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by Sovan Mandal Tips Published On Mar 22, 2022 Updated On Nov 10, 2022
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Pokémon GO is a distance- and location-based game that encourages players to get active and explore the world outdoors.

While this is a great way to engage players, it's sometimes not practical for everyone because of the distance and location requirements. This is where Pokemon Go Spoofing Tips from Reddit come in handy.

Certain Pokémon can only be found in very specific locations that can sometimes be quite far and out of reach.

This prevents players from completing their Pokédex. But there's a way to get past this obstacle––by location spoofing.

This allows players to virtually teleport to distant locations in the game. This way, you won't have to pay for a flight ticket or drive to far places such as other countries and rural areas.

Take notes because we've gathered a list of Reddit posts that will guide you in the world of Pokémon GO spoofing.

Must-Read Pokémon GO Reddit Posts about Spoofing

These Pokemon GO Reddit posts include spoofing methods and coordinate lists that can help you get started as a spoofer. You can mix and match some of the tips to achieve the best results in the game through spoofing.

But, keep in mind that Pokemon GO spoofing is not a legal way of playing the game. The game developers from Nianticare are constantly working on ways to catch location spoofers.

Pokemon GO can be played on both iOS and Android devices. But nowadays, iOS spoofers are more prone to getting banned compared to Android users.

Spoofing Methods for Android

Check out this Reddit post if you want to spoof using an Android device. These spoofing methods include links to step-by-step walkthroughs and other answered FAQs about these hacks on Pokémon GO.

You can proceed without rooting if you are on Android 6, 7, and 8. But for Android phones using Magisk (Android 8, 9) or Smali Patcher (Android 10, 11), you'll have no choice but to root your devices. It's all there in the Reddit guide.

iOS Spoofing Guide

Location spoofing also works on iOS, but as previously mentioned, there's a higher risk that you might be banned from doing this hack.

In this iOS spoofing guide, you'll find a link to a comprehensive walkthrough on how to use iOS spoofing tool to spoof your location on your device.

The post, however, recommends that you switch to Android for safety and security reasons if you want to spoof your location frequently.

Pokémon GO Mega List of Coordinates

If you have a specific set of Pokemon that you're looking to catch, the best way to find them is to look at this mega list of coordinates.

This Reddit thread is composed of a list of 50 coordinates in Pokémon GO that are famous spoofing spots, such as Spain and Budapest.

There are also less known and underrated coordinates that people might want to know about.

The page even includes a link that will lead you to another thread containing a list of all regional Pokémon and their respective locations as of 2019.

Magikarp Mega Nest Lure Party

The water Pokemon, Magikarp, can be so elusive that players have initiated having a Mega Nest Lure Party specifically for it.

However, it is not your typical lure party. It is located in a huge nest area where Magikarp are known to spawn abundantly. There are lots and lots of Pokéstops as well.

Although this post only contains the coordinates where Magikarp frequents, you can find helpful spoofing information for Android devices in the comments and replies section.

Pokéstops Mega Cluster

For players who are more interested in the quantity of Pokemon in a certain location rather than the quality or type, then coordinates to a Pokestops Mega Cluster will be more beneficial to their hunt.

This Reddit post is similar to the Mega List of coordinates, but it specifically lists locations that have a cluster of Pokéstops.

From Vanilla to Spoofing

If you're the type to stick to the rules of the game, you'll soon find yourself curious about what more you could do by spoofing.

A vanilla player who authored this post asked for safe spoofing methods that he can use to get shinies in the game.

If you're as interested as he is, you can find nice working techniques in the replies.

Mewtwo and Moltres Bonus Raid Passes Guide

Raids are fun events in the game. But they're even more enjoyable if you win against the Boss Pokemon.

You can prepare for this battle by going through this detailed Mewtwo and Moltres Bonus Raid Passes Guide.

Learn how you can get up to 11 Bonus Raid Passes on the said events. The steps are fully detailed, so all you have to do is to read and follow them to a tee.

Just a quick note: Make sure you are familiar with spoofing before you indulge yourself in this guide.


Playing Pokémon GO is fun. But it is more gratifying when you can access places you have never been to before by location spoofing.

Doing so allows you to get the most out of the game rather than being restricted by the four walls of your space. An added bonus is that spoofing can help you make your team stronger.

It is important to remember that spoofing is considered cheating and might get you banned from the game.

So always be careful and stay updated on safe spoofing methods. If you have any questions or queries, feel free to shoot us a comment down below.

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