How to Teleport in Pokémon GO Without Getting Banned?

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Bored of exploring the same old places in Pokémon GO? Want to explore greener pastures to see what they have to offer? Teleporting is the answer to your imagination.

Basically, players can teleport themselves in Pokémon GO to catch Pokémons in far-flung areas.

Using location spoofing, they can explore new terrains without actually being physically present in those locations.

There are lots of ways to teleport yourself, with location spoofing being the most popular method.

However, it’s important to be careful as Niantic – the developer of Pokémon GO – has algorithms in place to detect a sudden change in players’ location.

If you come under their radar, they’ll ban your account and there’s no coming back from that. Fortunately, there are ways to teleport in Pokémon GO without risking a Niantic ban.

Below, we list all the methods you can adopt to teleport in the game without putting your account at risk.

Best Choice: Teleport in Pokémon GO for iOS using MockGo

If you are one of those who like to get out there and find more Pokemon, a teleporting application is the perfect solution for you.

People not only fake their location but also increase their rewards with the help of teleporting apps.

These applications perform location spoofing, and MockGo is one of the best to download. It is specifically designed for AR games that require GPS location to function without jailbreaking.

With one click, you can teleport to any location in the world in Pokémon GO, Mobile Legends, Ingress Prime and other location-based games.

This is how you can teleport your GPS location using MockGo:

Step 1. Download and install MockGo on your computer.

Step 2. Click ‘Start’ when the application is downloaded and follow the instructions mentioned on the page to establish a connection between the computer and device.  

Launch MockGo on your computer

Step 3. Now you’ll be presented with a map-like interface and located in the Teleport mode by default.

Step 4. Select a location on the map or enter your desired location in the search bar to start a search. When you choose a location, it will appear on the top left, with all information of the destination.

 Enter the location

Step 5. In the new pop up window, click on ‘Move Here’ and the GPS on your iPhone will locate to that selected place without a delay.

click Move Here to teleport the GPS

Next, open Pokémon GO and you will find yourself in a new location with lots of exciting Pokemon to catch!  

 locate to that selected place

2. Teleport in Pokémon GO for iOS Device Using iTools

Another great method of teleporting in Pokémon GO without jailbreaking your device is iTools. ThinkSky’s iTools is a desktop application that is compatible with devices having iOS 12 or above.

You can download iTools on both Windows and Mac computers. Here is how you can teleport using iTools:

Step 1. Download and install iTools on your computer and sync your device with the computer.

Step 2. There is a ‘Toolbox’ tab on the screen, click on ‘Virtual Location’.

iTools Virtual Location

Step 3. In the location box, enter the location you want to teleport to, and hit enter.

Step 4. Click ‘Move Here’ to take your device to that location, and you are done.

Step 5. Remove the connection of your device from the computer and open Pokémon GO to enjoy playing in a new location!  

Teleport in Pokemon GO Using iTool

Since iTools only works with iOS 12 or above, refer to the MockGo steps above if your iPhone is running on older versions

. It’s also worth mentioning that you can try an iTools alternative such as MockGo when iTools doesn’t work – it just doesn’t for some people.

3. Try PokeGo++, A Pokémon GO Spoofing Application

For those who have a jailbroken device, there is a modified version of Pokémon GO app that you can use.

Enter PokeGo++, an app made for a jailbroken device for Pokémon GO spoofing. Any 3rd-party installer (TuTu) can give you access to download this app on your iPhone.

PokeGo++ offers a lot of features and hacks for users, along with the basic features. if walking faster and hatching more eggs are some perks to note, you can also manually teleport in this app!

On the other hand, Niantic is always on the lookout for people using a spoofing app on jailbreak devices, so this is always a risk.


4. Teleport in Pokémon GO on Android using Fake GPS App

Teleporting in Pokémon GO is relatively easier on an Android device. The first thing Android users need to do is to go to PlayStore and find a fake GPS app.

