The Most Used and Favorite Pokémon GO Gym Locations (2023)

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Pokemon Gym are areas you can visit to battle and train your character. However, going to top gyms in new cities, towns, and countries can be a challenge (curse those expensive flight tickets!).

The good news is there are tools like MockGo you can use to enter Pokemon Go gyms worldwide. Below, we have listed some for the most popular GPS coordinates that have excellent Pokegyms and Pokestops.

Let's take a look, shall we? 

Pokemon Go Gym Locations You Shouldn't Miss

New Pokemon Go Location for PokeGyms and Pokestops

41.496324 / 2.134551

We have discovered a new location that has more than 30 clusters of Pokestops. In the same location, you can find 9 PokeGyms and 30 PokeGyms within an hour radius.

If you battle in these PokeGyms, there is a high probability of getting raid passes.

The new location is in Spain, so make sure to research the raid hours in different forums and threads before spoofing to this location.

This will help you participate in raid parties, and you might be able to find a new Pokemon that you have not captured before.

If you're a resident of the location mentioned, then you can visit it without the need for spoofing.  

Read on for more Pokemon Go locations that you can visit to find PokeGyms, Pokestops, Nests, and spawn areas.

Most Used and Favorite Pokemon Go Gym Location

We have listed the frequently visited gym locations by Pokemon Go players. These Pokemon Go locations are popular because they have huge clusters of Pokestops to help you replenish items.

Moreover, you can find PokeGyms that reward you with raid passes and Pokemon spawn nests. The list is mentioned on many other sites, but we have updated them and added a few new locations.

We've also added a few locations for rare Pokemon findings and nest spawns. You can take advantage of these locations to find a Pokemon that you would like to capture or to increase your experience by grinding and taking part in Pokegym battles.

The list includes places from around the world. Since it's impossible to travel everywhere, you might need to spoof your location. Once done, head over to one of these locations to enjoy a whole new level of gameplay.

41.661130 / -0.893750 - The location is found in Spain, Zaragoza, and here the raids get full pretty quickly. Here you can find a cluster of: Pokestops - more than 30 with many in the surrounding radius.

25.076303 / 55.132383 - The location is found in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and here you can find a cluster of: Pokestops - 10 to 15 in a close area.

47.529972 / 19.051153 - The location is found in Budapest, Hungary, and here you can find a cluster of: Pokestops - more than 25, and there are many Pokegyms for battling. 

28.12976 / -15.45106 - The location is found in Canary Islands, Gran Canaria, and here you can find a cluster of: Pokestops - between 10 to 15+ in a small radius.

23.550572 / -46.657470 - The location is found in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and here you can find a cluster of: Pokestops - A huge cluster of 20 to 30 in a close area. If you move up to the north then you're able to find multiple small clusters.

38.699629 / -9.300969 - The location is found in Oeiras, Portugal and here you can find a cluster of: Pokestops - Find multiple large clusters of 10 to 15 in a close radius.

2.102919 / -79.907980 - The location is found in Guayas, Ecuador and here you can find a cluster of: Pokestops - multiple small clusters of 5 to 15 stops in one area.

11.562937 / -77.270209 - The location is found in Lima, Peru and here you can find a cluster in one spot of: Pokestops - 12 to 15 in a close area. The area is great for catching Pokemons and spinning.

44.859873 / -93.618821 - The location is found in Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, and we had a lot of back and forth to decide whether to include the location in our list. You must be wondering why we had a change of heart. While the clusters locations are further apart compared to the other locations mentioned in the above list. But they all have a good number of Pokestops and Pokemon spawns.

Most Popular Pokemon Go Spots for Community Days and Raids

Below is a list of popular spot that host frequent community days and raids. Here, Pokemon Go players can also find Pokemon nests spawn and ongoing events.

37.808864 / -122.409786

The location is found in San Francisco, CA

34.008976 / -118.497452

This is a classic location for spoofers, Santa Monica Pier.

35.153662 / 129.060283

You can approximately find 30 to 40 gyms in Busan, South Korea

35.542978 / 134.223962

In this spot, Tottori (Japan) uses the Go-Tcha tool with the GPX route to breeze through the Pokestops.

37.518103 / 127.124086

A number of Pokestops can be found in Olympic Park (Seoul, South Korea)

32.735302 / -117.155184

Many nests spawn locations can be found in the San Diego Zoo (California).

19.427393 / -99.193284

In Mexico City you can find a large area of overlapping spawn nests.

44.456930 / 26.082360

In Bucharest (Romania) a cluster of spawn nests can be found.

More Tips to Find New Gyms on Your Area

The ingress intel map helps you locate points of interest in Pokemon Go. These POIs are Pokestops, PokeGyms, and Raid Gyms.

To use the ingress map, you would need to download its software on your smartphone. Then, create an account and complete the tutorial process.

After the completion of the tutorial, you can create an in-game name. This will allow you to use the map and find the PokeGym in your area.

Though, in a recent update from Niantic, ingress is unable to update the location of PokeGyms. So, if a gym is removed from the game, it is still present on the map.

Therefore, it can create confusion when spoofing the locations mentioned on the map and finding nothing.

Instead, you can use another map tool,, to help you find S2 cell levels. The cell will indicate the number of Pokestops and Pokegyms.

It has a more user-friendly interface compared to ingress. You can also use it to switch layers to OpenStreetMap.

What if the Pokémon on the gym map is far from me?

Many Pokemon Go raids take place around the world. Many Pokemon players wish to participate in these raids, but it's impossible to visit every location physically.

That said, if you are using MockGo, you can easily travel to these locations by spoofing.

The tool is perfect for iOS users that will teleport the user to any part of the world in just a few seconds.

You can also use this tool for other games like Harry Potter Wizards Unite. Moreover, MockGo has a joystick feature that makes it easy to navigate the map.

You can also simulate real-time movement and adjust the speed. The speed can be changed from walking to riding a bicycle to using a vehicle.

Follow the guide below on how to install and use MockGo tool:

Step 1: Download and install the MockGo tool on your PC.

Step 2: Then connect your iPhone or iPad with the system and click on Start to begin the process.

MockGo works great for most iPhone devices and iOS versions including iPhone 15 and iOS 17.

connect your iOS device to the computer

Step 3 : Check the location on the map. Click on the Teleport icon and enter the location in the search field.

 search for a location

Step 4 : Once the coordinates are locked in, click on the Move Here button. You will be instantly teleported to the newest location.

click Move Here to teleport the GPS

location teleported

After traveling to the new location, the tool shows you as a local resident. You can take part in raids like you normally do and check out any event that is happening.

There is also a cooldown period to help you avoid getting permanently banned. 


If you love playing Pokemon Go and want to visit new and exotic locations to participate in PokeGym raids, community events, or just looking for rare Pokemons, then you can use our list of popular Pokemon Go locations to fulfill your needs.

If you're an iOS user and want to spoof these locations, MockGo has you covered. Enjoy leveling up!

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