iSpoofer Pokémon GO Tweakbox: The Complete Guide

by Aaron Roussey Updated On Oct 26, 2023 Published On Jul 30, 2021 Tips

For Pokémon GO players looking for an advantage, nothing is better than location spoofing. Spoofing allows players to change their location to a location that may have more valuable Pokémon to catch.

iSpoofer has long been used as the go-to solution for many users to spoof the location to play Pokémon GO.

In this guide, we will examine it in much detail to see how to use Tweakbox to install the modified version of Pokémon GO from iSpoofer and whether it works or not.

What is Tweakbox?

Tweakbox is a Cydia alternative that allows iOS device users to install tweaked versions of popular apps and games without needing to jailbreak their devices.

With more than 2000+ apps on offer, Tweakbox is quickly becoming a replacement for Cydia. Among other types of tweaked apps, you can install modified games, clean up tools, game emulators and more.


Can I Get iSpoofer Pokémon GO from Tweakbox?

The answer is YES. You can still download the iSpoofer file from Tweakbox.

iSpoofer is a tool that allow player to gain the advantage when playing location-based games like Pokémon GO. I

t has numerous features including a GPS joystick that you can use to simplify GPS simulated movement, the ability to auto-generate GPX routes and teleport the GPS to anywhere in the world.

The simulated GPS movement that you can create using iSpoofer allows you to select a customized speed that you can use for the movement.

You can choose to use a walking, cycling or driving speed. Other features that you can expect from iSpoofer include Pokémon/Gym/Stop radar, enhanced throw, fast catch trick and in-game IV checker.

iSpoofer Pokémon Go

How to Install iSpoofer with Tweakbox App

You can install iSpoofer using the Tweakbox app. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you do that;

Step 1: If you don't already have the Tweakbox app, go to to install it on your device.

download Tweakbox

Step 2: Trust the profile for the Tweakbox after installation.

Trust the profile

Step 3: Now launch Tweakbox and go to Apps > Hacked Games.

Step 4: Look for iSpoofer for Pokémon GO and when it appears, click on "Install" to get it on your device.

iSpoofer Pokémon Go

Step 5: Trust the profile for iSpoofer and you will be ready to open it to play Pokémon GO.

play Pokémon Go

Does iSpoofer Pokémon GO Tweakbox Still Work?

Because it is a third-party app store, many users find themselves unable to trust Tweakbox on their devices.

This is understandable considering that Apple actively discourages the installation of apps and services that are not available on the App Store.

But even though Tweakbox cannot be found on the App Store, it is still a relative safe solution that you can use to install modified apps and games on to your device.

Updated: We noticed a lot of users reported the Tweakbox not unverified issue. This is because iSpoofer is installed on your device using a public certificate that you must trust before you can be able to run the application.

You may see this error if you haven't trusted the certificate or there are some problems with the certificate self.

If you have and you still see this error, then it is likely that you are dealing with a broken or invalid certificate.

If you installed iSpoofer from the IPA file and it is not working, the problem could be related to the new release of the Pokémon GO app.

In this case, you can only wait for an iSpoofer update and reinstall it, or you can try some alternative ways:

Any Safer and Easier Way to Play Pokémon GO without Moving?

But if you are still nervous about installing Tweakbox on to your computer, how about a desktop program that can spoof your location and all you have to do is connect the device to the computer.

This is MockGo, one of the best Pokémon GO iOS spoofer tools in the market, allowing you to teleport your device to anywhere in the world in a single click or simulate GPS movement along a specified route.

Its key features include the following;

  • You can use it to simulate GPS movement from one point to another or along multiple points at a customized speed.
  • You can choose how many times you want to move along the selected path.
  • It will also allow you to change the location of your device to anywhere in the world instantly.
  • The GPS joystick makes GPS movement easier and more natural.
  • Compatible with most iOS versions and iPhone models, including the latest iPhone 15 and iOS 17.

Here's how you can use MockGo to play Pokémon GO without walking;

Step 1: Download and install the program on to your computer.

Step 2: Once installed, open MockGo and click on "Start".

Launch MockGo on your computer

Step 2: To simulate movement between two points, choose the "One-Stop Mode" (the 2nd option on the upper-right corner of the screen. Select the two points by dropping the pin on the map and then click "Move Here."

Move Here

Step 3: Select how many times you would like to move between the two points and then click on "Start" to start the simulated movement. Use the slider at the bottom to select your preferred speed.

Simulate the One-stop Movement

Step 4: To simulate movement along multiple spots, select the "Multi-Stop Mode" (the 3rd option) and mark the different stops that will make up your route on the map.

Click "Move Here" and select how many times you want to move along the route. Click "Start" to begin the movement.

Simulate the Multi-stop Movement


  • Is iSpoofer Compatible With Android?

No. iSpoofer is an iOS only application and is therefore not available for iOS devices. Beware of anyone who claims to have iSpoofer for Android as it may be a fake. If you are looking for some Pokémon GO Android spoofers, check this guide.

  • Can You Get Banned Using iSpoofer iOS?

It is only possible to get banned if you teleport to a new location and then take in-game action immediately. It is often a good idea to teleport and then wait a few hours before taking action.


iSpoofer is one of the simplest Pokémon GO tweaks to use and given its numerous features, it is a good way to get just a little bit more from Pokémon GO and enjoy the game. It is however a good idea to use it in moderation to avoid having getting banned.

If you would rather not install iSpoofer on your device, you can use MockGo which gives you the same advantages without the added risk that Niantic could detect it and ban your Pokémon GO account.

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