You can use any of these fake GPS apps and change your phone’s settings to make the new location work. Here are the steps in succession:

Step 1. On your Android phone go to Settings > About Phone > About Device > Software info. Find the build number and tap on it for 7 times to get Developer Options.

Step 2. Go back to Settings and find unlocked Developer Options. This is where you can allow your phone to mock a fake location.

 build number

Step 3. Next, install any location spoofing app on your phone from the Google Play Store. Most of these apps are for free. Fake GPS location is a good option.  

Fake GPS location

Step 4. Shut down the Pokémon GO app on your device and go to Settings > Developer Options. you will see a list of applications that mock location, select the app you downloaded from the Play Store.

mock a fake location

Step 5. You are almost done! Launch the location spoofing app and search for any location you like. The spoofing will begin in a bit and then you can launch Pokémon GO on your phone.

Where to Teleport to the Pokemon?

If you are using the location spoofing to improve your chance of catching better Pokemons, you should know where to teleport your character.

First, you have to be careful and not teleport yourself too frequently. Secondly, to know where to teleport yourself for a successful Pokemon hunt, you can rely on the real-time PokeMap list.

These maps show the nests, gym, raid, and pokestops, so you can have much more success and fun while catching the Pokemons.

This list also includes maps for the biggest cities around the world for your references:

  • — Worldwide
  • — New York City only in USA
  • — Philadelphia and New Jersey in USA
  • — Three areas East of Vancouver in Canada
  • — Vancouver city only in Canada
  • — Sydney, Australia
  • — Melbourne, Australia
  • — Adelaide, Australi

How Long Should I Wait after Teleport to Avoid Softban?

Cooldown time is very important. Cooldown time means playing Pokémon GO when you are away from the location. Niantic will see that the location has been changed and you were not spoofing the location.

In order to stay on the safe side and avoid softban when changing your location or taking action after teleportation, here’s a quick way to learn how to go undetected.

You need to pay attention to the time between actions depending on how far away the action takes place from each other.

Here is a chart for cooldown times on the website, listing how long you need to wait before playing again.

  1. 1 km - 30 seconds
  2. 5 km - 2 minutes
  3. 10 km - 6 minutes
  4. 25 km - 11 minutes
  5. 30 km - 14 minutes
  6. 65 km - 22 minutes
  7. 81 km - 25 minutes
  8. 100 km - 35 minutes
  9. 250 km - 45 minutes
  10. 500 km - 1 hour
  11. 750 km - 1 hour and 20 minutes
  12. 1000 km - 1 hour and 30 minutes
  13. > 1500 km - 2 hours

Therefore, if you are switching your location to any big city you find on the real-time Pokemon GO maps, you should wait at least an hour to two hours before taking action to go undetected.

Other Tips to Teleport in Pokémon GO Safely

Here are some other handy hacks and tips for gamers to teleport in Pokémon GO without compromising their safety:

1) Airplane Mode

You need to turn the airplane mode on and then off before you teleport. In order for this to work, you need to close the app and not even let it run in the background.

Go to Settings and turn on Airplane Mode. Then, use the same process to turn Airplane mode off. Use the spoofing app to change your location in the meanwhile and the job is done. 

2) Hiding the Jailbreak

It is an important tip and a note of warning to users. Pokémon GO does not work on jailbroken devices. Many apps are available to use to hide this bit of information from Niantic on your device.

Make sure that any of these apps are installed to hide the information from Niantic. The mode of operation of these apps is that it hides the configuration of any phone.

3) Log Out

Before you teleport, it is important to log out with the following method: Click on Settings > Sign Out. Sign in with the same steps to teleport.

Wrap Up

So these are the methods and tips you need to keep in mind to teleport on Pokémon GO on an iPhone or Android device.

You can note that there are many ways to help you achieve this feat and one of them might work for you. use the apps and tools mentioned in this article to stay on the safe side and not receive a ban from Niantic.

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