Ultimate Guide to Harry Potter Wizards Unite Spoofing

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It seems the natural progression for most people who have played Pokémon Go is Harry Potter Wizards Unite. Both are AR games that use the device’s GPS location.

And since Pokémon Go necessitated spoofing GPS location to gain access to better game resources, most Harry Potter Wizards Unite players also find themselves needing to spoof their location for the same reason.

This guide’s main aim is to show you easy to implement, safe and reliable ways to spoof the location while playing Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

What is Harry Potter Wizards Unite?

Harry Potter Wizards Unite is an Augmented Reality (AR) game that allows players to be actual witches or wizards. The game is set up in the real world like a board game and is available for both Android and iOS devices. This game is free to play although you may need to spend money on some advanced features.

The map offers different encounters and the play can choose from Auror, Professor, or Magizoologist. Each has its own different skills, skills that can be developed as you progress in the game.

This progression and the various quests make this game quite enjoyable. When you arrive at the location with the quest, everything that you are hunting appears on the screen and you can then swipe to cast spells as needed.

A location spoofer can be very helpful in this game since it allows you to take advantage of the quests that may not be in your current location.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Prepare for Spoofing Risks

But just like with Pokémon Go, spoofing Harry Potter Wizards Unite carries inherent risks. The biggest one is that you risk getting your account banned. Niantic has actually developed various levels of punishment for people who try to game the system in this way.

If you get caught for the first time, Niantic will suspend the tout account for at least 7 days. A second strike extends the ban by at least 30 days a third strike means that you will never be able to play the game again.

You should therefore only spoof Harry Potter Wizard Unite if you understand that there are consequences.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Spoofing for iOS Devices

1. MockGo iPhone GPS Spoofer

The best ways to fake GPS location in Wizards Unite for iOS devices is MockGo. MockGo is very easy to use that you can fake the GPS on your iOS device even if you don’t have any technical skills. This is because you just need to connect the iPhone to the computer, no jailbreak needed.

The program’s top features include the following:

  • Change the location for Wizards Unite and other location-based apps without having to jailbreak the device.
  • Simulate GPS movement in Wizards Unite and other games.
  • Maintains the GPS movement records to make it easier to fake GPS to the same location in the future.

How to Fake Location in Wizard Unite Using MockGo

Step 1: Download and install MockGo onto your computer. Run it and then click “Start” in the main window.

Launch MockGo on your computer

Step 2: Connect the iPhone to the computer using USB cables. When prompted, enter the device’s passcode to allow the program to detect the device.

connect your iOS device to the computer

Step 3: A map will appear on the screen. Click on “Teleport Mode” at the top left corner. Enter the location you want to use in the search bar or choose a spot on the map.

choose teleport mode

Step 4: Click “Move Here” to confirm the selected location and the GPS on your device will change to this new location. You can open Wizards Unite to confirm that the location has changed.

the GPS on your device will change to this new location

How to Simulate Movement in Wizards Unite Without Walking

Step 1: On the map, click on the “One-stop” mode. You can also choose multi-stop mode if you want to simulate movement along a path.

One-stop mode

Step 2: Select or search for the location that you would like to use. Choose the number of times that you would like to simulate movement and set the speed you would like to use.

Move Here

Step 3: Click “Move Here” to begin the simulated movement.

Simulate the One-stop Movement

2. Double Location

If you would rather not use a software solution to fake your location, you can try using Double Location. This is a small hardware device that you connect to the device’s lightning port.

Once it is connected, Double Location can manipulate how the system and all apps on the device interpret location information, allowing you to change the location without having to jailbreak the device.

Double Location does this by registering itself as an external GPS device using the Apple External Accessory Framework, replacing the internal GPS module of the device.

Therefore, when an app like Wizards Unite tries to read the GPS location on the device, it gets information from Double Location and not the device itself.

Once you purchase Double Location, use these steps to use it to fake your location in Wizards Unite:

Step 1: Make sure that you have the latest version of Wizards Unite on your device and install the Double Location app on the device as well.

Step 2: Plug in the Double Location device to the iPhone’s lightning port and open the Double Location App.

Step 3: Set a pin on the map to indicate the new location that you want to spoof and tap on “Lock Position”.

Step 4: Open Wizards Unite and the game should detect the new location.

Double Location

3. Gfaker

Gfaker is another hardware device that you can use to spoof location on an iOS device without having to jailbreak the device. Like Double Location, you would need to plug Gfaker into the device’s lightning port to use it, although you can also use a Bluetooth connection.

It also works by registering itself through the Apple External Accessory Framework as an external GPS device and when apps like Wizards Unite attempt to detect the GPS location, they log the new Gfaker location.

Purchase Gfaker and then follow these simple steps to use it:

Step 1: Begin by connecting the Gfaker device to your iPhone or iPad. You can do that by plugging it into the lightning port or wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Step 2: In the Control app’s map, select the new location that you want.

Step 3: Provide any additional information and the location will change immediately.


Harry Potter Wizards Unite Spoofing for Android Devices

To spoof Wizards Unite on Android, you will need to make use of one of the many location spoofing apps available on the Google Play Store. Many of them are very reliable and they work in much the same way. The following are two of the most effective;

1. Fake GPS Location by Lexa

This is one of the most popular Fake GPS apps in the market for the simple reason that it is vert reliable. It works very well for devices running Android version 5.0 and above.

It doesn’t require root access to work and it is so easy to use; all you have to do is select the location and press “Play” to begin spoofing the location.

You will have to enable the developer options on your device to allow this app to work. Thankfully, doing that is as easy as going to Settings > About Phone and tap on “Build Number” 7 times. This app has numerous positive reviews and is completely safe to use.

Fake GPS by Lexa

2. Fake GPS by Hola

This is another Android app ideal for spoofing GPS location. It is also very easy to use, allowing you to change the location in a single click. It works on devices running Android 5.0 and above.

Once it is installed on the device, you will just need to enable developer options as described above, select the new location to spoof to, and press “Play” to change the location.

Fake GPS by Hola

If you have exhausted all the benefits, you can get playing Wizards Unite in your location or you simply just want to see what other players are getting, spoofing your GPS can be a great way to get even more out of the game. As you can see from this guide, doing so is easy when you have the right solution and we have offered you quite a few.

Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. We love to hear from you and your questions or feedback are always welcome.


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