J. Robertson Macaulay D. Young

University of Lancaster, UK


Mako is a technical writer with a passion for all things tech. Whether you're wondering about how to fix your iPhone or Android device or trying to get something to work in your settings, Mako is your go-to for professional help. He loves writing, testing solutions, and most of all, making sure his research is factually accurate.


  • iOS and Android
  • Windows and Mac
  • Streaming, Video Creation, and Script Writing
  • Tech Software and Gadgets
  • Microsoft Office and Google Suite Tools
  • Consumer Technology


Mako is a technical writer at Foneazy and a Computer Science graduate with a love for all things tech. He took a course in Computer Science with the fascination of creating tech, only to find out that he loved teaching the masses about it through writing more.

Before writing for Foneazy, Mako spent years working with a variety of other websites from all niches, but mostly tech. Whether it's how-to guides, tutorials, news articles, or detailed long-form blog posts about the latest gadgets and trends—Mako enjoys writing them all more than he should.

Writing at 130 words per minute, his hands wish he'd take a break. Mako's a geek for tech, IoT, SaaS industry—you name it! He also believes that efficient working comes from an optimized setup with 1-2 days of proper research.

If you're looking for tech support, the latest news on tech trends, or a product review for your work-at-home setup, he probably has written an article on that!

  • Worked as a content SEO writer for 5 years in the tech and lifestyle niches across dozens of clients including Saintlad.com and HowToGeek.com.
  • Previous Content Manager and SEO Expert for Saintlad.com and Sheetaki.com.


Most of the time, Mako is in front of 34-inch ultrawide monitor with his laptop by his side and his trustee 40oz Hydro Flask next to mouse.

With a Predator Helios 300 laptop, Mako has gone from the extremes of GPU needs with his RTX 3070 and back to the blazing hot processes with his i5 10th gen CPU.

He doesn't prefer a complicated desk and sports a minimal 84-key K2 Keychron keyboard with a wooden wrist mount he got from his girlfriend for his birthday.

As for accessories, if you ever catch Mako out in the wild, he'll be holding his iPhone 13 mini and checking the time on his Apple Watch Series 6.

Don't call out his name though, because he'll be able to hear you since his dog decided to chew on his Airpod Pros—living him music-less as he explores the world.

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