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Bypass Samsung FRP Lock without password completely

  • Remove FRP lock without password and regain access to your device.
  • Quick, simple process for safe and secure FRP bypass.
  • Support Samsung devices running Android 12/11/10/9/8/7/6.
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Foneazy Unlockit Android Screen Unlocker
This program can skip Google account verification and completely remove FRP lock on your Samsung device without requiring the password.

Simplified Way to Bypass Samsung FRP with a Single Click

Say goodbye to time-consuming FRP removal software and hello to Unlockit Android one-click FRP bypass tool.
In the 3.0.0 version of Unlockit Android, FRP bypass has been simplified more than ever.
Now the FRP lock can be removed in just 3 steps and in a shorter time.
  • Bypass Samsung FRP lock in 3 steps.
  • Bypass Samsung FRP lock in 5 minutes.
  • No additional APKs or tools needed.
  • No technical knowledge needed.

How Does Unlockit Android Remove Samsung FRP Locks

It can be stressful at times to bypass FRP on Samsung devices, especially if you don't know which FRP bypass tool to choose from.
However, with Unlockit Android, you can bypass FRP on any Samsung device quickly and with little effort.
This program effectively erases the Google account synchronized in the Android smartphone and unlocks the device.
You can use Unlockit Android to get the job done even if you have no experience with FRP Bypass Tools.
Unlockit will guide you through an easier and more straightforward process.
All you have to do is to follow the steps shown on the app itself and you'll be good to go.

Benefits of Using Unlockit Android FRP Bypass Tool

There are a lot of benefits that come with using Unlockit in bypassing FRP locks on Android devices.
After using the application, you can now do the following:
  • Bypass the FRP lock on your Samsung device without having to lose any data in the process.
  • Completely remove the FRP lock on your device so that you won't get locked out again in the future.
  • Regain full access to your Samsung device without any restrictions.
  • Register or log in to a new Google account on your device.

How Do I Tell If My Device Has an FRP Lock?

Google Factory Reset Protection, or FRP for short, is a function that is activated after a reset on Android devices running version 5.1 or higher.
If a factory reset is performed on your device, this feature prevents others from using your Android device without your consent.
To unlock it, usually you must enter the Google credentials that you have registered on your device in the first place, but now you can use Unlockit Android to get yourself out of trouble.

More to Make Unlockit Android Your Ideal FRP Bypass Tool

Fast and Simple

The process is straightforward so all you have to do is to follow the steps given by the app. You don't need much comprehension and prior knowledge.

Guide with Pictures

The in-app guide will supplement the steps with respective photos to guarantee that what you are doing is correct. 

High Success Rate

Based on user feedback, the software guarantees a high rate of success. This is because of the months of research before the release of this software.

Free Software Updates

Android devices go through regular updates. Unlockit upgrades along with those updates to guarantee effectiveness.

Safe and secure

We value, protect, and defend your privacy. Downloading, installing and using Unlockit Android is completely secure.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

In order to uphold users' rights, a complete refund is given if you're not satisfied with the software within 30 days of your purchase.

Unlockit Android Will Bypass the FRP Lock on Most of Samsung Models:

Samsung models: Works perfectly with nearly all Samsung models, such as S22/S21/S20/S10/S9, A72/A52/A32/A12, etc.
Android versions: Android 12, Android 11, Android 9.0 - 10.0, Android 8.0 – 8.1, Android 7.0 – 7.1.2, Android 6.0 – 6.0.1.

How to Bypass FRP Lock with Unlockit Android

Unlockit Android may be used without any prior knowledge on FRP Bypass Tools. Just follow the instructions below:
  • Step 1.Download and install Unlockit Android on your PC.
  • Step 2.Next, connect your device to your PC using a working USB cable.
  • Step 3.Select the Android OS version running on your device.
  • Step 4.Follow the specific instructions on the screen to bypass the FRP lock.
Complete Guide

Trusted by Leading Media Across the Globe

Unlockit Android is mentioned by some of the world's leading IT media and publications.
  • Unlockit is an easy-to-use, one-click tool that lets you remove Google FRP from Android devices through a few quick steps. You don't need any significant dependencies, like a Samsung account, Alliance Shield, APK downloads, or a secondary phone, to do this.
    By 7labs team Posted in 7labs
  • Unlockit by Foneazy offers a one-click Samsung FRP bypass without you booting into recovery mode or downloading any weird apks. You can try Foneazy Unlockit Android with complete peace of mind
    By Adnan Rehan Posted in Geekflare
  • If you're looking for a way to bypass the Samsung FRP lock after resetting, then the Foneazy Unlockit Android Screen Unlocker is definitely worth checking out.
    By Harry O'Neill Posted in Solution Suggest

What Unlockit Android Users Are Saying

Every review assists us in providing better experiences for all our customers.
Quick conversation
It is simply a walk-through process that does not take much time to complete. This product is the right tool for you!
Jame ArbkanAug.05, 2022

Works flawlessly
This android frp removal tool works flawlessly as promised. Extremely simple step-by-step guidelines.
AugstatAugAug.21, 2022

It really works
It really works to get around FRP locks! Excellent for someone who factory resets a phone without first removing Google credentials
MikejaqueeSep.10, 2022
Excellent 4.6 out of 5
Based on 25 reviews
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Bypass FRP Lock and Get Access to Your Device in Minutes

Easy-to-Use Android Unlocking Solution.
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For Windows 11/10/8/7
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30-day money back guarantee

See What Our Users Ask Frequently

Here are a few frequently asked questions that we usually encounter among our users.
Is your service secure?
Unlockit Android uses a customer-focused approach that guarantees 100% security and protection of your private data. Because of this, we guarantee that your data is safe with us.
How do I know if my device is compatible with your program?
Unlockit Android is compatible with Samsung devices that run on Android OS 6 or higher.
Will I lose my data after unlocking the FRP lock?
No, the FRP lock removal feature of Unlockit Android guarantees zero data loss throughout the entire process.
How long will it take for my phone to be unlocked?
The process will only take a couple of minutes, depending on your network speed. All it takes is to follow the steps and you'll get it done in no time.
How to deactivate FRP in Your Android Device before a factory reset?
You can easily deactivate the FRP feature on your device by doing the following:

  1. First, open Settings then navigate to Accounts.
  2. Next, tap on Google and select your Google account from the list.
  3. After that, click on the menu tool which is represented by three dots found in the right-hand corner of your screen.
  4. Finally, tap on Remove Account to deactivate the FRP feature.

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