Comfey Pokémon GO: Where to Find It

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Pokemon GO introduced some new Alolan Pokemon. Among them is Comfey. It is a small, light-green pokemon surrounded by flowers. In battle, it stands out because of its defensive abilities.

Unfortunately, Comfey has been hard to find and catch, as reported by some players. You can opt not to exert much effort for this little one.

But this will mean that you won’t have the complete your PokeDex for the Alolan Region. So, where can you find Comfey, and how do you catch it?

What is Comfey?

Comfey is a Fairy-type Pokemon introduced in the seventh generation of the Pokemon video game series. It is part of Pokemon GO’s Alola Event. As a defensive type, it can absorb hits while still being effective in battle.

Because of its cultural influence, Comfey looks like a Hawaiian flower necklace or lei. It is also a region-locked Pokemon, as you can only catch this Pokemon exclusively in the streets of Hawaii.


Where to Find Comfey in Pokemon GO

As of this moment, the only way to catch Comfey is to find her in Hawaii, where it spawns regularly. If you’re not from this state, you might need to trade for her from someone who just came back from Hawaii.

Comfey might be released to more regions on future summer events, where it can be added to raids or be spawned rarely in the wild. However, there are no developments to this as of now.

Comfey Coordinates

Since the release of Comfey in Pokemon GO, some users have generously provided the coordinates to this Pokemon’s spawning locations. These aren’t entirely accurate, but you can try your luck at finding a Comfey in these coordinates in Hawaii:

  1. 21.29432,-157.85349
  2. 21.29952,-157.85796
  3. 21.29399,-157.82895
  4. 21.28034,-157.83666
  5. 21.29432,-157.85349
  6. 21.31663,-157.86001
  7. 21.30485,-157.85703
  8. 21.29114,-157.82405
  9. 21.290100,-157.828616
  10. 21.291682,-157.855815
  11. 21.278294.-157.833087
  12. 21.404660,-157.944957
  13. 21.265943,-157822095
  14. 21.281315,-157.819208
  15. 21.294895,-157.842308
  16. 21.290033,-157.836440
  17. 21.266943,-158.123066
  18. 21.291990,-157.848083

How to Reach Comfey Remotely

Because Comfey is a region-locked Pokemon in Hawaii, you’d normally have to physically travel there. With Covid-19 travel restrictions and the hassles of air travel, you might have difficulty flying over there.

But unless you’re willing to get there by any means necessary, you can just use a spoofer like MockGo to find her without leaving your house.

MockGo is a GPS spoofer compatible with iPads and iPhones on iOS 15 and higher. You can download this app on Windows and macOS computers.

This location spoofing app has a simple UI that allows users to access any location.

Its built-in Auto Cooldown Timer feature also ensures that players comply with the cooldown time corresponding to the spoofing distance that they have covered.

This feature prevents a player from changing the location continuously, triggering Pokemon GO to ban them.

Follow these steps to find Comfey using the coordinates above:

Step 1. Download and install MockGo on your computer.

Step 2. Connect your iOS device to the computer. Click Start on the Home Screen of MockGo.

connect your iOS device to the computer

Step 3. Make sure you choose the Teleport mode by clicking the first icon in the upper right corner of the map.

choose teleport mode

Step 4. Enter the location on the search bar using the coordinates listed above. Then, click Search.

 search for a location

Step 5. Once MockGo finds the spot, click Move Here to access it.

click Move Here to teleport the GPS

location teleported

Final Thoughts

Comfey is one of the many Alolan Pokemon you don’t want to miss. It’s also a part of the PokeDex in the Alolan region, and since it’s region-locked, you can only find it on the island of Hawaii.

Although there’s a hope that Pokemon GO would eventually release Comfey in many regions, we have yet to see any indication of that. Instead of physically going to Hawaii, you can spoof your location using MockGo.

With a GPS spoofer, you can definitely find Comfey and other region-locked Pokemon. Are you ready to go to Hawaii?

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