Why Is Life360 Not Updating Location? 4 Troubleshooting Tips

by Foneazy Tips Published On Apr 22, 2022 Updated On Aug 25, 2022
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You may not be able to update the member of your Life360 circle or your own location if there is a problem with the device.

This is also possible if you or they deliberately stop updating their location for one reason or another.

In this article, we will talk about the Life360 not updating location problem in greater detail and help you come to a beneficial resolution.

Let’s start with some of the most basic checks that you can make.

The Basic Settings to Check

The following are the first steps you need to take when you notice that the location of one of your Life360 circle members is not showing up:

  • The iOS location setting on the device needs to be set at “Always.” Using the “While in Use” option in location settings may cause Life360 to fail to function properly, thereby affecting how the app is detecting the location.
  • Low Power Mode should also not be enabled. This is because Low Power Mode can reduce or turn off background app refresh which can prevent Life360 from running. You will know that Low Power mode is enabled on the device when the battery icon at the top appears yellow. Disabling it gives Life360 a chance to run properly.
  • To run properly, Life360 must be allowed to use Cellular Data. So, check if Cellular Data is enabled and that Life360 has been granted access.
  • For Android devices, High Accuracy Mode needs to be turned on.
  • Android device users must also make sure that “Location” is turned on in the “Permission” settings.
  • Android users must also make sure that the “App Optimization Mode” for the Life360 app is disabled. This will allow the app to refresh in the background and therefore update the location regularly.

The iOS location setting

Also, the following are other important settings to check:

  • the Life360 app should be active.
  • The device should be turned on and the battery should not be below 20% capacity.
  • This can happen if you are in an area with a weak, poor, or no network connection. Two bars of signal strength or less on the device means that Life360 may not be able to find the location.
  • The Airplane mode should be turned off on the device.
  • The location may also fail to update if you are using a VPN or mobile hotspot.

Update Life360 to the Latest Version

When Life360 is updated to the latest version, it works perfectly and there is little chance that it will fail to detect the current location.

Failing to update the app for a while may also cause it to slow down, resulting in problems with it detecting the location of the device and refreshing the location when it changes.

It is therefore important that every Life360 member ensures that the app is updated to the latest version to get the best performance. You can update the app in the iOS App Store or the Android Google Play Store.

It is also important to note that outdated devices may cause the app to malfunction as newer versions of the app may not be compatible with the older devices.

Update Life360 to the Latest Version

Restart Your Phone and Reinstall Life360

There may also be glitches with the device’s settings that may be affecting the function of the Life360 app.

In this case, the best thing you can restart the device to remove some of these system glitches. Once the device restarts, you can then open the Life360 app to see if the location is updated.

If a restart doesn’t work, you can try to uninstall and reinstall the app.

 Restart Your Device

Contact Life360 If the Problem Still Exists

If everything you have tried still doesn’t work, you can contact Life360 to get further assistance.

You can contact Life360 via email at [email protected] or you can go to the main support website (https://support.life360.com/) to find the phone numbers you can call to get further assistance.

Wrapping Up

It is not uncommon for the Life360 app to sometimes fail to function as it should and the most common problem is usually a location that is not updating as required.

The solutions above when applied to the device that is not updating its location will greatly help fix the problem and get Life360 working normally again.

Usually, you will find that the problem is caused by improperly configured settings which can be easily resolved, allowing you to continue using Life360.

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