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Several Pokemon Go players have reported about iPogo not working on their devices. While using the Plus mod, the screen of their device turns completely unresponsive and blank, making the game inaccessible.

Moreover, there have been reports of devices running Pokemon Go with iPogo functioning slowly than those without any spoofing or helper support.

Read on to learn about the possible causes of iPogo not working, and what you can do to address the issue.

ipogo not working

1. Unable to Install iPogo

Some Pokemon Go players said that their iPogo app was revoked and when they tried to install it again directly, it kept saying "unable to install." Fortunately, one Redditor shared a solution for this that seems to work just fine.

Here is how to install iPogo even when it's down:

  • 1. Uninstall the Pokemon Go app
  • 2. Open Safari tabs to save links if required
  • 3. Head over to Settings > Safari, now clear Cache and Browsing data
  • 4. Open iPogo.app and choose "Direct Install"
  • 5. Pause the install and go to Settings > Safari and clear Cache and Browsing data
  • 6. Switch Airplane mode ON when the app finishes downloading and begins installing
  • 7. Switch off the Airplane mode after installation
  • 8. Open Settings > General > Profiles, then Press Trust > Verify app
  • 9. Launch Safari and open 5 different websites
  • 10. Wait for the pages to load completely
  • 11. Switch on the Airplane mode and launch Pokemon Go
  • 12. Turn Airplane mode Off and the Niantic screen should appear

2. Nearby Pokemon Would No Longer Load

Some users find that if they teleport several times on iPogo, the ma and their nearby Pokemon no longer loads in after a while.

Even if you restart the game, it sometimes takes up to an hour for the problem to solve. Some players have even tried switching accounts, but it didn't help.

Thankfully, there's a simple way to fix this. You need to go into the BATTLE function and go as far into it as picking your Pokemon up and then exit it to make the Pokemon and map load.

For a moment, stay on the choosing screen until you see a NEARBY BAR load up the Pokemon and then exit. Taking this step will resolve the issue of constantly quitting in the middle of fruitful searches and waiting for an hour for the game to respond.

3. iPogo Keeps Saying Update

The iOS iPogo app has also asked some people to "update." Deleting and re-downloading the 3utool doesn't help solve the remove the message.

Essentially, you have to download, install, and sign a new IPA file to move past the update screen.

4. GuruMedication f65043@986:23a71c Invalid file error

Those attempting to install iPogo with sideloadly are receiving this error" GuruMedication f65043@986:23a71c Invalid file". 

This could be because the certificates through which the download was made were decertified by Apple. The Cupertino company constantly revokes certificates from third-party sources, resulting in an invalid file error.

Fortunately, the iPogo version 1.8.8 (1.195.0/1.161.0) and and tweak version 1.4.6-1 have fixed that error.

5. Random Route and Tap to Walk Not Working In iPogo

On the iPogo 2.0.4 version, features like "Random Route" and "Tap to Walk" are not functional for some users.

We know players who try tapping into a certain area only to see their player remain in idle. Moreover, some users report that the iPogo app crashes whenever they activate 60fps.

The problem likely originates from the fact that these players installed/downloaded the app from an unsupported method like tutubox, Altstore, etc. Use a legit, compatible method and the problem should go away.

Other Solutions to Resolve the "iPogo Not Working" Problem

Deep down, you know that shortcuts aren't the best way to resolve an issue. In case of iPogo not working, distorting the framework of your iOS device can cause more harm than good.

Why not try the other more reliable and safer solutions to get the iPogo app working again? Here are some to help you out.

1. Minimize the number of items opened.

Keep an eye on your inventory list as you play Pokemon Go with iPogo. It's best to delete all unused collection items as they may be occupying a lot of space and draining valuable system resources.

2. Put less strain on system resources.

It's worth mentioning that the more applications active in your shortcut bar, the less CPU resources remain for the iPogo app. Put simply, it's wise to close all the unnecessary apps before running iPogo, as it's quite a heavy application itself.

3. Clean your device.

Not in the literal sense but yes, cleaning your device is important if you want the iPogo app to run smoothly. The easiest way to clean up is to use a cleaner app.

This app will clear and remove all the cache files that are the primary cause of system lag on your iPhone/iPad.

4. Install The Official Version.

Although it's tempting to use shortcut hacks for installing the app, they're unlikely to last long. Why? Because they're hacks.

To get a stable and hassle-free experience, we recommend using the following methods to integrate the official iPogo app.

1) Use the direct and free three-step install method.

2) For those going for a matrix installation, make sure you have a Linux, MacOS, or Windows PC available.

3) You could also follow the Signulous method, a premium mod that provides access to additional game features.

5. Pick an Alternative for iPogo.

If you're not satisfied with the experience of Pokemo Go after using the iPogo mod, you might want to try an iPogo alternative. Good news: there are much easier and simpler GPS mock apps available like MockGo.

The iOS GPS spoofer app offers amazing features like GPS teleporting, joystick control, map routing and speed modulation without the cons that you previously had to experience.

What you get is an efficient virtual GPS tool that lets you conveniently spoof your Pokemon Go location with no risk of detection and account ban.

Key Features of MockGo:

  • Use the three speed modes – walking, cycling, driving – to adjust the speed of your travel
  • Manually move your GPS freely with a virtual joystick (feel free to do it in a 360 degree direction)
  • Go on your preferred route by simulating your avatar's movements
  • Compatible with the latest iPhone 15 and iOS 17

Steps to teleport anywhere around the globe with Virtual Location:

1) Download and install MockGo on your Windows or Mac computer.

2) Install and launch the software, then connect your iPhone to your computer with a lightening cable. Click "Start" next to launch the spoofing process.

connect your iOS device to the computer

3) Once a map appears on the screen, you need to activate the Teleport mode. You can do this by clicking on the first icon in the top right hand corner. Next, input the location you want to teleport in the search bar and click "Go."

 search for a location

3) A pop-up wil appear after you enter the location. It will tell you the distance to the location you selected. Clicking on "Move here" will transport you to that location.

click Move Here to teleport the GPS

4) Now the GPS location of your iPhone has been changed. That's all you need to spoof your location. Much easier than iPogo, right?

location teleported


There you have it – all the ways to fix the "iPogo not working" issue. Remember that what works for you may not work for someone else.

So get to know the situation of fellow Pokemon Go players using iPogo before recommending this article to them.

Alternatively, you can just recommend it as an ultimate resource for understanding all iPogo-related issues and ways to address them. Whatever you do, you're sure to make the most of iPogo.

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