Fix Monster Hunter Now Searching for GPS Signal Error

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Many Monster Hunter Now players have reported encountering the error "Searching for GPS signal" on their iPhone devices when using a GPS changer. This error is caused by an update in MHN that altered its location detection mechanism.

However, it's important to note that in this situation, encountering this error does not mean that your account has been banned. To resolve the issue, we recommend trying the ABA (Keep your location unchanged at spot A, change it to spot B, and then reset it back to spot A.) Method.


Before starting, please take note of the following requirements.

  • Make sure there are monsters close to where you are.
  • Don't teleport too far away.
  • Adhere to cooldown rules to prevent the map from being blank or empty when detected. So be patient before teleporting to avoid this problem.

Step 1. Keep your location unchanged

Step 1: Get MockGo on your computer and connect your device using a USB cable.

Open MockGo and keep your location unchanged. You won't see any GPS errors on Monster Hunter Now.

keep your location unchanged

Step 2. Change location to spot B

Pick the spot you want to go to on the map and teleport there. Your location in Monster Hunter Now will change instantly, and you'll see monsters nearby.

teleport location

Step 3. Reset location on MockGo

Quickly tap on a monster in Monster Hunter Now and then click the "Reset Location" button on MockGo.

reset location

Your location will go back to where you started without encountering the "Searching for GPS signal issue" issue in Monster Hunter Now. Now, you can play the game without any issues.

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