36 Best Tinder Locations in the World and USA

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If you have been using Tinder for a while, you may wonder if there is a way to connect with matches that are not in your area.

Because Tinder uses your GPS location to find you nearby matches, you only see matches in your area.

But Tinder introduced Tinder Passport, a way to match and chat with people in a new destination before you move there.

As you can probably guess there are cities where more people use Tinder Passport than in other cities.

In this article, we will share with you these cities, so you can get a sense of the best places to find a date on Tinder.

Top 15 Cities for Dating According to Tinder Official

According to Tinder, the following are the best places to find a Tinder date, based on the number of people using Tinder passport in and around these cities;

  • London, England

London has the reputation of being one of the most tolerant cities in Europe, open to people of all races and sexual orientation. This liberality means that the dating scene is accessible to early everyone.

It therefore doesn't come as a surprise that the city is one of the best places to find a date. As to where you can spend time with your date, there are a lot of high-end restaurants to choose from and other activities.

  • Paris, France

This list would be incomplete without the city of love on it. As the most cultural capital of Europe, Paris is probably the most romantic place on earth.

There are thousands of different activities to take part in, there is always something to do and somewhere to go in Paris.

  • New York City, USA

With more than 8 million people from diverse nationalities around the world, New York City is one of the best places in the world to be, let alone to find a date. There are a lot of options to choose from for the perfect date night.

For example, the Shrine jazz club is a good way to mellow-down the evening or if you want a fun night, you can choose from one of the many comedy clubs in New York.

  • Berlin, Germany

Berlin is one of the best cities in the world for a number of reasons and with a diverse population it is also one of the top places in the world to find a date.

Dating ideas are as varied as your interests, although if you are willing to be brave, you can choose Berlin's popular dine in the dark experience; a four-course gourmet meal complete with a show, all in the dark.

  • Moscow, Russia

When you think of romantic places in the world, Moscow may not be your first thought. But this almost ancient city has a lot to offer visitors with some of the best dating ideas you could think of.

For example, you can bring your date to the Turandot where you can have dinner with a live opera show in the background.

  • Stockholm, Sweden

The city of Stockholm is the best place to visit for history buffs who want to explore it in an unhurried, leisurely manner. One of the best places to visit in Stockholm is the Gamla Stan the medieval original settlement in Sweden.

  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio is known for its huge, elaborate parties, ensuring a fun night with your date. The city also has a vibrant LGBT community, marked by a large pride festival held every year.

All these combined with great stretches of pristine beaches and you have the perfect recipe for an unforgettable experience.

  • Sydney, Australia

Sydney has become one of the best places to settle for most young professionals, making it the most ideal location to find a date. It is one of the best places in the world for an adventurous date. For example, the Sydney Tall Ship is one of the best places for a night out.

  • Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is another great place to find a date. There are a lot of places for the perfect date, given the combination of the bustling metropolis and pristine beach.

One of the best spots for a quite drink us Gotico's Secret Garden: Bar Jardin, but you may have a hard time finding it. The spot is at the top of some unmarked stairs, at the back of a clothing store. But all the searching will be worth it.

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is known for one thing; the highest concentration of theatres in the world. It is the most ideal location for dating, if you prefer a cultured environment.

The Teatro Colon, one of the finest operas houses in the world is the best place if you want to impress your date.

  • Melbourne., Australia

Melbourne is the ultimate place to visit if you consider yourself a foodie. There are a lot and we mean a lot of bars and restaurants that provide the best first date environment.

One of the most romantic spots in Melbourne is the St. Kilda Beach, where you can dine and see penguins that come out on to the beach every day at sunset.

  • Los Angeles, USA

This list would be incomplete without Los Angeles. Almost anyone can find something to do in this dazzling city.

From a hiking date through the Hollywood hills to an unforgettable night at the Electric Dusk Drive-in, this is a place that has something for everyone.

  • Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland is a small city that has a lot to offer visitors. For example, it is one of the few places on earth that you can go paddle boarding in the Waitemata Harbor. There are is also a vibrant night life and amazing restaurants for the less adventurous.

  • Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is another great European city to visit for a number of reasons. The history of the city is appealing to history buffs and there are a lot of places to visit with your date.

One of the most interesting places to go in Dublin is the Guinness Factory, although if you are looking for an adventure, you can go hiking in the Ticknock Hills.

