Samsung A10s FRP Bypass: 3 Options

by Aaron Roussey Android Published On Aug 29, 2022 Updated On Oct 31, 2022
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If you find that your Samsung A10s device is FRP-locked, you may be unable to gain access to the device to remove the Google account that the device is locked to.

There are some effective solutions that may be able to help you bypass the FRP lock, allowing you to set up a new Google account and continue using your device.

In this article, we will show you 3 options you have when it comes to unlocking an FRP-locked Samsung A10s device.

2022 New and Quick Solution: Unlockit Android

It's frustrating when you can't remove the FRP lock to gain access to your device. Althouth there are several tools to bypass FRP lock, but most are either expensive or incompatible with your device.

To resolve this issue effectively, We recommend using Unlockit Android FRP bypass tool, which allows us to bypass Google FRP lock and regain access to your device in just one click.

The tool, unlike previous FRP bypassing tools, does not require any technical knowledge to use and is appropriate for any newbies. It will bypass Google FRP lock on Samsung devices running Android 6 to 12 in just a few minutes.

Here are the simple steps that you can use to bypass FRP lock on any Samsung device using Unlockit:

Step 1: Download and install Unlockit Android on your computer.

Step 2: Launch Unlockit Android, from the main screen, click the "Start" button to proceed.

 launch Unlockit Android

Step 3: Connect your Samsung A10s device to the computer using USB cables.

connect your samsung to your PC

Step 4: Select the All Android Versions options from the list on the next screen. This mode will enable you to bypss the FRP in just one click.

All Android versions

Step 5: Follow the instructions that the program provides to set up the connected device.

enable test mode

Step 6: Once the setup is complete, the FRP lock on your device will be removed instantly. Keep the device connected to the computer until the process is complete.

The FRP lock is removed

Bypass FRP Samsung A10s Running Android 12, 11

The following steps can also help you remove the FRP lock from the device if you don't want to use a third-party program:

Step 1: Start by connecting the device to a Wi-Fi network. Then go to the "Welcome" screen.

Step 2: Press and hold the Power and the Volume Up button at the same time and when a popup appears, tap on "Use."

Step 3: Press and hold the Power and the Volume Up buttons again and the talkback feature will be turned on.

Step 4: Draw an "L" on the screen by swiping left to right and then to the top.

Step 5: Choose "While Using the app" and then double-tap anywhere on the screen.

Step 6: Tap "Use Command Voice" and then double-tap on the popup box.

Step 7: Say "Google Assistant" loudly and clearly to access the Google listening screen.

Step 8: Press and hold the Power and the Volume Up buttons at the same time to turn off the talkback feature.

Step 9: Tap on the "Keyboard" icon and type in "You." From the options that appear, tap on the 'YouTube" icon to access YouTube.

Step 10: Tap on the "Profile" icon at the top and select "Settings."

Step 11: Select "History and Privacy" and then choose "YouTube Terms of Service."

Step 12: Tap "Accept and Continue" and then tap "No Thanks."

Step 13: Search for "Download Top Samsung FRP Tools" in the Google Chrome Browser.

Step 14: Scroll down to choose "Open Samsung Galaxy Store."

Step 15: Check "Get news and Special Offers" and then tap "Agree."

Step 16: Tap on the "Update" button, but as soon as you see the "Installing…" screen, tap on the back button to prevent the installation.

Step 17: The Galaxy Store will open. Wait about a minute to see if the downloading page returns. If it does, hit the back button again to stop the installation and you will be at the "FRP Tools" page.

Step 18: Tap "Open Samsung Galaxy Store" again and you will be able to go to the Galaxy Store without the update process.

Step 19: Tap "Continue> Skip" and when asked some questions, tap "While Using the App > English.

Step 20: Use the search box to find "Alliance Shield X" and tap on the app icon when you find it.

Step 21: Tap "Install" and in the sign-in window, tap "Later" to bypass FRP on the device. Now tap on "Open" to access the Alliance Shield App and sign in to your account. If you don't have an account, you can create one.

Bypass Samsung A10s FRP Running Android 10

For Samsung devices running Android 10, you may not be able to install apps that can help bypass FRP. In this case, you can unlock the device by accessing the hidden Google Play Services settings. Here's how to do that:

Step 1: Connect your device to s Wi-Fi network and follow the setup steps until you get to the "Verify Your Account" page. Here, tap on the gear icon, swipe "Touch and Feedback" and then tap "Touch Feedback."

Step 2: Then tap "Sound & Vibration > Ringtone > SIM 1."

Step 3: Tap on the "+" sign in the top corner and then tap on the "Search" icon.

Step 4: You will be required to have a PIN-locked SIM. Set up the 4-digit PIN for your SIM on any other device and enter the PIN on this device.

Step 5: Open the SIM Card tray on the device and in the dialogue box that appears, tap "OK."

Step 6: Insert the SIM card again and quickly tap on the "Mic" icon at the top-right corner. Tap on this icon numerous times until you see the "Enter SIM Card PIN" option.

Step 7: Remove the SIM from the device.

Step 8: When the "No SIM Card Inserted" dialogue appears, tap "OK."

Step 9: Quickly drag the data & time to the right side, but don't lift your finger. Use your other finger to tap on the lock icon.

Step 10: Quickly swipe down the "Not Signed in" popup to open the Top Notifications Bar. Tap on the "Settings (gear) icon" 4-5 times."

Step 11: Then tap on the Bluetooth icon from the top menu and pair the device with the air pods or any other hands-free device.

Step 12: On the air pods or hands-free device, tap on the Power button 3 times. This will open the listening window on your device.

Step 13: Tap on the Keyboard icon, type in "Google" and hit "Send." Tap on the "Search" option and search for the "Galaxy Store." Tap on it when it appears in the search results.

Step 14: Tap "Update" and wait as the update process completes.

Step 15: Press the power button on the Bluetooth handsfree device three times again to open the Search box. Try saying something and then tap on the "Keyboard icon."

Step 16: Type "Google" and then use the Search function to find "Galaxy Store." Select it from the search results and tap "Agree."

Step 17: Once inside the Galaxy Store, use the search function to look for "Google Play Services." Select "Google Play Services Hidden Settings" when it appears,

Step 18: Tap on this option again and then click on "Install."

Step 19: Enter your email ID and password and tap "Sign in." Agree to the terms and conditions.

Step 20: if your account has 2-step verification, enter the verification code and tap "Verify." When the installation is complete, tap "Open."

Step 21: Scroll down to tap on "Google Play Services" and tap on "Pattern" to set up an unlock pattern. Hit "Confirm" after drawing the pattern and then tap "Skip."

Step 22: Now just tap on the back button until you get to the "Choose a Wi-Fi Network." Here, tap "Next" and draw your pattern. Tap "Skip > Skip > Finish" and then complete the setup process normally.

Wrap Up

Although it may not seem like it, you can very easily bypass the FRP lock on a Samsung A10 device. Most methods are however lengthy and very complicated.

If you would like to unlock your device quickly, easily and without worrying about complicated steps, Unlockit Android screen unlocker is the best option for you to consider. It can unlock the device in just a few simple steps.

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