Here Is the Right Way to Fix iPhone 13 Focus Issue

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Apple releases a new iPhone model annually. These new models come with upgrades that make everyone think that they're the best iPhone ever—faster processor, more storage, better display, longer battery life.

With their latest model, the iPhone 13, perhaps the most innovative upgrade and a huge selling point is the camera's Cinematic Mode.

The iPhone has certainly revolutionized the world of smartphones especially when it comes to mobile camera capabilities.

They first offered the Portrait Mode for photos that other brands have since adopted, and with the new Cinematic Mode feature, users can set the subject of their focus and the rest of the background will be blurred, allowing them to take more professional-looking videos.

It’s basically portraiting mode but in the form of a video. Both the Portrait Mode and Cinematic Mode can autofocus on a subject but you can also manually select them.

It Is not a Software Glitch

The focus issue on iPhone 13 devices isn't a bug that will be fixed in the next iOS update. The iPhone 13 camera simply is not capable of focusing as close as you think it should.

The useful iOS Macro Mode is only available on the Pro models. This feature allows you to take extreme close-ups of objects that are difficult to see with the naked eye.

The focus issue on iPhone 13

How to Fix iPhone 13 Focus Issue

But if you are one of those who’d like to get this issue fixed, we have some solutions that may work for you.

Select 0.5x When Taking Photos

The first thing you need to try is to manually adjust the settings of your camera. Try going to Photo Mode or Video Mode and select 0.5x zoom instead of the usual 1x.

Manually adjusting the settings may help your iPhone’s camera to take clearer photos. After doing so, see if you’re able to take close-up photos that are not out of focus.

You can also try to zoom in on the subject that you want to focus on.

Select 0.5x When Taking Photos

Take a Step Away From The In-Focus Object

Sometimes, you're just a little too close to the subject and that's why the iPhone is having a hard time focusing on it. Try taking a step away from the subject you are taking a photo or video of to improve the focus.

The recommended distance is at least 4 inches away. It is also important to note that Macro Mode is only available on the iPhone 13 Pro model.

This Macro Mode feature lets users produce clear and sharp up-close images of a subject, as close as 0.8cm-2inches away.

Upgrade to the iPhone Pro

Now, if the camera’s focus is a priority for you and the iPhone 13 does not deliver the quality that you are hoping for, you can also upgrade to a Pro Model.

As mentioned, the iPhone 13 Pro has a Macro Mode feature that lets you shoot at very close distances while still producing high-quality images with accurate focus and without blurring.

Of course, before upgrading to iPhone 13 Pro, you should also consider its hefty price tag. Apple sells this model at $999 for 128GB, $1099 for 256GB, and $1299 for the 512GB versions.

Use Other Camera Apps

If shelling out money to upgrade to iPhone 13 Pro is not an option for you, try using other camera apps that are available for download on the Apple Store. The problem may lie with the camera application. Here are two that we recommend.


One good thing about having other camera apps aside from what’s already been built into your iPhone is the range of settings available that can give you the creative control you desire. This is what Halide provides to its users.

Halide’s features are almost like a professional camera. Here is a list of the most important ones to guide you:

  1. It can shoot in RAW to give your photos more details.
  2. You can adjust your ISO, shutter speed, and white balance.
  3. Has automatic and manual shooting mode so you can have more creative freedom when taking photos or videos.
  4. It has Depth Mode that captures portrait mode images of your subject.
  5. You can pair the app on your Apple Watch, making it possible if you want to take photos hands-free.
  6. Most of all, it has a focus assist feature to help you define your focus.

And many others. If you want to level up your mobile photography game, place your bets on this award-winning camera app.

You can purchase Halide on the Apple Store by searching for “Halide Mark II - Pro Camera”. This is available for a one-time purchase fee of $40, or $1.99 monthly, and $11.99 yearly.

Visit their official website to know more about Halide.


Another promising camera application is ProCamera by Moment. Similar to Halide, ProCamera also offers DSLR-like features that enhance the quality of your photos and videos. Here are some of its many good attributes:

  1. It can capture images in RAW.
  2. It has low-light and anti-shake technology.
  3. It can record videos at 24 fps to 240 fps.
  4. It has the capability to control ISO and white balance.
  5. It has separate focus and exposure points to help you have full control over your images or videos.

Aside from its in-app camera features, it also has an editing tool with 78 filters and effects. It’s a camera app and an editing app in one.

Great features usually come at a great price, but surprisingly, you can get ProCamera at a very affordable price of only $9. You can download ProCamera by searching “ProCamera by Moment” on the App Store.


Having a focus issue on your iPhone 13 can be frustrating, especially if you use your camera phone a lot. This is even more so if you are a professional mobile photographer.

But the Apple community has always been helpful in providing basic troubleshooting techniques and suggestions to help fellow users fix whatever problems they're encountering

Try out the tips and the apps that we suggested and see if they work for you!

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