Foneazy MockGo

One-Click iPhone GPS Location Spoofer

  • Instantly teleport your iPhone's GPS location to anywhere in the world.
  • Move along real roads and paths with simulated GPS movement.
  • Simulate natural movement with the joystick feature.
  • Import GPX file to simulate the GPX track easily.
  • Add favorites list to collect locations, customized routes or GPX routes.
  • Change the GPS of up to 5 devices simultaneously.
  • Compatible with all iOS versions and devices, including the latest iOS 17 (Windows and Mac).
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For Windows 11/10/8/7
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For MacOS 10.12 or later
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Foneazy MockGo
If you play location-based games or want to overcome geo-restrictions for work or leisure, Foneazy MockGo is a good app for you.

Simulate Real, Natural Movement

MockGo enables you to simulate natural movement along the planned route with no lag! Now you can play popular location-based AR games such as Pokémon GO, Mobile Legends, etc., at home without moving!

Move between two spots

Move between two spots along real roads.

Move along multiple spots

Move along multiple selected spots.

Customize your speed

Change the speed from 3.6 km/h to 108 km/h.

Realistic mode

Set the speed to vary between -30% and +30% in 5 seconds.

Customize your cycle type

Set the type of movement cycle as either cycle or repeat.

Pause at any time

Pause the movement at any point and time.

Change the GPS Location to Anywhere with Just 1 Click

MockGo also allows you to change the GPS location on your iPhone for all popular location-based apps, such as games, dating apps, social media, and more.
Play location-based games without walking.
Pokémon GO
Ingress Prime
Jurassic World Alive
Wizards Unite
Minecraft Earth
Discover more matches on dating apps.
Have more fun on social media apps.
Protect your privacy on location tracking apps.
Find My iPhone/Friends
Google Map
Bigo live

Take Better Control with the Joystick

Simulate movement and change direction flexibly using the joystick.
Move automatically
Start automatic GPS movement with just 1 click and change directions in real-time.
Keyboard control
Control your GPS movement with the W, A, S, and D keys or the Up, Down, Left, and Right arrow keys.
360-degree movement
Use the Up and Down arrow keys to move forwards and backwards.

Simultaneously Change Location of Multiple Devices

Want to change the GPS location on multiple devices at the same time? It's not a problem anymore!

MockGo allows you to change the location on up to 5 iOS devices simultaneously, which means you can easily play location-based games on multiple devices.

Import GPX File and Simulate the Route

You can also import a GPX file from your computer to MockGo. Once done, you will have an overview of the route on the GPX file and be able to simulate the same route with just one click.

Explore More Features

Cooldown timer
Coordinates supported
Close path automatically
USB/Wi-Fi connection
Zoom in / out on map
Favorite list
Historical records
No jailbreak

Check How MockGo Works

See how MockGo helps you change the GPS of your device in just one click:
MockGo does not require any special skills to change the iPhone GPS. Just follow these steps:
  • Step 1. Connect your device to a Mac or PC.
  • Step 2. Select your desired mode such as Teleport Mode.
  • Step 3. Enter the location address or coordinates in the search bar.
  • Step 4. Click the "Move Here" button to teleport the GPS of your device.
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Trusted by Leading Media Worldwide

Foneazy MockGo has been featured by some of the world's top IT media and publications.
  • Hope to fake your GPS location to appear anywhere in the world — without having to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad? Foneazy MockGo could be just the app for you.
    By STAFF WRITER Posted in Cult of Mac
  • Throughout our testing, we've witnessed how MockGo is so easy to use..., and even novice PC and Mac users will have no trouble accessing and using even the most complicated features offered.
    By Deyan Georgiev Posted in Techjury
  • The app is reliable and friendly for customers, and smart people will find that they like it too. Go ahead and try this app!
    By Hammad Baig Posted in Twitgoo
  • MockGo is quite user-friendly owing to its simple UI. Given its one-click teleporting mechanism, the app can be quite customer-friendly and interactive with other apps, including Apple's Find My. Its timely update is another bonus. All in all, Foneazy MockGo is reliable, super-friendly, and smart.
    By EDITORIAL STAFF Posted in Solution Suggest
  • Foneazy MockGo is a practical, useful, and easy-to-use application for macOS and Windows computers. It allows you to fake the GPS on your iPhone making it think that you're in another location.
    By MARCO LANCASTER Posted in GizChina

What MockGo Users Are Saying

Every review helps us provide better experiences for all our customers.
Top Notch customer service
This program is easy to use, and makes the game a helluva lot more fun. I am disabled (to a degree) and this just takes out the heavy lifting, as it were.
Erinyes Frost 29 Apr 2022

MockGo is Wonderful!
MockGo is great! A lifetime subscription is perfect. The only issue I had is that it could only be licensed to one computer. But when I upgraded my Mac to a new one, they were able to transfer the license between them. Great customer service! Very responsive.
Roberto Mendoza19 Aug 2022

Top-tier support
I have the premium version of this software and it works perfectly for certain GPS-based games. I got an issue resolved on a Saturday within half an hour of emailing support. Highly recommend.
Carl Gauthier18 Sept 2022

Spoof the GPS of Your iPhone with MockGo Now!

Jailbreak-Free iPhone GPS Location Spoofer
Free Download
For Windows 11/10/8/7
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30-day money back guarantee
Free Download
For MacOS 10.12 or later
See Pricing
30-day money back guarantee
Available for:


Supported Apple Devices:
iPhone: iPhone 15, iPhone 14/14 Pro(Max), iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 13/13 Pro(Max), iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 12/12 Pro(Max), iPhone 12 mini, iPhone SE(2nd), iPhone 11/11 Pro(Max), iPhone XS(Max), iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8 (Plus), iPhone 7 (Plus), iPhone SE, iPhone 6s (Plus), iPhone 6 (Plus), iPhone 5s
iPad: All models of iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad Pro and iPad
iPod touch: iPod touch 7/6/5/4/3/2/1
Supported Computer and Device Systems:
Windows: Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP
macOS: 14(macOS Sonoma), 13(macOS Ventura), 12(macOS Monterey), 11(macOS Big Sur), 10.15 (macOS Catalina), 10.14 (macOS Mojave), Mac OS X 10.13 (High Sierra), 10.12(macOS Sierra)
iOS: iOS 17, iOS 16, iOS 15, iOS 14, iOS 13, iOS 12, iOS 11, iOS 10, iOS 9

See What Our Users Ask Frequently

Find answers to the frequently asked questions here or write to us with any queries.
Is MockGo secure?
It is completely safe to use MockGo. We will do everything in our power to ensure that your personal data remains confidential.
What's the difference between the free trial version and the full version?
The major difference between the free trial version and the full version is usage restrictions. In the free trial version, the one-stop mode and multi-stop mode can only be used once, and the teleport mode and joystick feature can only be used 3 times. After purchasing MockGo, however, all features can be used unlimitedly.
Will MockGo work with Pokémon GO?
All location-based apps, including Pokemon Go, Mobile Legends, Ingress, and more, can be used with MockGo.
Do I need to jailbreak my device to change my location with MockGo?
Unlike most other apps on the App Store or Cydia, MockGo does not require you to jailbreak your device in order to change your GPS location.
How is MockGo different from a VPN?
MockGo iOS location changer is able to change the GPS coordinates of your device, whereas most VPNs can only change the IP address.
Will changing my GPS location with MockGo affect my other iPhone settings?
The settings relating to location, such as longitude, latitude, time, and weather, will change simultaneously, but your other iPhone settings will remain the same.
How can I recover my actual GPS location after changing it with MockGo?
To recover your real location and associated information, simply restart your iPhone.

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