Pokémon GO Raid Pass Hacks and Tricks

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Pokémon GO is an augmented reality game that requires real-life traveling or voyaging to each location and covers the distance requirements.

But with current travel protocols in place, it won’t be as easy to play the game.

With this in mind, Niantic has been developing features that make the game more playable for players at home.

One of the said features is the Remote Raid Pass, which we will discuss in this article, including some hacks and tricks that will be handy to have.

Let’s get right into it.

Remote Raid Pass

What is a Remote Raid Pass?

A Remote Raid Pass allows players to participate in Raid Battles in the comfort of their own homes. Usually, you can only join a Raid Battle if you are at a close distance within a Raid.

But with the Remote Raid Pass, you can now join raids shown on the Nearby interface. This is a convenient way of completing Raid Battles and collecting the rewards that come with them.

Of course, there is a drawback. Niantic still tries to keep the essence of the game, which is to travel physical distances.

Although you can participate in remote raids with the Remote Raid Passes, your Party Pokémon will not damage the opponent as severely as compared to those who participate in the raid closer to the site.

How Can You Get a Remote Raid Pass?

You can get Remote Raid Passes from the in-game store for 100 coins a piece or opt for a pack of three for 250 coins.

You will still have to spend a bit to buy a Remote Raid Pass, but if you prefer not to deal with these microtransactions, you can get Remote Raid Passes through these options.

Research Breakthrough

Remote Raid Passes are one of the rewards that you can get through completing Field Research Tasks.

You simply have to complete seven Field Research Tasks to get the free Remote Raid Pass and a Chimeco encounter. To achieve this, you must meet one Research Field Task a day for the whole week.

Event Box

This method isn’t free, but it is a steal compared to the usual costs of buying a Remote Raid Pass from the store.

You can opt to buy an Event Box which only costs one PokéCoin, which can be easily obtained from playing the game.

These boxes appear in the shop every first Monday of the month and it usually includes a Remote Raid Pass and many other items.


Playing the game and doing activities such as challenging Gym Battles is the way to earn coins mentioned earlier.

This is still considered a free method since you aren’t spending real money to buy such coins, but it requires elbow grease.

How To Get 15 Free Raid Passes On Special Raid Days

Sometimes, Niantic gives away a couple of free Raid Passes to players. They are called special raid days and they are time-bound occasions that encourage players to join raids and receive various awards.

Special raid days are usually held on a Saturday whenever there’s a new shiny version of a certain Pokémon.

You can usually expect to get 5 Raid Passes during special raid days, but for spoofers, we can bump that number to 15!

You can do this by teleporting to different locations with different time zones, thus giving you free raid passes every time they launch the event in a specific location.

Here is how to get 15 free raid passes:

  1. First, launch Pokémon GO.
  2. Before proceeding, avoid using the free daily Raid Pass that you get on the day before the event. If the event is on Saturday, then avoid using the free Raid Pass that you get on Friday.
  3. At midnight 12:00 am EST on the day before the event, spoof to Hawaii. Use the following coordinates: 21.306995, -157.856104
  4. Once you have teleported to the location, close the game.
  5. After that, relaunch Pokémon GO. It should be 6 PM in Hawaii.
  6. Now, spoof to Wellington, New Zealand. Use the following coordinates: -41.28419, 174.763232.
  7. Next, complete your first raid in New Zealand.
  8. Once the raid is completed, spoof back to Hawaii and close the game.
  9. After that, relaunch Pokémon GO and click on a Gym with an ongoing Raid to get a Free Raid Pass. Avoid spinning in the Gym, this is important for the trick to work.
  10. Now, spoof back to New Zealand and complete another raid.
  11. Repeat steps 6 to 9 until you run out of Raid Passes you have acquired in Hawaii.
  12. Close the game and relaunch it once you run out of Raid Passes. It should mark that you are in New Zealand on the day after the event.
  13. Here, you should have five free Raid Passes again. Use up all of these in raids at New Zealand.
  14. To acquire the last five Raid Passes, you must wait until 10:00 AM EST on the day of the event.
  15. As soon as it hits 10:00 AM EST, spoof over to Kiribati using these coordinates 1.987141,-157.477129.
  16. Now, close the game and relaunch. You should now be in Kiribati in the game.
  17. Finally, spoof again to another location. But this time, it is up to you where you want to go as long as it has its special raid time. Paris would be a good location as it would still be their special raid time in their timezone. Use these coordinates 48.823682 and 2.336393 to get there.

You should know that spoofing increases the risks of Niantic banning you from the game.

Although multiple accounts that have tried this method say that they have never been banned, we can never be so sure. So take this tutorial with a grain of salt before proceeding accordingly.

Wrapping Up

A Remote Raid Pass is a treat that Niantic has provided to their players, allowing them to join raids in the comfort of their own homes. It is very convenient, but the downside is that they are challenging to obtain.

You can get up to 15 raid passes by strategically spoofing to different locations and acquiring them on special raid days in different time zones. However, it is very risky and Niantic might ban you if they detect suspicious activity, so proceed with caution.

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