How To Find and Get Klefki In Pokémon GO

by Sovan Mandal Tips Published On Jun 13, 2022 Updated On Sep 9, 2022
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Pokémon GO is an augmented reality version of the series that many of us know and love. As the years go by, more and more regions with new Pokémon are introduced and launched in batches to Pokémon GO.

This expansion is the reason why we are slowly seeing Alolan variants popping out in the game. However, Pokémon GO has adapted the concept of regionally-exclusive Pokémon.

What does this mean? Well, it simply means that there are Pokémon that can be exclusively found in certain countries only.

This makes it harder for players to complete their Pokédex. One of these Pokémon is Klefki, and in this article, we will be talking about how you can find and catch it in Pokémon GO.

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What is Klefki?

Klefki is one of the first Alolan Pokémon introduced in Pokémon GO and one of the rarest in the game. It originated from the Kalos region and is a small Pokémon that resembles a keyring with four different keys attached to it.

However, according to Pokémon lore, the number of keys it holds varies depending on how many it has collected. Its head is found in the middle of the keyring, and its face resembles a lock.

Its character design first led to controversy when it was released, with longtime fans saying that the newer Pokémon being introduced nowadays lack creativity and are literally translated from everyday objects.

But as the years went by, Klefki gradually become one of the fan favorites among Alolan Pokémon.

How To Find and Get Klefki In Pokémon GO

Since this is a regional-type Pokémon, you will only be able to encounter and catch Klefkis in France.

If it is your goal to catch every single Pokémon in the game but cannot afford to travel to different places, achieving this feat could be pretty difficult.

However, there are a few ways to obtain these regional-only Pokémon without traveling, including Klefki.


The first option is to trade with people who have gone to France and caught a Klefki. This is still a pretty difficult option since it would depend on whether or not you have friends who play Pokémon GO who have been to or are planning to go to France. The bottom line is this method boils down to opportunity.

Don't worry because if this first option isn't in the cards for you, there is still one other thing you can try.


The second way to obtain a Klefki in the game is to receive Eggs from France-based players. This is done by making friends through social media groups and asking them to exchange gifts with you. These gifts include Eggs that could hatch into a Klefki.

Klefki Coordinates

In Pokémon GO, certain Pokémon tend to spawn more frequently in a specific place compared to other locations. Klefki is not an exception to this rule.

If you happen to be in France, you can head to these coordinates with the help of Google maps or any mapping tool to find and catch your very own Klefki: (48.8449619, 2.3560252)

These coordinates will lead you to a park in Paris, France that houses a Pokémon nest filled with Klefki. According to some community members who have been to the location, they were able to find multiple Klefkis in a short amount of time. One trainer even got six in five minutes!

Wrapping Up

Overall, calling Klefki a rare Pokémon would not be an understatement as it is tough to obtain the cute fellow. This is because it is a regionally-exclusive Pokémon that you can only catch in France.

However, there are ways to obtain a Klefki without having to travel all the way there. You can trade with trainers that have one or hatch an egg from a gift given by a trainer from France.

It all depends on your determination to go through the methods shown or simply go to France yourself, which will depend on your budget.

If you have any queries and questions on how you can find and catch Klefki in Pokémon GO, feel free to hit us up in the comments section down below.

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