Refund Policy

Our refund policy is that if you experience any problems using our products, we will do our best to try and troubleshoot or fix the problem. If we can’t fix the issues, then we will issue a refund to you. Please contact us within 30 days of purchase and let us know the specific problem you’re having.

You may not claim a refund under one of the following conditions

Non-technical conditions

When you purchase the product without using the evaluation Software. We advise that you read about all the features and functionalities of our program, and evaluate the product using the free trial version before buying.

When you purchase the product using credit card fraud or unauthorized payment methods or when your card is compromised. In this case, you should contact your bank to address these unauthorized payments.

  • If you claim to fail to receive your “Activation Key” within 2 hours of a successful order, your refund request will not be entertained.
  • Any price difference due to regions or price increases that may be caused by a difference in exchange rates.
  • When you purchased the product from any other vendor other than the Foneazy website directly. In this case, you should contact the third-party vendor for your refund.
  • A refund request when the product is part of a bundle.
  • A refund request when the product was on “Special Offer”.
  • A refund request for subscription renewals.

Technical conditions

  • When a customer refuses to cooperate with Foneazy technical support to troubleshoot the problem. Or, when they decline to provide detailed information about the problem. Or, when they refuse to implement the solutions provided.
  • If the minimum system requirements of the purchased product are not met. The minimum requirements can be found in the user manual.

Refunds can be claimed under the following conditions

Non-technical conditions

  • If you have purchased the wrong product. In this case, you will be required to purchase the correct program before you can make a refund request for the incorrect purchase. The refund will also only be applicable if the first purchase is of any Foneazy Software Products and not subject to renewals.
  • If you have purchased the same product twice.

Technical conditions

  • When the product fails to perform the intended task and no solution has been provided.
  • If the function of the product when using the Evaluation Software is different from the full version of the product.
  • If there are any functional limitations.

Process and issue the refunds

If a refund request is approved, Foneazy will process a refund within 2 business days. The refund will then be issued to the same account or payment method used to make the purchase.

You cannot request to change the refund payment mode. Depending on the method of payment, it may take up to 10 business payments for the refund to appear in your account.

The corresponding license will be deactivated as soon as the refund is approved. You will also be required to uninstall and remove the software in question from your computer.