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by Foneazy Android Published On Sep 15, 2022 Updated On Mar 23, 2023
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Do you have a pre-owned Android device that is FRP locked and you don't know the Google credentials to unlock it?

Then, you're in trouble as the device has locked you out. It can only be unlocked if you have the correct Google ID and password.

The FRP lock was launched by Google on Android 5.1 and the latest OS versions. It was introduced as a security measure to protect the sensitive data of the customer.

To enable the FRP lock the owner must enter their Google ID when setting up the phone. When you perform a factory reset the lock will be activated.

If you can't remember your Google credentials to unlock the device. You can use a third-party unlocking tool such as the D&G unlocker tool to assist you in removing the FRP lock. 

In this guide, we will show you what is D&G unlocker tool, where to download and how to use it in detail.

What is D&G unlocker tool?

d&g unlocker tool

D&G unlocker tool is a software and firmware repair tool for many android smartphones and devices. You can use the tool for the following:

  1. Reset Device
  2. Reboot Device in Bootloader Mode
  3. Read ID Data
  4. Request Unlock Bootloader Code
  5. Exits Bootloader Mode
  6. Enter Code To Device
  7. Remover FRP Samsung
  8. Read info Samsung
  9. Enable Connection
  10. File Restarts
  11. Rancor Device
  12. SideSync
  13. Bypass Remover
  14. Remover FRP Motorola
  15. Read info Motorola
  16. FRP Motorola steps Unlock Bootloader
  17. Dig to the requested code
  18. Remove FRP Huawei
  19. Read info Huawei
  20. Flash Y560-L03 Device must be in Bootloader
  21. Remove FRP Huawei Manual
  22. Firmware is in the cloud GT-SMART
  23. Remover FRP XIAOMI
  24. Remover FRP YUPHORIA
  25. Remover FRP DEEP
  26. Remover FRP Lenovo
  27. Remover FRP HTC
  28. Patch Installation
  29. Boot Installation
  30. Patch Installation
  31. Remove FRP Lock

If you're having trouble with your Android phone and need to repair it, download the D&G unlocker tool on your PC. The tool is FREE to download and if you need to know how to use the D&G unlocker then continue reading below.

How to download D&G unlocker tool

You can use the following link to download the D&G unlocker tool for free. The total size of the D&G unlocker tool is 64.58 Mb. It supports all Windows OS computers.

  1. File Name: d-g_unlocker_tools_installer.rar.
  2. Download Link: Google Drive.

How to use D&G unlocker tool

After you've downloaded the .rar file, open the D&G tool, and install it by clicking on the Unlocker Tools Installer.exe application file. 

You'll find multiple tabs for different devices.

Clicking on the Samsung tab will give you the following options: 

  1. Remover FRP Samsung
  2. Read info
  3. Enable Connection
  4. File Restarts
  5. Rancor Device
  6. SideSync
  7. Bypass Remover

Clicking on the Samsung tab

Clicking on the Motorola tab will give you the following options:

  1. Remover FRP Motorola
  2. Read info
  3. FRP Motorola steps Unlock Bootloader
  4. Reset Device
  5. Reboot Device in Bootloader Mode
  6. Read ID Data
  7. Request Unlock Bootloader Code
  8. Exits Bootloader Mode
  9. Enter Code To Device
  10. Dig to the requested code

Clicking on the motorola tab

Clicking on the Huawei tab will give you the following options: 

  1. Remove FRP Huawei
  2.  Read info
  3. Flash Y560-L03 Device must be in Bootloader
  4. Patch Installation
  5. Boot Installation
  6. Patch Installation
  7. Remove FRP
  8. Remove FRP Huawei Manual
  9. Firmware is in the cloud GT-SMART

Clicking on the Huawei tab

D&G FRP unlock tool review

Where the D&G FRP unlock tool is free to download, its software is hard to use. If you do not have any experience with advanced unlocking tools then D&G can be confusing.

You would have to understand what flashing of firmware means. An experienced and tech-savvy person can easily use the program to bypass the FRP lock.

There is a huge risk involved for a beginner to use this program. If you used it wrong then there is a high chance that all your sensitive data is deleted from the device. The tool does not support all models and devices.


  1. Supports big brands like Samsung, Motorola, etc.
  2. Free to download


  1. Need to have technical expertise or knowledge
  2. Takes a lot of time

Do we have a better alternative program to unlock or bypass FRP lock? Yes, we have another tool that is easy to use.

Unlockit Android as alternative

D&G is an excellent unlocking tool but there is a much better, more efficient, and effective unlocking tool available.

Check out the Unlockit Android unlocking tool. It has been reviewed by many IT publications to be one of the best FRP unlocker tools and it is free to download.


  1. The best tool to remove FRP from most Samsung devices.
  2. Secured connection with the device when unlocking.
  3. Friendly interface, bypass or unlock the device in three simple steps or in one click.
  4. Compatible with all Samsung devices and Android 6 or later.
  5. Have full access to your Samsung device.


  1. It is not free to use.

Use the Unlockit Android tool to unlock FRP from any Samsung device. Follow the simple guide below:

Step 1: Download the Unlockit Android tool on your PC and install it. After the installation is completed, run the program.

Step 2: From the screen, click the "Start" button.

 launch Unlockit Android

Step 3: Connect your Samsung device to the computer

connect your samsung to your PC

Step 4: Then it will ask you to select the Samsung device's OS version. Choose the first one "All Android Versions" to bypass the FRP in just one click.

All Android versions

Step 5: Next Unlockit Android will ask you to enter test mode and enable USB debugging on your device. You can follow the on-screen instructions to set them up.

enable test mode

Step 6: After successfully executing the on-screen instructions. Your device will restart and the tool will notify you of the successful removal of the FRP lock from your device.

The FRP lock is removed

You can now set up your Samsung device and start using it without the worry of your device being FRP-locked.

Wrap Up

If you're a Samsung user then we recommend using the Unlockit Android unlocking tool for Android to bypass the FRP lock. As it's a professional program and the success rate of bypassing the FRP lock is high.

However, if you have a different device then you can try your luck with the D&G tool to bypass the FRP lock.

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