3 Proven Ways to Trick Tinder Location Easily

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If you’re on Tinder, you probably know that its free version allows you to only swipe right in your city and nowhere else.

That’s a bummer because your perfect match might be in another city or country.

And Tinder would encourage you to sign up for Tinder Passport to access profiles further away, which comes at a cost.

Presumably, you don’t want to subscribe to see matches far from you instead of ones nearby.

Well, today is your lucky day because we’re going to share methods for how to trick Tinder location without signing up for a paid subscription.

Why Would You Want to Trick Your Tinder GPS Location?

Changing the location of your Tinder account is like teleporting into a world of possibilities. Once you log in from a new location, you can match with locals  and meet someone new.

Instead of being limited to your city or small town, you get to talk to a special someone at a location of your choice. This makes the number of your potential matches skyrocket!

Traveling soon? Changing location on Tinder gives you the perfect opportunity to set up some dates before you even land in a new place.

By changing the location on Tinder, you can access some features of the new location and avail them in time.

This option is perfect for students going abroad for exchange or a new degree and for people starting a job in a new city or country. Imagine how nice it would feel to have someone familiar in an otherwise unfamiliar place.

Your Tinder game will go on a different level as you use it from a different location. The world has already gotten so small, so a special someone can be found anywhere.

The more you practice, the better you will get at Tinder matches. Moreover, you will also learn to be cautious of scammers and other miscreants and tell them apart almost everywhere.


Official Ways to Change Location of Tinder

If a perfect match is located 100+ miles away, how do you convince Tinder that you can travel that far? The answer is simple: by changing your location by features present in the application itself.

The simplest and easiest way to change your location on Tinder is by becoming a Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold subscriber.

As with many applications, Tinder also lets you change your location and get some special benefits by paying a small fee.

Tinder Plus

The cost of Tinder Plus is $9.99 a month, and Tinder Gold costs even higher. So, if you need to change locations, you will have to pay up.

Tinder calls the relocation feature Tinder Passport, where you can use your location as many times as you want.

Using the Passport feature is easy:

1. Go to the app settings and choose ‘Discovery Settings’.

2. Tap on ‘Swiping In’ (Android version) or ‘Location’ (iPhone Users), and you will find the location selection screen.

3. On the screen, you can select a location or find a new location using the search bar.

4. Choose the location you want to be at, and the Tinder stack will show you relevant matches.

Discovery Settings

Please note that it will take some time for cool new matches to pop up on your stack, so give it a little time.

Last little detail about Passport is that it will inform users about your real distance from them.

This is why we suggest that you add a little note on your bio as to why you are matching to someone 4500 miles away.

Swiping on Tinder Passport is limited to one city at a time, but you can sign in to four locations on your account.

Switch into any one of the four default locations and enjoy a worldwide experience with Tinder’s built-in relocation feature.

When you try to add a fifth location, Tinder will automatically remove the oldest location from your account, no questions asked.

Premium subscribers get the lucrative newbie post whenever they sign in to a new location.

Newbie boost means more matches and more exposure in a new location. This boost is a largely unknown feature of Tinder Passport and adds so much value to your profile.

Trick Tinder Location Using iOS GPS Spoofer

One easy and FREE method of changing your location on Tinder is changing your device’s GPS location.

A simple and basic feature that does the job and no one gets harmed. With a handy tool like MockGo, changing your GPS location happens in a matter of minutes. 

MockGo is designed to change GPS location and stimulate the movement of the device on roads and streets. Other features include:

  • Importing a GPX file to stimulate a fake GPS route
  • Change the location on more than one device at the same time
  • Compatibility with AR games or applications
  • Compatibility with the latest devices and operating systems like iOS 15 

You can teleport the GPS of your device to any location in the world using MockGo. Just follow these steps:

1. Download MockGo on your Mac or Windows PC. Double-click its setup file and follow the installation instructions to set it up. Launch the software after setup.

2. Connect your iPhone to your system, then click “Start” in MockGo’s main window.

Launch MockGo on your computer

3. The page that opens up will have a map displaying your current location. Not the right location? Click the ‘Center On’ icon to get the correct one.

center on

4. Click the icon for ‘Teleport Mode’ in the upper-right corner of the screen. Now enter the location you’d like the program to take you to and click ‘Search.’

choose teleport mode

5. Let the system record the new location. Wait a few seconds, then click ‘Move Here’ to teleport.

click Move Here to teleport the GPS

And just like that, you have faked your Tinder GPS location on your iDevice.

location teleported

Trick Tinder Location Using Android Location Faking App

Tinder does offer an official way to change locations, but some users might not have that extra cash to avail it.

If you are an Android user, you have a way to spoof your Tinder GPS location. Using the Fake GPS app is the way to go.

To change your Tinder location on Android, follow these steps:

1. Download and install the Fake GPS app from Google Play.

install Fake GPS app on android

2. Launch the ‘Settings’ menu on your Android phone.

open Settings

3. Go to ‘Developer Options’ and switch it on. If you see an ‘Allow mock locations’ toggle, switch it on as well.

switch on developer mode

4. Now tap on ‘Select mock location app.’

Allow mock locations

5. Choose the fake GPS app.

Choose the fake GPS app

6. Again, open Settings and select ‘Location.’ Tap on ‘Location Mode’ and set it to ‘Device only (GPS only).’

Device only

7. Launch the Tinder app and go to ‘Settings’ and ‘Discovery.’ Modify the ‘Search Distance’ to something else to make Tinder regather your location.

Search Distance

8. Swipe your heart out.

Note that Tinder is working to put an end to such tricks with every new upgrade to its app, so if you fail to change Tinder location in the initial attempt, try another method or use another fake GPS app to see if you find success.

Wrap Up

In the early days, the only way to change your location officially on Tinder is by using your money.

Fortunately, tools like MockGo have come along to help you find matches in other localities without committing to a paid plan.

So if you want a convenient way to build connections with people outside your region, consider using the steps above to trick Tinder location on your iOS and Android handset.

There are many people who would be satisfied with this guide (don’t lie!). After all, love knows no boundaries.


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