Pokémon GO Stardust Hack: Everything You Need to Know

by J. Robertson Macaulay D. Young Tips Published On Dec 23, 2021 Updated On Aug 25, 2022
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If you are an avid Pokémon GO fan, you will know the importance of Stardust in playing the game.

Stardust is a universal resource, unlike candy, which is only handy in leveling up Pokemon.

How can you even get more of this magic dust to improve gameplay when you can't even buy Stardust in the store?

We have mentioned hack ways in which you can get more Stardust and impress your friends in Pokémon GO: 

Pokémon GO Stardust Hack Tips

Pokémon GO Stardust

1. Catch More Pokémons

You can collect a lot of Stardust when you catch more Pokemon. When users catch a Pokemon, they also get three candies related to that Pokemon and 100 of its candy.

This is the case with every Pokemon, so don't shy away from catching those Pidgeys and Rattatas. 

Keep throwing your Pokeball at Pokemon and collect more Stardust points. Make sure that you take part in the 7-day Catch Bonus, which gives you an overall 3,000 stardust.

You can also collect more Stardust for weather-boosted catches and the Pokemon's evolution level.

2. Hatch More Eggs

Hatching more eggs is also a different way of developing Pokemon, but it can also get you a lot of Stardust.

When an egg hatches, it gives you a new Pokemon, candy, and some Stardust. The amount of Stardust depends on the type of Pokemon you hatched.

For example, if you hatched an egg by walking 10 km, you will get more Stardust compared to a 2 km egg. 

3. Defend a Gym

Gyms are still a weird concept in Pokemon because the game will never give you enough help to navigate through.

However, gyms can prove to be a good source of receiving some Stardust. Once you unlock Level 5 in the game, you will be asked to join one of the three teams, and then you will be allowed to fight in gyms. 

If you leave at least one of your Pokemon at a friendly gym, they can earn you daily Stardust rewards.

To claim your Stardust, go to the shop section and tap on the Shield icon. The number will keep increasing if you have multiple Pokemon at various gyms. 

4. Send and Receive Gifts

We hope that you have a few friends to play Pokemon with. A great way to earn some extra Stardust is by getting it through gifts.

Gifting is an option that is slightly limited, and you will never know what you are sending to your friend. They will only find out once they receive and unlock the gift. 

5. Make Other Pokemon Trainer Accounts

You can use multiple trainer accounts or use bots to multiply the number of Stardust. Then, you can add your main account with these accounts to trade Stardust on a daily basis.

With this tip, you can reach the ultra-level really fast and get more candy in your account without fearing any bans.

6. Go to Different Time Zones

Once you make a few more accounts, you can go to different time zones. For example, you can travel to a country ahead of your time zone and put Pokemons in the gyms to collect Stardust from past, current, and future. 

7. Complete the Research

Once you can hack Pokémon GO, you can take your character wherever you want and do specific tasks like catching a particular species or evolving them to get more rewards.

You can trade Pokemon between your own accounts, make it look like a real transaction, and avoid any bans. 

Have More Fun with Pokémon GO GPS hack

It is difficult to play Pokémon GO if you are stuck in the house, especially during covid times. But there is a way you can handle this situation- by trying a GPS hack.

With the help of a location spoofing app, you can mock your location and simulate movement between two locations. 

MockGo is one of the best tools in the market nowadays that help you mock location.

The app not only lets you mock your location but also shows your phone's GPS moving between two points along a route.  

You can use MockGo to spoof your location, create different accounts and collect more Stardust. Here is how you can set the tool up:

  1. Download and install the app on your PC or laptop. After proper installation, open MockGo.
  2. You will need to connect your device to the computer with the help of a USB cable. 
  3. Choose 'Teleport Mode' from the screen to teleport the GPS.
  4. Enter the destination and click on 'Move Here' to change the GPS of your iPhone instantly. 

click Move Here to teleport the GPS

Wrap Up

We hope that this guide will help you collect more Stardust on Pokémon GO. make sure you follow the abovementioned guidelines and abide by the rules. By following these suggestions, you can level up your game in no time. 

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