MockGo Functionality FAQs

This page is dedicated to assisting you in finding answers and troubleshooting steps when using MockGo.

How do I update the tool to the latest version?

It's very simple. All you have to do is just to click the check for update button from the menu of MockGo, then you will know if there is a new version for you to update.

How do I know which version of MockGo I'm using?

When you open the program, click the "Menu" > "About" button. Then it will open a pop-up window displaying the version of your program.

What languages does MockGo support?

MockGo supports dozens of languages, including English, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Chinese Simplified, and Chinese Traditional.

Why does MockGo suddenly stop working?

If MockGo unexpectedly stops working, we recommend that you reinstall the latest version software by downloading it from website and then try again.

If the problem remains, please provide the crash log file for further analysis. Please read this tutorial to find the log file.

When you locate the log files, please attach them to an email and send them to us for analysis. We will contact you once we have got the results.

Still have an issue we haven't addressed?

Please provide us with as much detail as you can about the problem and take screenshots to clarify the question or suggestions.

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