iSpoofer Not Working? Here Is the Fix

by Aaron Roussey Tips Published On Jun 27, 2021 Updated On Jan 4, 2023
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If you are trying to use iSpoofer to spoof your location on iOS but it still won't work, there may be several reasons for this.

Like most other desktop apps, iSpoofer can stop working because of problems with the app or problems with your operating system.

Whatever the reason iSpoofer is not working on your computer or your device, the following solutions can help.

iSpoofer keeps crashing

Update: Does iSpoofer Still Work in 2023?

iSpoofer was once one of the most popular apps for changing our Pokemon Go location. Unfortunately, the application has been shut down, and you can't even download iSpoofer from its website.

Some iSpoofer users recently received an email that stated: Your subscription to the iSpoofer Pro Plan has been canceled due to the creator deleting the product.

Is iSpoofer going to work again?

The chances of iSpoofer working again are extremely slim. Pokemon Go players can no longer use iSpoofer because Niantic blacklisted it a while ago. As a result, it is preferable to look for a reputable iSpoofer alternative instead.

Does iSpoofer Still Work in 2021

Best Solution to iSpoofer Not Working Issue: Try an Alternative

If you still can't get iSpoofer to work, then it may be time to consider an alternative solution to simulate GPS on iPhone. We recommend using MockGo, a simple, yet highly effective way to fake the GPS on your iPhone without having the jailbreak the device.

Key Features of MockGo

  • Fake GPS location in a single click.
  • Simulate GPS movement along a specified route at a specified speed.
  • Import a GPX file to easily simulate GPS movement.
  • It is fully compatible with all iOS devices and all versions of iOS and iPadOS including the latest iPhone 14 and iOS 16.

Here's how to use MockGo to simulate movement along a specific route;

Step 1: Install the Program

Download and install the MockGo on your computer. Click on the file to begin the installation and follow the instructions on the installation wizard to complete installation.

Once the installation is complete, launch MockGo and then connect the iPhone to the computer using USB cables.

Step 2: Set the Simulation Settings

Click on the "One-stop route" at the top-right side of the window. Move the slider at the bottom of the screen to select the speed that you would like to use. You can choose a walking, cycling or driving.

One-stop mode

Then, set the destination. To do that, select a location in the map that you would like to move to at the specified speed. A popup will appear indicating the total distance to the selected destination. Click "Move Here" to close the popup.

Move Here

Another popup will appear, asking you to specify the number of times you would like to move to the selected destination. Enter the preferred number and click "Start" The simulated GPS movement will begin immediately at the specified speed.

start the One-stop Movement

You can also simulate movement for multiple locations by choosing the "Multi-Stop mode" and choosing all the locations you would like to pass through. Set the preferred speed, just as we did on the one-stop mode, and select how many times you would like to simulate the movement before clicking "Start" to begin the movement.

pick the spots along a real path

Note: Keep in mind the cooldown duration before changing your location to ensure that Niantic does not ban your account while using the location spoofer.

How to Fix iSpoofer Not Working Issue

1. Verify System Requirements

It is important to check to make sure that your computer has adequate resources to run iSpoofer. Every program provides information about the system requirements and you need to make sure that your computer is equipped to meet these requirements.

For example, if iSpoofer requires 512 MB of memory and your computer only has 512 MB of memory, then you may encounter problems running iSpoofer.

2. Reboot the Computer

If the computer meets the system requirements for iSpoofer, but you still can't get the program to work, you should try rebooting the computer.

A simple reboot is one of the best ways to remove any glitches with installed programs on the computer and can easily get iSpoofer to work if the problem is a minor glitch in its functionality.

3. Close Background Programs

You may also want to close all other programs that are running in the background such as media players, browser windows and games. These apps can interfere with the function of iSpoofer particularly if they are consuming a lot of the computer's resources.

4. Programming Errors

There are also a number of programming errors that can cause iSpoofer to malfunction. To avoid encountering these errors, it is important to make sure that iSpoofer is fully updated with all the latest patch. If the problems with iSpoofer began soon after an update, it is possible that the new patch introduced the errors and you may need to reinstall it.

5. Contact Developer of iSpoofer

If you have tried all the solutions above and you still can't get the app to work, then you should contact iSpoofer support for assistance. They may be more familiar with any incompatibility issues and how to resolve them.

Bottom Line

Lately, there have been a lot of people complaining that iSpoofer doesn't work. Now that you know about MockGo, you can easily simulate your location without iSpoofer.

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