What is Bumble++: Features, and Guide

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Are you searching for your soulmate online or on dating apps? Then you’re probably familiar with Bumble.

This app is great for finding a partner, but getting the perfect match can be challenging and lead to frustration.

While you can upgrade your experience by subscribing to the premium version of the app, not everyone is willing or financially capable to set aside $10-$20 per month for a virtual dating service.

Fortunately, you can download a modded version of Bumble, such as Bumble++, to find new friends and, with some luck, your better half. 

What is Bumble++


You can use the Bumble app to make new friends, date, and network. Bumble is known for helping users find their perfect partners through its vast user base.

You can create profiles on Bumble and send messages, photos, and videos to someone you've matched. Like you would do on any other dating platforms available online, for example, Tinder.

So why is Bumble better than Tinder? Thanks to Bumble's advanced security system, if any fake profile sends spam messages, it will be automatically blocked from the platform.

Unlike Tinder, where you would need to report the profile as fake or spam. Another reason to consider Bumble over other dating apps is that it's easy for beginners to meet potential dates and partners.

For better results on Bumble, we advise you to accurately set up your profile so that you don't seem like a spam profile.

Bumble also offers some great features that are both paid and free, like:

  1. Premium Features
  2. Emojis for Chat
  3. Great UI
  4. Ability to send videos
  5. Hide any unwanted profiles

There is a modified version of the popular dating app, Bumble, available online. If you don’t want to pay for Bumble premium, then you can use the Bumble Mod APK.

Features Of Bumble++

To give you a boost in the dating world. Bumble has introduced a few amazing premium features. A few examples of these premium features are one-click connection, sharing videos, and multiple filters.

There are also many other great features available on the app. If you are still unsure about the Bumble Mod APK, then continue reading below as we will explore a few of these premium features in detail.

Premium Unlocked - The Modded version of the Bumble app will unlock all the premium features like travel mode, spotlight, access to advanced filters, backtrack, unlimited swipes, and many other useful features. In the regular version of the app, you access these features at a price.

Spotlight - There are many profiles on the app that compete to get in front of many potential candidates. This can be challenging for users that don't have a standout profile.

Therefore, they can use the spotlight feature and get their profile on the top page of the app. As the feature's name suggests, it will help the user have more visibility and a higher chance of getting matched. You do not need to pay for this feature with a modded Bumble app.

Unlimited Superswipe - Superswipes are great to get the attention of the person you like. But how does the superswipe feature works? If you like a person and want them to see your profile, you can superswipe them.

This will get your profile noticed by the person you liked. In the regular version of the app, the superswipe feature runs out. That is why you can use the modded version to get unlimited superswipes.

Unlimited Bumble Boost - This is one of the best premium features. Use the Boost feature to get a second chance, increase your swipe chances, check if anyone is interested in you, access unlimited filters, etc. The mod removes the limit on how many times you can use the boost.  

No Match Expire Limit - When you match on the Bumble app, you have a limited amount of time to talk or chat with your match.

If you do not exchange any messages within the time limit, then all the matches expire. Users with the modded version of the Bumble app do not have any expiry date.

How To Download and Install Bumble++ on Android

You can easily download any mod APK from Thinkkers. There are many great paid and free apps available on the Thinkkers page.

You can also download the Bumble mod APK without spending any money. Follow the instructions below on how to install the modded version of the dating app:

Step 1: Tap on the Go To Download Page button, which will redirect you to the download page. Proceed to the next step once you land on the Bumble Mod download site.

Step 2: Tap on the Start Download button, and in a few seconds, the modded app will be downloaded to your device.

Step 3: Open the File Manager from the menu and look for the 'Download' folder. Locate the Bumble Mod.APK file and tap on it to install the app. If you're installing the app for the first time from File Manager, then you will need to give access to the app.

Step 4: You can allow the required permission by tapping on the Settings button.

Step 5: Once you have allowed the permission then, tap on the back button and try to install the Bumble mod.APK again.

Note: Uninstall any previously installed version of the Bumble app. If you do not remove the previous versions of the dating app. You're going to face a failed installation error.

How to Download And Install Bumble++ on iOS

If you're an iOS user, then you can use a third-party app to download the mod version of the Bumble app. TuTuApp is a popular third-party app that helps users to download games and apps on their iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

The best part about the Tutu App is that it also supports many Android devices. It can be a good replacement for the App Store as it has most of the popular apps available on the site.

You can also download more than one app from TuTu without compromising the internet's download speed. There are no hidden charges on the TuTuApp, and if there is a site or app that is charging you for a modded app, it probably is a fake one.

To download the Bumble app from the TutuApp follow the guide below:

Step 1: Open your Safari browser and download the TutuApp.

Step 2: Once the TuTuApp is downloaded on your iPhone or iPad. Open the Settings option. Then tap on General Settings and again tap on the Device Management tab.

Step 3: Find the Trust TuTuApp option and tap on it.

Step 4: The TutuApp will begin the process of installing the app on the device.

Step 5: Open the TutuApp and type Bumble in the search field. Then tap on the search button.

Step 6: After finding the Bumble app. Tap on it to begin downloading and then installing on to the device.

Step 7: Once the installation completes, you can open the app and start creating your profile.

Wrap up

Bumble is the best dating app that you can find online. It's the perfect place to find and meet your future loved one in your local area.

Now you can use the modded version of the Bumble app and use it to your advantage to find your perfect match.  Happy soulmate searching!

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