[No Jailbreak] How to Remove MDM from iPad?

by Sovan Mandal iPad Published On Dec 27, 2021 Updated On Oct 31, 2022
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To adapt to the digital age, companies have started to provide their employees with devices to make their jobs faster and easier.

This move is mutually beneficial to everyone involved as these devices help to make the collection of data easier and more secure.

However, this also opens up the temptation to use their devices for purposes other than work.

Well, companies have found a way around that as well by enrolling their employees' devices to an MDM profile.

This article will talk about what MDM is, how it affects your iPad, and how you can remove it through a couple of ways.

Let's get right to it.

What is MDM?


Mobile Device Management—or MDM, for short—is a cloud-based device manager for all things related to Apple.

Its main goal is to enhance the management and monitoring of devices provided by companies.

This way, superiors will have a better hold of the devices entrusted to their employees for work-related activities.

Data collection, protection and storage is enhanced with MDM, as well as the configuration of security settings and access to applications.

It might sound all good and efficient, but here is why you should remove the MDM on your device.

Since MDM allows the higher ups to reconfigure a device's  settings, that means they can restrict the features you can use to just a few.

The device becomes strictly for work, which means you might not be allowed to download new applications, or some applications might even be unavailable to you.

With this, getting a free device from your company won't at all be exciting because you won't be able to use them for leisure.

Remove MDM from iPad without Password

Now that you are aware of what MDM is and how it affects your device, let's talk about how you can remove it.

One of the ways to remove MDM on your iPad is through an external software that you can download onto your computer.

Unlockit iPhone Unlocker is a good example of a software that can remove MDM from your device within minutes.

Unlockit helps you bypass the MDM on your iPad without the need for any technical processes such as coding.

Its steps are simple and easy to understand, making it usable for techies and non-techies alike.

You can purchase a 1-month license for $29.95, or pay $49.95 for a lifetime license. Both licenses give you access to all the app's features.

Here are the steps on how to use the app:

First off, download and install Unlockit onto your PC.

After installing, launch the app and click on Bypass MDM Lock.

 Unlockit iPhone Screen Unlocker

Next, connect your iPad to your PC through a cable.

connect your device to your computer

Finally, click on Start to start the bypassing process.

start to bypass the MDM lock

After waiting for a couple of minutes, the MDM profile on your iPad should be removed. Simple, right?

MDM lock bypassed

Remove MDM on iPad in Settings with Passcode

There is another easy way to remove the MDM profile on your iPad. All you have to do is to simply unenroll it from your iPhone or iPad through the Settings.

The downside of this method is that you'll need to know the password to that specific MDM profile.

In most cases, only the IT department and other higher ups will know what the password is.

For this method to work, you are going to have to get it from them, which is pretty hard to do without a valid reason.

Still, if you're successful at acquiring the password, here is what you need to do next:

Step 1. First and foremost, head to your iPad's Settings.

Step 2. Now, tap on General and then navigate to Device Management.

Remove MDM on iPad in Settings with Passcode step 1

Step 3. After that, select the MDM Profile and then select Remove Management.

Remove MDM on iPad in Settings with Passcode step 2

Step 4. Here, a prompt will ask you to input a password. Kindly do so.

Once the password is typed in, the process will start immediately.

The process is pretty simple and quick. The only real obstacle you'll be encountering is figuring out how to get the password from your bosses.

Games and social media will definitely not help your case, but perhaps you can think of a valid reason related to work. If so, then this free step is your best option.


It's disappointing when you don't get to use your device fully because of the restrictions placed on it by an MDM profile.

Thankfully, there are a couple of ways to remove it yourself. One quick way is to use an external software such as Unlockit iPhone screen unlocker.

The process is quick and easy to use, and you can even use it for other functions such as bypassing iPhone and iPad locks as well. The only downside is you'll have to pay to use it.

If you'd rather pinch pennies, then another way is to simply remove the MDM profile through the Device Management section of your iPad's Settings.

This can only be done, however, if you have the password to the MDM profile enrolled on your device. Good luck with that!

If you have any more questions about removing MDM on your iPad, feel free to comment down below.

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