Aaron Roussey

London College


Meet Aaron, our tech-savvy team member who has probably touched more grass than all of us combined, simply because he can't afford to miss a Legendary raid in Pokémon GO. When he's not on the quest to 'catch 'em all,' you'll find him at his computer, covering everything you need to know about phones, games, computers, and all things tech!


  • Pokémon GO Enthusiast
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Gaming
  • Consumer Technology
  • Microsoft


Aaron holds a BA in Media Arts from London College and an MA from the same institution. He has been writing about technology since 2010.

Before joining Foneazy, Aaron published numerous articles on a highly popular blog. His work gained recognition from leading technology magazines and websites, including Puls and Medium..

With a strong background and expertise in technology, Aaron's articles and blogs have assisted millions of readers in troubleshooting device problems, correctly using new software, and maximizing their devices' utility—all while he diligently accumulates Pokemon Candy to power up his Mega Mewtwo!

  • Aaron commands hundreds of Pokemon ready for battle!
  • He has published thousands of articles on his personal blog.
  • Additionally, he has contributed numerous technology articles on Medium for various publications.

Aaron reflects on his journey, saying, 'When I started my online advice column addressing technology challenges, solutions were scarce. Foneazy provides me with the platform and tools to offer my readers the necessary solutions and the confidence that my advice will be helpful.


I have a 16" MacBook Pro, connected to two external monitors. I also have a Microsoft Surface 10, an iPhone 15, iPhone 12, and an 11" iPad Pro for mobility purposes.

Around the house, I have an Amazon Echo, Apple TV, and PlayStation 3, all of which are regularly used.

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