoofing apps safely.

But if the device is running Android 8.1 and above, the only solution is to root the device to install the Spoofing App as System App.

How to Set Up Fake GPS Joystick & Routes to Spoof Pokémon GO

To set up the Fake GPS Joystick & Routes App on your Android device, follow these simple steps;

Step 1: Download and install the app on to your device from the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Then go to Settings > About Phone and tap on "Build Number" at least 7 times until Developer Mode is enabled.

Step 3: For devices running Android 6.0 and above, go to Settings > Developer Options and select the Fake GPS app under "Select Mock Locations App."

select the Fake GPS app

Step 4: Now go back to Settings > Location and set the GPS to "High Accuracy (Use GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Mobile Data) to allow the fake GPS app to function properly.

High Accuracy

Step 5: Open the Fake GPS app and search for any location that you would like to spoof to.

Step 6: Open the Fake GPS app's settings and tap on Enable "Non-Root Mode." Scroll down to turn on"Joystick."


Step 7: Pur the red dot onto any location and tap on the "Play" button to enable the Fake GPS spoofing.

To make sure that everything is working properly, check the notification panel for a fake GPS notification. You can also open Google Maps just to make sure that the location is at the fake location you have selected.

enable the Fake GPS spoofing

Is There an iOS Version?

No, it is only available for Android users. For iOS devices, you can use MockGo to spoof location without needing to jailbreak the device.

This desktop application can teleport the device to any location in the world in the world, and apps like Pokémon GO will be able to detected the new location instantly.

It is also a good way to simulate GPS movement between two locations or along multiple spots.

Here's how you can use MockGo to spoof location on iPhone;

Step 1: Connect the iOS Device

Download and install MockGo on your computer, run it .

Connect the iOS device to the computer and then click "Start" to begin.

connect your iOS device to the computer

Step 2: Teleport the Device

You will see a map with the device's current location on the screen. To change the location of the device, click on the "Teleport Mode" icon in the top-right corner.

Select the location you want to spoof to. You can do that using the search box on the left.

Move the pin around the map to refine the selected location and then click "Move Here."

location teleported

Step 3: Simulate the GPS Movement

You can also use MockGo -Virtual Location to simulate GPS movement. To do that, click on the one-stop or multi-stop mode in the top-right corner, then drop multiple pins to select the locations you want to move to.

Choose the number of times you want to move along the specified route and use the slider at the bottom to choose the speed.

If you would like to use the Joystick feature, you can find it at the bottom-left corner of the screen and you can use the mouse pointer or keyboard shortcuts to move in any direction.

Simulate the Multi-stop Movement

Final Words

Tools like Fake GPS Joystick & Routes and MockGo are designed to make it easier to play games like Pokémon GO. But it is very important to make sure that you spoofing the location more realistically to avoid a temporary or even permanent ban on your account. Just choose a realistic location relative to your current location and spoof in moderation.

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