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The hit augmented reality game Pokémon GO was released in July 2016 and is still a fan-favorite to this day.

Whether you have recently started playing or are a veteran, you know how tough it can be to catch some Pokémons. Fortunately, throwing an accurate Pokéball can help you get the job done.

Whether you're on the journey to becoming the next Pokémon master or just want to "Gotta Catch 'Em All" - anime fans know what I did there - an excellent throw will help you catch Pokémons easily.

Read to learn about how you can achieve an excellent throw, its mechanics, and hacks – because every Pokéball counts.

achieve an excellent throw

What is an Excellent Throw in Pokémon GO?

When you want to capture a wild Pokémon in Pokémon GO, you need to tap on it, and then it will take you into a capture mode interface. In most Pokémon games, players usually battle it out.

However, to capture wild characters in GO, you rely on the accuracy and the swipe-up finger with the occasional use of berries and different Pokéballs.

In the interface, you'll see a ring around the Pokémon which is rapidly closing. This ring will help you with the aim.

Once the Pokéball lands on the Pokémon, a message will appear which can either say, Excellent, Great or, Nice. All these throws will let you know the odds of caputirng the Pokémon.

  • A Nice Throw has a lesser chance of capturing the Pokémon.
  • A Great Throw has a higher chance of capturing than a Nice Throw.
  • An Excellent Throw gives the most XP and capture guarantee.

Getting an Excellent Throw is most rewarding, and at the same time, it is the most difficult because of the size of the target ring.

Excellent Throw in Pokémon GO

Hacks and Tips to Get Excellent Throws In Pokémon GO

Excellent Throws are perfect for increasing your chance of capturing a Pokémon, getting XP boosts, or completing a research task. However, they're one of the toughest to get.

Below are some great hacks to help you get Excellent Throws in Pokémon Go.

1. Do enough of practice

One way to get the Excellent Throw is to practise frequently. However it sounds, practice is the key to get an Excellent Throw.

That said, there are some tricks you can use to get an excellent throw in the game. Let's start with the basics.

2. Keep an eye on the ring

Every Pokémon has a unique target ring at a unique location. Some are closer to the face, while others are closer to the body's center.

There's a general rule to remember here: don't worry about the Pokemon; only care about the ring. The aim is to strike the center of the ring, even if the ring does not close completely on the Pokémon.

The ring size gets smaller when holding on to the Pokéball until released. Once the Pokéball releases, the ring size will freeze, and we want to make sure that the ring is frozen at the smallest size.

3. Choose big Pokémon

Moving on, we need to know what Pokémon we are going up against. We all know our goal "Gotta Catch'em All," but we can start with the Pokémon that have a larger ring and move towards the smaller ring Pokémons.

Here are some good Pokémon options to choose from:

  • Slowpoke
  • Numel
  • Snover
  • Wailmer
  • Machamp
  • Ponyta
  • Snorlax
  • Legendary Pokémons (are so great, but they're harder to find and a lot more difficult to catch.)

4. Use berries

Next is to use berries, more specifically, Nanab berries because they will slow down the ring size getting smaller, and you will have enough time to plan out your next Pokéball throw.

Use the red (normal) Pokéballs to keep on farming the Excellent Throws. The red Pokéballs would not be much help in catching the Pokémons. But they will give you the chance to keep getting Excellent Throws.

5. Try to Get 3 Excellent Throw in a Row

When you get one excellent throw, here's what you need to do to improve the success of getting a strike of 3 excellent throws in a row.

  1. Turn your mobile data on again as soon as you hit the first excellent throw
  2. In case you miss the excellent throw, close the app, turn on the mobile data, and restart the app

This is not patched and should work on all devices to help you get an excellent throw.

6. Take it slow

The best trick is saved for the last, which is to take it slow. You do not need to rush into things. Just wait for the right moment – in this case, the right ring size.

