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Nowadays, it has become easy to set up your location by simply using your phone's GPS. This helps relatives and friends stay connected at all times.

But as technology continues to advance, software developers are also able to innovate new software that can fake your location.

One of the apps that can fake your location is Foneazy MockGo. This app will keep your real location unexposed, and you don't even have to jailbreak your phone to use it.

Foneazy MockGo comes at a reasonable price, but who doesn't want to save up some dollars using discount coupons?

If you're looking for one, then you landed in the right place. In this article, you will learn where you can find a MockGo coupon code.

What is Foneazy MockGo

 Foneazy MockGo

Foneazy MockGo is the newest software for iPhone that can change your phone's location without jailbreaking it.

Using its simulated GPS movement feature, this app can teleport your phone's location to any place around the globe and even set up real-time movements such as walking along roads, riding a vehicle, or visiting an establishment.

To make it more realistic, you can use the joystick feature to move along specific paths and places.

This is useful for players of AR (Augmented Reality) games like Pokémon GO. Players can now find and catch more Pokémon in any place without moving at all.

There are other amazing features Foneazy MockGo has to offer, as listed below:

Teleport Mode

Easily set up your location with just a few clicks with Foneazy MockGo. All you have to do is set up your desired location, click Teleport, and let MockGo do the rest. Now it'll look like you're in a different place even if you are just at your house.

One-Stop Mode

With its 2-spot and multi-stop mode features, Foneazy MockGo allows you to move your GPS tracker around the location you have set and it will show you the place where you pinned your GPS marker.

Multi-Stop Mode

Not just one-stop mode, the app also has a multi-stop feature. With this, you can customize multiple routes on the app.

For example, you can set the route to point A to point B and then point B to point C.

Joystick control

If you want to take control of your GPS movement, you can use Foneazy MockGo's joystick feature.

Whether you want to turn an angle or move right or left, you are completely in control. Use W and S keys to move backward or forward, and use A and D for right and left.

Multi-Device Control

You can use Foneeazy MockGo on up to 5 Apple gadgets at the same time.

Realistic Mode

Whether you want to speed up or slow down, with Foneazy MockGo, you can adjust your movement speed at any rate you want.

Set Favorite Location

Another interesting feature of Foneazy MockGo is that it allows you to set up your favorite location. This makes it more convenient and user-friendly. All you have to do is tap your favorite location and the app will set up the rest for you.

GPX Files Routes

GPX, or GPS Exchange Format is a file type that contains geographic info like routes, waypoints, and tracks.

You can import these GPX files to Foneazy MockGo and use the info in setting up your fake location.

How to Use MockGo GPS Spoofer

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to setting up your fake location using Foneazy MockGo:

  • Step 1. Install Foneazy MockGo on your iPhone or Mac. You can download it through Foneazy MockGo's official website.
  • Step 2. Launch the app and connect it to your iPhone
  • Step 3. When you're at the MockGo dashboard, click "Start".
  • Step 4. Tap the "Teleport Mode" button at the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Step 5. Search for your desired location by moving the pin or inputting the address in the search bar.
  • Step 6. A prompt will appear showing the option, "Move here". Just click it then you're all set!

How to Use MockGo GPS Spoofer

Why Do You Need MockGo GPS Spoofer?

One of the main reasons why users use Foneazy MockGo is to hide their real location by making it look like they're somewhere else.

But why does someone need to fake their location? Below is a list of possible reasons.

  • Players of AR (Augmented Reality) games like Pokémon GO, Jurassic World Alive, and The Walking Dead: Our World make good use of this GPS spoofer. For example, players who live in countries where Pokémon GO is not available can change their location to a different country where the game is available.
  • People who don't want to be found using Find My can fake their location to make it seem like they're at a different place.
  • Movie enthusiasts can fake their location in another country to watch movies not available in their country.
  • Dating app users can discover more potential matches from different locations.
  • By breaking geographical barriers, developers can test their program applications to make sure there are no errors or glitches.

How to Get and Use Official MockGo Coupon Code

Foneazy MockGo GPS spoofer is a reliable software for faking your location without risking your privacy, but it comes with a price ranging from $9.95 - $59.95.

The good news is that you can get amazing discounts to register for MockGo GPS spoofer.

Getting a coupon code will save you a lot of dollars while enjoying the full features of the software. There are a lot of coupons just hanging around the internet.

Use the following Coupon Code to get the latest and official 15% discount for any Foneazy MockGo plan.


Below is the step-by-step guide to keep in mind on how to use the coupon code to buy MockGo.

  • Step 1. On the MockGo pricing page, paste the coupon code at the lower left corner of the screen and click Apply.
  • Step 2. Now the page will show the price with the applied discount. Click Buy Now below the plan that suits you the most.
  • Step 3. Follow further instructions on the checkout page.
  • Step 4. You will receive an email containing the download link and license code. Tap the download link, install MockGo, and run the app.
  • Step 5. When the app is opened, enter the license code in the message prompt. Click Register and you're done!
  • You can now enjoy your MockGo GPS spoofer app!

Use Official MockGo Coupon Code


Foneazy MockGo is one of the latest innovations made for Apple devices. Whether you want to get the exclusive movies, games, benefits from other countries, or you just simply want to keep your location discreet, Foneazy MockGo always has your back.

Getting this app may cost you a lot of dollars, but with a valid license or coupon code, you can get amazing discounts from Foneazy.

We hope this article helped you find a valid MockGo coupon code and taught you how to use it.

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