  • Rome, Italy

There is a reason, Italy is always on everyone "to-visit" list. Most people will tell you they go to Rome for the beauty of the architecture, but the food is to die for.

Some of the best spots for the prefect date in Rome include Monti, near the Colosseum and the Jewish Ghetto.

10 Best Tinder Locations in the USA

The best places to find a Tinder date in the United States are New York and San Francisco. But these huge cities can be very expensive to live in.

But the US is a big place and there are some other locations to find your significant other, without having to spend everything you have.

The key is to choose the youngest cities, which often have large university towns with people from all over the country. A huge percentage of the people living in these cities is under 30.

The following are some of the best options;

  • Provo, Utah
  • Manhattan, Kansas
  • Ames, Iowa
  • Logan, Utah
  • College Station, Texas
  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Laredo, Texas.
  • Hinesville, Georgia
  • Statesboro, Georgia
  • Lafayette, Louisiana

11 Best Tinder Passport Locations for You

If you wanted to stand out in any new location, then you would choose a location or culture that would consider you exotic.

For example, if you are from an English-speaking country, you may want to choose a location where English is widely spoken, but they consider your English accented. This will give you the exotic appeal without adding a culture barrier.

But you must also keep in mind that not all cultures are welcoming to foreigners. The following are some of the most welcoming cultures in the world to choose from;

  • Canada

Canadians are considered the friendliest people in the world and as it turns out, this is not just a stereotype. According t an Expat Insider poll, Canadians are 20% more welcoming to foreigners than any other country,

  • Vietnam

To find people from all nationalities, along with friendly Vietnamese, Ho Chi Minh City is a great place to visit. There is a lot going on in this busy city, increasing your chances of finding a Tinder match.

  • Colombia

Cali, Colombia has the reputation of having the most beautiful women in the world. This country is also home to the famous Medellin, often famous for the wrong reasons, but a place with very friendly locals.

  • Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit thanks to its pristine beaches. But if you are looking for matches, we recommend going to the capital, San Jose.

  • Cambodia

Angkor Wats is the most popular place to visit in Cambodia. This country also has a reputation for being very welcoming to foreigners, although if you are looking for matches, Phnom Penh is a good start.

  • Taiwan

This small country, just off the coast of China is known for its large cities. The best one if you are looking for dates is New Taipei City. But this city has bad quality air because of high levels of pollution.

  • Argentina

Argentinian cities Buenos Aires and Cordoba offer you the best place to find the dates. But while these cities are known to be very welcoming to foreigners, they also have a considerably higher crime rate than other cities on this list.

  • Uganda

This small East African city is a very welcoming place, as is most of Africa. You might want to start with the small, but bustling capital Kampala.

  • Mexico

Mexico City is one of the best destinations for tourists from across the globe and therefore the best place to find people of all ages, nationalities and from all walks of life. If you don't like the chaos of the large city, Guadalajara or Puebla City

  • Philippines

The collection of thousands of islands that make up the country of Philippines, makes for a great tourist location. Though if you are looking for a date, we recommend sticking to the largest cities like Cebu and Davao City.

  • Portugal

Portugal is one of the best places to visit in Europe. The capital Lisbon is a great place to meet and hopefully date some locals and its large population of expats.

Best Tool to Change Tinder Location

Of course, if you just want to use Tinder to chat with matches from distant places across the globe, you can simply teleport your device to one of the locations above.

Changing the Tinder location on your device can be done very easily using MockGo. The process is simple; here's the step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Download and install MockGo on to your computer. Run the program and then click on "Start" to begin.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone device to the computer. The next screen will show a map with the device's current location.

connect your iOS device to the computer

Step 3: To change the location, click on the "teleport" icon at the top left corner and then type in the city you would like to teleport to in the search box on the right.

choose teleport mode

Step 4: Select the desired location from the search results and in the popup box that appears, click on "Move Here."

click Move Here to teleport the GPS

The GPS location of the device will change to the newly selected location and you can open Tinder to meet new people in that location.

location teleported


Now that you know the best locations for Tinder around the world and you have the best tool to change your location, you can meet new people without having to travel too much.

This is also a good way to find matches in these locations, a few weeks before travelling. You can chat with these matches even before your arrival and plan dates in advance.

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