Does Tinder Automatically Update Your Location? FAQs About Tinder Location

  1. Published on Jun 12, 2021
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All Tinder users know that the app connects you to potential matches using the device’s GPS. But have you ever asked yourself how much information Tinder collects about your location?

As the debate on privacy rages on, it is important to determine just how much information the apps on your devices have on the various types of data on your device.

This guide will help you answer any questions you may have about how Tinder gathers GPS information on the device and how the app updates your location.


1. How Tinder tracks your location

Tinder connects you to potential matches in your area by getting your location directly from your phone’s GPS.

Once it has your current location, the app will then look for potential matches within the 1 to 100-mile radius that you specify.

This means that Tinder may not be able to match you with anyone 101 miles away from your GPS location unless you can find ways to persuade Tinder that you are in a different location.

2. Does Tinder automatically update your location?

Tinder will update your location every time you open the app. When you are inactive on Tinder, the app will display your last known location. It won't update your location automatically unless you open the app.

3. Does Tinder continue to update the location if the app is left running?

Generally, you need to open the app for Tinder to update the location. Tinder pings the location when the app is open or if you leave it running.

So, Tinder might technically update your location when you are not active, but the app is running in the background. The best way therefore to prevent this is to close Tinder completely when you’re not using it.

4. Can Tinder track your location if you are logged out?

With the necessary permission, any app can easily track your location. But under normal circumstances, Tinder doesn’t track your location, especially when you’re logged out.

Tinder works by only getting pings about your location at certain intervals and when the location change is small, it may even ignore the changes.

5. How accurate of Tinder distance?

Any distances shown in Kilometers on the app are actually not accurate.

This is because Tinder uses miles to measure distance and rather than convert kilometers to miles, Tinder will simply write “kilometers” after the number rather than “miles.”

For example, if you spoof your location to San Francisco and you live in London (5351 miles away), Tinder will show that your matches in London are 5351km away.

Tinder doesn’t calculate the exact distance to a match and then round off the number of miles to display, instead the app will snap your location to a coarse-grained grid.

The distance is also only updated every 10 minutes, making the distance of the fast-moving individuals less accurate.

Therefore, if you are in a car that is moving at about 60 miles an hour, the distance displayed in Tinder may be about 10 miles off.

6. How to tell if someone is active and using Tinder

There's a working method of finding out if the person you're dating is still on Tinder. The answer is in their current location.

Only when Tinder users open the app and start swiping, Tinder will update their location and check for nearby matches.

So if you see a match’s distance has changed, it means that they may have opened the app in a different location.

7. How to change my location on Tinder manually?

The paid feature from Tinder: Tinder Passport allows you to change your location as often as you want within the app.

You can only swipe in one city at a time, but it allows you to save up to 4 default locations.

There is also another way that you can change the current location on Tinder. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Facebook app on your device.
  2. Go to the “About” section and then tap on the header toolbar.
  3. Look for the profile data that indicates your current city. Add a city.
  4. Exit Facebook and launch Tinder to use the new location.

If the upper methods don't work for you, try an iPhone location spoofer.

8. Is Tinder Passport worth the money?

Tinder Passport is the official feature from Tinder, which allows you to change Tinder's location to match with singles from any city.

One of the frequently asked questions is that, is Tinder Passport worth paying for?

In our opinion, if you travel a lot and want to meet new people while you're there, the Tinder Passport is probably worth it.

If you don't have enough time to see if there are new matches in the new city, you can keep your options open until things are settled.

9. Does fake GPS still work with Tinder?

The simple answer to this question is “Yes.”

If you would like to meet people outside the scope of your location, you can use GPS spoofing apps such as MockGo to fake the location for iPhone without jailbreak and match with people outside the 100-mile radius limit that Tinder works with.

Most Android devices come with an “Enable Mock Location” feature that makes it very easy to fake GPS on Tinder

When choosing the best solution to fake Tinder location, it is vital to choose a solution that will not affect the safety or security of the device or any data on it.

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