More Tips to Get Pokémon GO to the Next Level

Want to aim excellent throws and excellent curved throws at Pokemons hiding in other regions and countries? Try the MockGo hack, which is an effective way to capture Pokemons in far-off places.

This mock tool will assist you in easily changing your device's location to any other region where you can, without any restrictions, move around freely.

It is great for checking out new places, practicing, discovering Poké Gyms, and much more.

When you use MockGo, you can travel to any place and don't need to worry about getting your account banned.

To use this tool, simply install the app on your system and follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Open the MockGo. Now connect your iPhone with the PC and click the "Get Started" button to launch the process.

connect your iOS device to the computer

Step 2: Now a new window will show your existing location. Turn on the Teleport mode by choosing the first icon in the upper right corner.

Then you can change to your desired location. Enter the coordinates of the location you want to visit.

 search for a location

Step 3: Click the "Move Here" button. Your GPS will then teleport to the location you entered.

click Move Here

Step 4: Now, from the iPhone, open the Pokémon GO app and you should see that the location has been changed to the one you entered in the MockGo app.

location teleported

That's it. You're now free to roam wherever you like and catch all types of Pokémon with Excellent Throws and Excellent Curved Throw.

We recommend visiting Central Park in New York, United States because we heard that it is a prime location for many different species of Pokémon.

Pokémon GO Excellent Throw Hack FAQs

1. How Do Nice, Great, and Excellent Throws in Pokemon GO Work?

When you're catching a Pokemon, you'll notice a circle that shows the "ideal" time you should throw the Pokeball.

Therefore, if you want to get a Nice, Great, or Excellent throw, you will have to ensure that the Pokeball ends inside of the recommended circle.

Then, Pokemon GO will calculate the accuracy and you'll get either a Nice, Great, or Excellent throw.

It's all about how precise and accurate you can be to land the throw inside the "ideal" time when tossing the Pokeball.

2. What Does an Excellent Throw Look Like?

The ring around the Pokémon indicates when's the perfect time to throw a Pokéball. If you land a Pokéball inside the ring when it is the smallest size, you will get a bonus.

How do you identify the ideal time to throw a Pokéball and get an Excellent Throw? Here's the indicator: when you land a Pokéball inside the colored ring.

This implies you have a good chance of capturing the Pokémon while also deciding the bonus multiplier.

Typically, you get the Nice Throw when the ring size is the biggest. As the ring size becomes half of its original size, you can strive for a Great Throw.

Lastly, an Excellent Throw is a throw if it lands correctly when the ring size is the smallest and closest to the center of the screen.

3. How Much Does an Excellent Throw Help?

It helps a lot. I mean 100 XP kind of a lot. An Excellent Throw gives you a 100 XP bonus. And a Curveball can get you an additional 10 XP boost. The trade-off between an Excellent Throw and an Excellent Curved Throw isn't a lot.

4. What About an Excellent Curve Throw?

You now have some idea of what Excellent Throw is. But there's another kind of throw you should know about – the Excellent Curve Throw.

Compared to the normal Throw, a Curveball can give you more XP and a greater chance of catching a Pokémon. Combine the Curveball with the Excellent Throw, and you get the Excellent Curve Throw.

This unique throw is great for getting maximum XP and capturing legendary Pokémons with a higher rate of guarantee. Just follow these simple tips and you're each Pokéball throw will be lethal.

  • Press and hold the Pokéball until the ring size is perfect for an Excellent Throw
  • Wait for the Pokémon to start attacking you.
  • Put a spin on the Pokéball for the curve and as the Pokémon is about a quarter in its attack, throw the Pokéball to the center of the interface.
  • If the Pokéball lands on target at the right size, you'll get the Excellent Curve Throw with the added XP bonus.


Thanks to all these great tips and hacks, you're one stop away from becoming the next Pokémon Master. Just keep practicing those Excellent Throws and in no time, you will be able to add all types of Pokémon to your collection.

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