How to Get a Joystick in Pokémon Go? Try the 4 Ways

by J. Robertson Macaulay D. Young Tips Published On Jul 14, 2021 Updated On Nov 17, 2022
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Saying that Pokémon Go is one of the most enjoyable games in the market today is an understatement. But most players find that they can't play the game as much as they want and still keep up with their day-to-day activities.

So, they look for ways to play the game without having to put in the time to walk the distances required to complete the tasks and progress in the game.

If you have been looking for these ways, then you may have heard of using a Joystick to simulate GPS movement.

This is one of the easiest ways to catch Pokémon or hatch eggs without having to walk long distances.

In truth, when done correctly, you could play Pokémon Go from the comfort of your couch.

Here, we take a look at how you can get a joystick for Pokémon Go.

Does Pokémon GO Joystick Still Work in 2022?

Yes, you can still use a joystick in Pokémon GO. However, you have to be a lot more careful than before so choosing a reliable tool is a must.

On top of that, respect the precautions and be careful when using the tools needed to play Pokémon GO with a joystick.

What Benefits Does Pokémon GO Joystick Bring?

If you are an iOS user and you are a big fan of Pokémon GO, you can benefit from using a joystick while playing Pokémon GO for a couple of reasons.

It gives you the chance to virtually move anywhere without having to walk anywhere outside of your home.

With that being said, you have a much better chance of catching better Pokemons and having more success in the game from the comfort of your home.

How to Get a Joystick in Pokémon Go on iOS

For iOS devices, the following are the best options you have when you want to play Pokémon Go using Joystick:

Safest Choice: Use Joystick from MockGo

Changing the location on iOS devices is not easy and most solutions require jailbreaking the device. But if you would rather not jailbreak your device, you can use MockGo.

This is a program that will give you full access to a joystick to play Pokémon Go without needing to jailbreak the device, you will only need to connect the device to the computer.

The following are the main functions of this program:

  • It allows you to teleport the device to any location in the world
  • You can also use the two-step or multi-spot mode to simulate movement along a specified route
  • Use a joystick to make GPS movement automatic
  • Use the joystick feature for more manual GPS movement
  • Compatible with the latest iPhone 14 and iOS 16

Here's how to use MockGo to spoof location in Pokémon Go for iOS:

Step 1: Download and install the MockGo on to your computer. Open it.

Step 2: Connect the iOS device to the computer and click on "Start."

Launch MockGo on your computer

Step 3: You will see a map on the screen that you can use to set the desired location. Just use the Search bar to find any location you would like to use.

 search for a location

Step 4: Once the location has been selected, the program will add a joystick function to make GPS movement easier to control. The joystick will be located at the bottom left of the screen.

click Move Here to teleport the GPS

There are two ways to use the joystick:

Method 1: Automatic Movement

Click on the start button in the middle to begin the automatic movement, then change the direction in one of the following ways:

  • Click on the left or right arrow
  • Drag the point on the circle
  • Press A and D keys on the keyboard
  • Press the left or right arrow keys on the keyboard

 Automatic Movement

Method 2: Manual GPS Movement

Keep clicking on the up arrow in the program or long-press the W or Up key on the keyboard to move forward.

For reverse movements, keep clicking on the down arrow or press the S or down key in the keyboard.

You can also use the methods above to change direction before moving forward or backwards.

Manual GPS Movement

Get Joystick via Pokémon Go++

Use TweakBox to Install Pokémon Go++

TweakBox is a third-party store where you can find numerous tweaked versions of popular apps including a modified version of Pokémon Go.

This version of the game contains a GPS joystick feature that allows users to fake the location on their devices. This version of Pokémon Go can give very realistic GPS values.

Since it is not available in the App Store, you will need to install TweakBox via the browser. Follow these simple steps to do it:

Step 1:  Go to TweakBox and click on "Install Now" to download the TweakBox app on to your device. When a prompt appears, tap "Allow" to continue the installation.

 install TweakBox

Step 2: Once the download is complete, go to Settings > Profile Downloaded and then tap "Install." When installation is complete, tap "Done."

install TweakBox Profile

Step 3: Go back to the home screen and launch TweakBox. Use the app's search function to look for the modified version of Pokémon Go that you would like to use such as ispoofer for POGO and then tap "Install."

look for the modified version of Pokémon Go

Step 4: When installation is complete, you should see the Pokémon Go icon on the home screen. Tap on it to open it and enjoy playing Pokémon Go using a joystick.

Or use AppValley to install Pokémon GO++

AppValley is an app that also allows you to download modified Pokémon GO for iOS free of cost, which is needed to play Pokémon GO without having to move around.

This is a different version of the Pokémon GO game which is made to spoof the location for you so you can visit different locations.

In this version of the game, you get a joystick that allows you to move around the map and play the game without any location restrictions.

Considering that it's a free version, many users tend to use it since it's a lot more fun and it can be played from the comfort of your home.

To get the AppValley, all you have to do is install AppValley on your iOS device, open AppValley and search for iSpoofer PokeGO.

install AppValley

Install the PokeGO and enjoy playing Pokémon GO without any restrictions.

