Pokémon GO Candy Cheat: The Complete Guide in 2023

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You may already know that you need Candy to evolve and power up in Pokémon GO. There are different ways to get candy in the game and most people look for ways to get more valuable rare candy that can really propel them further in the game.

If your main aim is to get more candies, then the following Pokémon GO Candy cheats will be very helpful to you. In it, we will exhaustively describe some of the best ways that you can get candy more easily in Pokémon GO.

What is Candy in Pokémon GO?

Candy is a collectible item that you get when playing Pokémon GO and it is essential to evolve Pokémon.

Each Pokémon family has its own type of Candy, with a name that is often derived from the lowest evolution although this isn't always the case.

For instance, Charizard uses Charmander Candy, while Raichu will use Pikachu Candy, rather than Pichu Candy.

You will spend a little bit more Candy on each evolution, with Candy costs ranging from 12- 400 depending on the evolution.

Pokémon Go Candy

What's Rare Candy

Rare Candy is a type of candy that can be used on any Pokémon. For example, the same Rare Candy might be used to evolve or power up a Dragonite as well as a Tyranitar.

It's similar to ordinary Candy, but it's more universal. To power up rare Pokemons, you will need Rare Candy which might be even harder to find.

It's usually won in Battle Raids and in the beginning, you won't need a lot but as you progress, you'll need lots of it to continue the evolution. And your best bet is to beat Raid Bosses as this gives you anywhere between 2 to 10 Rare Candy.

Completing Field Research missions will also reward you Rare Candy.

Rare Candy

Pokémon GO Candy Sheet

Here's a cheat sheet that you can use to get more Candy in Pokémon GO:

  • 3 Candies for every base-level Pokémon that you catch in the wild
  • 5 Candies for every second-level Pokémon that you catch in the wild
  • 10 Candies per third-level Pokémon that you catch in the wild
  • 6 Candies for every base-level Pokémon caught in the wild using a Pinap Berry
  • 10 Candies for every second-level Pokémon caught in the wild using a Pinap Berry
  • 20 Candies for every third-level Pokémon caught in the wild using a Pinap Berry
  • 5-15 Candies for every 2KM Egg hatched
  • 10-21 Candies for every 5KM egg hatched
  • 16-32 Candies for every 10 KM egg hatched
  • 1 Candy for every Pokémon Transferred to the Professor
  • 1 Candy per Buddy distance walked
  • 1 Candy every once in a while, for feeding a friendly Pokémon on a Gym
  • 1 Candy per Pokémon Traded less than 25 KM
  • 2 Candy per Pokémon traded 25-100 KM
  • 3 Candy for Pokémon trades more than 100 KM
  • 2-10 rare Candies sometimes from beating Raid bosses
  • 1 rare Candy for completing specific field research tasks

Get Double Candy with Pinap Berry or Silver Pinap

You can use a Pinap Berry to double the amount of Candy for every catch. Feed a Pinap Berry to a Pokémon and then catch it with your next throw and the number of candies you get will be double.

Do the same with the second or third base Pokémon evolution to get 10 and 20 candies respectively.

  • Using Pinap Berry gives you 6 Candies for every base-level Pokémon you catch in the wild
  • Using Pinap Berry gives you 10 candies for every second-level Pokémon you catch in the wild
  • Using Pinap Berry gives you 20 candies for every third-level Pokémon you catch in the wild.

Silver Pinap will also work in the same way, but you will also get a catch bonus on top of doubling the candy.

Get Double Candy with Pinap Berry

Hatch Eggs to Get More Candies

Hatching Pokémon Eggs is one of the best ways to get candy all at once. When you get a Pokémon Egg from a PokéStop, incubate it, walk it and then hatch it and you will get a good number of candies for that type of Pokémon Egg.

The number of candies that you get will depend on the type of Egg and also, more randomly on the time it hatches:

  • You get 5-10 candies for hatching 2KM Eggs
  • You get 10-21 Candies for hatching 5KM Eggs
  • You get 16-32 Candies for hatching 10 KM Eggs

Hatch Eggs to Get More Candies

Make a Pokémon Your Buddy and Walk with It

If you are not catching or hatching Pokémon as much as you want for the Candies you need, then you should consider making a Pokémon your buddy. You will then be awarded candies as you walk with it.

The number of candies that you get will depend on the distance you travel which can range from 1 KM to 3 KM or 5 KM.

It is based in the ½ egg hatching distance, but there are some notable differences such as Pikachu and Togepi.

Get a Buddy Pokémon

If you don't have the time to walk your Pokémon Buddy, you can use a location spoofer to simulate the movement and cover the distance you need.

The best tool to use in this case is MockGo simply because it can be used to very easily simulate the movement on your iPhone in a few simple steps and you don't even need to jailbreak the device to do it.

Before start, you will need to download and install MockGo onto your computer. Then follow the steps below to use MockGo to simulate the movement on iOS device:

Step 1: Get a Buddy Pokémon

The first thing you need to do is get a buddy that you will start walking with. To do this, tap on your trainer's profile and then select "Buddy."

If you already have a buddy assigned, you can choose to swap it for another Pokémon. Just select a Pokémon from the list of Pokémon that you own and start walking with it.

Step 2: Simulate Movement on a Selected Route

To begin simulating your GPS movement, open MockGo on your computer. Then, connect the iOS device to the computer and then click on the "Start" button to begin.

Launch MockGo on your computer

You should see a map on the interface. Select the "One-stop" or "Multi-stop" mode from the top-right corner of the screen and then drop pins on the map to choose the route you would like to use.

If you simply want to change your GPS location firstly, you can select the "Teleport Mode."

Multi-stop mode

Choose how many times you would like to move along the selected route and then click "Start" to begin the simulated movement.

begin the simulated movement

Step 3: Use the GPS Joystick (Optional)

In one-stop or multi-stop mode, you will see a joystick enabled at the bottom of the screen. You can use this joystick feature to move in any direction easily, making the movement appear more realistic.


Get Candy from Gyms

The new Pokémon GO Gym system allows you to motivate Pokémon by feeding them berries (Razz, Pinap, Nanab or Golden Razz) and once in a while you may get Candy rewards for the kind of Pokémon that you feed.

For example, you may get Blissey Candy from feeding a Blissey. But this is very rare, so you may have to feed the Pokémon hundreds of times before you can get a candy.

Get Candy from Gyms


Getting Candied in Pokémon GO is crucial for the evolution of Pokémon and now you have different ways to get your hands on this all-important game resource more easily. With MockGo, you can cover the distances needed to get candies without having to walk long distances.

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