Latest Pokémon GO Hacks for iOS: No Jailbreak Required

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Pokémon Go is no doubt one of the most recognizable games in the world. The fact that it uses your real-time location to allow you to catch location-specific characters has endeared it to players around the world.

But once the novelty of the concept died down and everyone realized that they are limited by how much they can move, a need to play the game without moving gripped Pokémon Go players around the world.

There are ways to do it, with the most common being location spoofing. But as most players quickly found out, most of the iOS location spoofing solutions required that they jailbreak their devices.

If you have been looking for Pokémon Go hack tools that don't require jailbreaking your iOS device, the following are some of your best options.

Pokémon Go Hacks for iOS No Jailbreak

1. MockGo iOS GPS Spoofer

It can be very hard to find a useful and legitimate iOS location spoofing tool that doesn’t first require you to jailbreak the device.

One of the few that works is MockGo iOS GPS Spoofer. This is a reliable third-party iOS location spoofing tool that is very easy to use and above all, very reliable.

With this tool you can access geo-restricted content and apps, without needing to jailbreak the iOS device.

Before we see how it works, lets first find out at the program’s main features:

  • Easily access geo-restricted content anywhere in the world including games like Pokémon Go
  • You can also use it to hide your location if you don’t want to be tracked
  • Allows you to set the speed and route in MockGo by choosing a start and end point on a map
  • You can also use the multi-spot feature to pre-plan a virtual route with multiple stops that you can move through at a customized speed.

Here’s how to use MockGo Location Changer to change the GPS location on your iOS device:

Step 1: Connect the iOS Device to the Computer

Install MockGo iOS GPS Spoofer on to your computer.

Once installation is complete, open the program. Then, using the device’s USB cable, connect it to the computer.

connect your iOS device to the computer

Then in the interface of the map, select the “One-Stop Mode” option.

One-stop mode

Step 2: Choose the Route

You should see a map with your current location highlighted as the start point of the simulation.

You can choose the destination location in the map by simply entering the address of the destination on the search bar at the top-right of the screen.

Keep in mind that you can also change the start-point to any location you want.

Move Here

Step 3: Set Your Speed

With the location selected, you can use the speed slider on the bottom of the screen to choose the speed you will be using to move. You can choose a walking, cycling or driving speed depending on your needs.

Then, just click on “Move Here” to begin the simulated movement along the route you have selected at the chosen speed.

Simulate the One-stop Movement

For the simulated movement to be effective especially when playing a game like Pokémon Go, close any location-based apps including Pokémon Go before simulating the movement.

You should also pause the game from time to time to make the movement appear more natural and prevent getting banned.

If you want to end the simulation at any time, just click “Stop.”

2. iPoGo

Another great solution that you can use to spoof the location on your iOS device is iPoGo.

It is a very effective location spoofer that has one big advantage over other location spoofing tools:

It tricks Pokémon Go into thinking that Go Plus or Go-Tcha is connected to the device.

This combined with the auto-walk and GPX routing feature can help you catch as many Pokémon as you want without having to move.

The following are its main features:

  • It functions as an automated version of Go-Plus, allowing you all the benefits of the device without having to purchase the actual physical device.
  • It also allows users with too many items to delete them quickly. You can select all the items and delete them in a single-click
  • You can also set it up to skip catching Pokémon unless they are the more valuable shiny Pokémon


There are many ways to install iPoGo, but for the purpose of this article, we will show you how to install it using Singulous.

This is a signing platform for iOS and tvOS that is an easy way to install iPoGo and other apps.

But it is a paid platform and you will have to purchase a $20 subscription to use it.

Here’s how to install iPoGo using Signulous:

  • Step 1: Go to to register and purchase the subscription.
  • Step 2: Once registered, choose “iOS Code Signing.”
  • Step 3: Now go to the dashboard, click on “Register” and create a new account for your device.
  • Step 4: You should then receive an email with the activation link. Click on the link to confirm the created account.
  • Step 5: With the device registered, click on “Set up Device” under “My Devices” and follow the onscreen prompts to create a temporary account that will link iPoGo on to your device.
  • Step 6: When the setup process is complete, click on the dashboard. In the “App Library,” find iPoGo and click “Sign App > Install App.”

choose ‘Sign App’

iPoGo will then be on your device and you can now use it to spoof your location on Pokémon Go.

3. External GPS Module

The other way you can simulate GPS movement on your iOS device without jailbreaking the device is to use plug-and-play GOS modules.

These are physical devices that you connect to the device via the lightning module to help you simulate the GPS location to anywhere in the world.

The main advantage of using these tools is that they work on the system level, meaning that they can simulate movement across all apps on your iOS device.

They can however be very expensive, although they are also very accurate, allowing you to get a more realistic location with the longitude, latitude and altitude. They also provide a more realistic movement simulation.

Since they work system-wide, you can effectively use them to fake GPS location and movement to play Pokémon Go without having to worry that any app updates with interfere with the simulation.

The app is also less likely to detect location spoofing done this way, reducing the chance that you could get banned.

GFaker and Double Location are two of the most popular manufacturers of hardware-based GPS location spoofing modules.

What is GFaker

Tips to Using Pokémon GO Hack Safely

To safely skip long distances when playing Pokémon Go, you have to wait a specified duration of cooldown time before taking action in the new location.

The further you move, the longer you have to wait, with the shortest time being 1 minute and the longest 2 hours.

Here’s a table to breakdown the amount of time you need to wait with respect to the distance covered:

Distance Cooldown
1 Km 1 min
2 Km 1 min
4 Km 2 mins
10 Km 8 mins
12 Km 9 mins
15 Km 11 mins
20 Km 13 mins
25 Km 15 mins
30 Km 18 mins
40 Km 22 mins
45 Km 23 mins
60 Km 25 mins
80 Km 27 mins
100 Km 30 mins
125 Km 33 mins
140 Km 34 mins
150 Km 36 mins
180 Km 39 mins
200 Km 42 mins
250 Km 46 mins
300 Km 50 mins
350 Km 53 mins
400 Km 56 mins
500 Km 64 mins
600 Km 72 mins
750 Km 82 mins
800 Km 86 mins
900 Km 93 mins
950 Km 97 mins
1000 Km 100 mins
1150 Km 111 mins
1200 Km 115 mins
1250 Km 118 mins
1266+ Km 120 mins

Wrap Up

Spoofing Pokémon Go is a delicate business that should be done correctly and using the right tools to avoid getting your account banned.

While there are ways around a ban, most users thought the only way they can effectively change the location on their devices was to jailbreak the iPhone.

Now you know there are ways to easily change the location on your device without having to jailbreak the device.

Let us know what you think of the methods we have talked about above and if there are any that we may have missed.

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