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Company-provided devices are sometimes monitored and managed by the company superiors through a system called MDM. MDM or mobile device management is a system that companies and educational institutions use to protect their data by monitoring, managing, and enhancing security on all company-provided iOS devices. This results in a limitation of the features you can... Read more >>
/ / by J. Robertson Macaulay D. Young
You may find that a second-hand iPhone you just bought is “Supervised” by an enterprise or organization such as a school. The problem with these supervised devices is that they may be limited in terms of functionality or access to features and services. But with the right solutions, you can bypass this supervision and gain... Read more >>
/ / by Aaron Roussey
Mobile Device Management is a cloud-based device manager for Apple devices. It is used by companies to monitor and collect data from company-provided devices, while also allowing authorities to configure its settings. This results in some features being restricted and functions being blocked. This can usually be removed using a third-party external software. Some apps can... Read more >>
/ / by J. Robertson Macaulay D. Young