Dr.Fone FRP Bypass Guide, Pros, Cons and Alternative

Some people prefer buying second-hand mobile phones over brand-new ones since it's more budget-friendly and practical. However, opting for a thrifty second-hand phone may also cost you some problems, especially if the previous owner forgot to remove his Google account. Even if you did a factory reset on your device, you'd end up stuck on the Goog

Can You Use a QR Code To Bypass Google Account?

There's nothing more inconvenient than being stuck in Google's Factory Reset Protection loop, which usually happens when you buy a second-hand phone or do a factory reset but forget your login details during the verification. Though there are various methods to solve this problem, many users have asked if it's possible to use a QR code to bypass t

(2022 Latest) How to Remove iCloud Account without Password

You would want to remove your iCloud account from your device. It could be simple to forget your own Apple ID password and get locked out of your device. This article will discuss several methods you can use to remove your iCloud account without or with a password. Why Removing iCloud Account? Signing out your iCloud out is the equivalent of tu
iOS / Nov 25, 2022 / by J. Robertson Macaulay D. Young

Pokémon GO Location Spoof: How to Spoof Pokémon GO Location

While Pokémon Go can be a very enjoyable pastime, sometimes the Pokémon that you need to catch to progress in the game is outside of your area. The good news is, that it is possible to catch a rare Pokémon without having to travel anywhere. To play Pokémon Go without leaving your house, you can use Pokémon Go location spoofing tools that tele
Tips / Nov 22, 2022 / by J. Robertson Macaulay D. Young

3 Working Ways to Factory Reset iPhone without Apple ID Password

Do you want to remove your Apple ID on your iPhone by performing a factory reset but you forgot the Apple ID password? This article will show you the proper ways to reset the iPhone without Apple ID password and how to recover forgotten Apple ID password. You can use the tips and information below as a guide for your iPhone reset concerns. Don't
iOS / Nov 23, 2022 / by J. Robertson Macaulay D. Young

Samsung Android 9 FRP Bypass (Latest Method 2022)

Are you unable to complete the setup process for your Samsung device because of the FRP lock? While the FRP lock is meant to protect your data in case your device is stolen or lost, you may find yourself stuck on this page if you have forgotten the password linked to your Google account. In this case, you may need a way to bypass FRP on your devi

(2022 Guide) Alliance Shield FRP Bypass

Ever since the Google FRP lock feature was introduced, security on Android devices with Android 5.1 or higher OS has significantly improved. This feature protects all of your personal information and files in case your phone is stolen and someone attempts to perform a factory reset without your consent. However, it also makes it challenging for p

Emergency Dialer Android Bypass FRP: A Complete Guide

All modern Android handsets come with Factory Reset Protection or FRP, an integrated data security feature that guards devices against unwanted access. Although it is a useful function, there are some downsides to it. Users run the risk of getting locked out of their own devices if they are unable to log in with the correct Google credentials afte

SPD FRP Tool Review: Details, Features & Guide

Factory Reset Protection or FRP is a feature on Android devices that locks the device whenever you choose to do a reset. It is kept locked until the user inputs his/her Google account credentials which were initially used to set up the device in the first place. This is a good security feature that ensures the safety and security of the data stor

(3 Ways) How to Unlock Apple ID without Phone Number

Apple has always been big on security, and they have created robust protection while still offering convenience to its users. An example is a function such as a verification code sent to the mobile number you used to create an Apple ID. If you've forgotten the Apple ID password yourself and want to reset the password, but in the meanwhile, you c
iOS / Nov 14, 2022 / by J. Robertson Macaulay D. Young
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