Pokémon GO Heracross Location: How to Find and Catch Heracross

by J. Robertson Macaulay D. Young Updated On Oct 17, 2023 Published On Jun 2, 2022 Tips

Pokémon GO is one of the best location-based games available for both iOS and Android devices. Its user base keeps on growing, with many players aiming to become the best Pokemon trainer in the game.

You can use multiple Pokemons to help you in tasks, battles, or raids. However, you can't find all of them in a single location. Some Pokemons like Heracross are the regional type, meaning they can only be spawned in specific regions or places.

So if you're looking to capture every Pokemon in the game, you'll need to travel a lot and to different parts of the world. However, if you're unable to leave your home or country for any reason, you can use a tool to change your device's location.

In this article, we are going to talk about Heracross. Learn how to find the Pokemon and capture it.

 Heracross in Pokémon GO

What is Heracross in Pokémon GO

Heracross is a regional bug and a fighting-type Pokemon. There are no evolutions of Heracross in Pokémon GO. It has vulnerability to fire, flying, fairy, and psychic moves.

So any Pokemon that has these types of moves are perfect against Heracross. It can use Megahorn and Counter as its strongest attack moves.

Heracross has the maximum combat power of 3101 CP. While there is a slim chance that you'll encounter a shiny Heracross, you can use Moltres, Rayquaza, Braviary, Honchkrow, or Yveltal Pokemon to give yourself a chance of defeating him.

Where to Find Heracross in Pokemon GO

Heracross is a region-specific Pokemon that is hard to catch in the game. It's sought out for its bug-style fighting abilities.

It is specifically found in South America, Southern Florida, and Texas. The best spots to meet Heracross are usually near gyms and parks. Or, you might get lucky and find it during special Raid Events in Pokémon GO.

In a recent event called Pokémon GO Tour Johto, Heracross made a special appearance. Players could take on a Battle Challenge to earn this special Pokémon.

By defeating the Bug Gym Trainer, you could win your very own Heracross. There's a chance that Heracross will show up again in future Raid Events, too.

Why Is It So Hard to Catch a Heracross

Apart from being hard to find, there are quite a few reasons Heracross is so hard to catch. Some of them include:

  • Being a bug/fighting type, there aren't many Pokemon types that are stronger than it.
  • It has a naturally low catch rate, possibly because the Pokemon resists Pokeballs.
  • The way you throw and the type of Pokeball you use makes a big difference.
  • Even when you're in the region where Heracross is found, it has a low spawn rate.

How to Catch Heracross (Strengths & Weaknesses)

Heracross is a pretty tough Pokémon, and if you want to beat it in a Tier 3 raid, you'll need to know its strengths and weaknesses to have an easier time in the battle. Here's all you need to know to take down this bug:

  • Type: Bug/Fighting Type
  • Strong Against: Fighting, Ground, Dark, Bug, and Dark
  • Weak Against: Flying (especially strong), Fire, Psychic, and Fairy

The best Pokémon to use against Heracross are Staraptor, Moltres, Honchkrow, Blaziken, Tornadus, Braviary, and Togekiss. If you don't have these Pokémon, try to pick ones that Heracross is weak against, like Flying types.

And when you defeat it, don't forget to use a Raspberry before throwing a Pokéball. This trick can increase your chances of catching it.

How to Get Heracross without Moving

Pokemon players living near Florida (United States) or São Paulo (Brazil) are in luck as they can go around parks, gyms, and the above-mentioned coordinates to catch Heracross. But what about players that live far away?

Can they actually capture Heracross without moving or going to Sao Paulo, Florida, or Texas? The answer is yes. You use a tool to move around the Pokémon GO world without leaving your place.

However, with the popularity of Pokémon GO among the Pokemon players and their need to capture all Pokemon, the use of spoofing tools has increased in recent times.

There are not many great options available that can help you spoof location in Pokémon GO safely. But if you're an iPhone user or have access to any iOS device, then there's a tool that can help you fake GPS location on your iOS device easily.

We recommend using MockGo to play Pokémon GO and travel to far away coordinates in the game without moving on your iOS device.

You can easily and safely change your location in the game with only a few clicks. There are many advantages of using the MockGo tool and it also has many great features, such as:

To play Pokémon GO from the comfort of your home with MockGo, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Download and launch the program onto your computer. Next open the MockGo tool, and connect your iPhone or iPad.

connect your iOS device to the computer

Step 2: To enter a location, you would need to first click on the Teleport mode. The icon is placed in the upper right corner of the menu screen.

choose teleport mode

Step 3: Then enter any location in the search bar and either click on the Go button or press Enter. You can also enter the coordinates mentioned above to find Heracross.

 search for a location

Step 4: Confirm the location on the map and then click on the Move Here button. You will be teleported to your selected location.

click Move Here to teleport the GPS

location teleported

Now open the Pokémon GO app on your iPhone or iPad and start playing.

Wrap Up

Pokémon GO is a fun game to play and capturing all of the Pokemon is a true player's dream. If you're looking to complete your Pokemon collection or are a fan of Heracross, then you have all the tools to capture it.

Use the MockGo tool to change your location to any of the above coordinates and encounter Heracross in Florida, Texas, or São Paulo. Then use berries and region-specific Pokemons to defeat and capture it.

When using the MockGo tool, it's best to select the appropriate speed when traveling from one location to another. For example, if you're living in the USA and want to travel to Florida or Texas, you can choose a car as the movement speed.

However, if you're nearby the location and for whatever reason don't want to leave the house, then you can use the walking movement speed. This way, you will be able to safely change your location and will not alert Niantic.

After closing the Pokémon GO app, it is advised to go back to your original location or to stop the simulation.

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