Install the iSpoofer PokeGO

Keep in mind that you might need to confirm that you trust the AppValley app and iSpoofer PokeGO apps from the "Profile & Device Management" and approve the trust for these apps so you can install and use them on your iOS device.

How to Get a Joystick in Pokémon Go on Android

Using a Joystick in Pokémon Go on Android usually just requires that you install a location spoofing app on to your device.

There is a wide selection of these location spoofing apps on the Google Play Store that you can try and some of them are even completely free to use.

Below are two of the best spoofing apps for Android and how you can use them:

Use the Joystick Feature of Fake GPS Route App

The Fake GPS route app is a good solution to try and while you don't need to root your device to use it, a non-rooted device will not be able to access all the app's features.

Non-rooted devices are also far more likely to experience the Rubber band effect (when the device constantly reverts to the current GPS location).

You can avoid this by covering the back of the device in Aluminum foil, which may block the GPS from tracking the current location, but you may still experience the "GPS Signal not Found" or "Failed to Detect Location (12) error."

That said, here's how you can use the Fake GPS app on Android:

Step 1: Install the Fake GPS app on to your device. It is available on the Google Play Store.

 Install the Fake GPS app

Step 2: Now go to Settings > About Phone and tap on "Build Number" 7 times. This will enable the Developer Options on your device.

Step 3: For Android devices running Android 6.0 and above, go to Settings > Developer Options. Find "Select Mock Location App" and choose "Fake GPS Route."

Select Mock Location App

Step 4: Go back to the settings and tap "Location" and then set the GPS mode to High Accuracy. This will allow the Fake GPS app to function properly.

set the GPS mode to High Accuracy

Step 5: Now open the Fake GPS Routes app and enable the device's GPS. You can enter any location that you would like to use or set ant spot on the map.

Step 6: Open the Fake GPS App's settings and then tap on "Enable Non-Root Mode." Scroll down to enable "Joystick." You should avoid using the arrow keys to prevent the "GPS Signal not Found" error.

Step 7: Place the red dot on any desired location and then click on the "Play" button to begin using the fake location.

Step 8: To make sure that the location has changed as desired, check the notification panel for the "Fake GPS Notification." You can also open Google Maps to see if the new location appears as the selected location.

Once you are certain your location has changed as per your desire, open Pokémon Go and you should be in the selected fake location.

To move forward, (if you haven't enabled the Joystick), go to the Fake GPS app, move the pointer to the desired location and the hit "Play" and then go back to Pokémon Go and you should see your character running to the new location.

Get the Joystick Using VMOS

VMOS is the best app to use when you want to play Pokémon Go on Android 10. Based on Virtual Machine technology, VMOS can activate Root in a single click without actually rooting the main Android.

This gives you a virtual box for Android which can open up the device to a lot of functions. It is also very easy to use since you can simply install it as any other normal app.

To use VMOS to spoof Pokémon Go on your Android device, you will need the following:

Once you have all of them, follow these steps to spoof Pokémon Go using VMOS:

  • Step 1: Start VMOS. Go to the Settings of the Virtual Android using VMOS and tap on "About Phone." Tap on "Build Number" 7 times to enable developer mode.
  • Step 2: Now go to Developer options and tap "Disable Mock Locations > Turn on Root."
  • Step 3: Restart VMOS.
  • Step 4: Open the Import Manager and find Pokémon Go APK, Fake GPS APK, and ES File Explorer APK. You can also install the apps from the Play Store while using VMOS. Tap on the file you want to import and install it.
  • Step 5: Open ES Explorer and enable root explorer option in the menu. Then tap on "Cut Fake GPS from data/app/com.incorporateapps.fakegps_route-1" and "Paste Fake GPS to system.priv-app/com.incorpoateapps.fakegps_route".
  • Step 6: Now open Fake GPS and go to the settings. Tap "Enable Expert Mode" and then go to the Developer settings to make sure that mock location is disabled.
  • Step 7: Delete System/xbin and then go to Settings > Developer Options > Disable Root.
  • Step 8: Sign up for a Pokémon Go account on the primary Android OS before playing the game on VMOS.
  • Step 9: Open Pokémon Go on both the primary Android OS and VMOS. Close Pokémon Go on the primary OS.

How to Prevent Being Banned for Using Joystick

If you're not familiar with the joystick hack that's very popular in Pokémon GO, you should know that it can get you banned from the game if you don't use it carefully.

To prevent getting banned for using a joystick hack, you should never change your locations frequently, you should carefully respect the cooldown time, and you should never use bots.

Pokémon GO has a system where it flags players who play the game in unusual behavior and that's what tips them off and gets them banned.

Therefore, you should try to play the game as naturally as possible even though you have a little help on the side.


When done correctly, the joystick feature can allow you to play Pokémon Go without needing to walk long distances. All the solutions outlined above can help you use a joystick to play Pokémon Go more easily.

Select a solution that best suits your circumstances and then follow the instructions to implement it.

If you have any questions on the processes described above, let us know in the comments section below and we'll do our best to help.

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