iPhone Stuck in DFU Mode? Try These Fixes

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You were trying to upgrade or downgrade the iOS on your iPhone, but the screen went black. Now you don’t know what to do and you searched the web for a solution.

Thankfully, it brought you to the right place where you will find the solution to your problem. Your device is currently in DFU mode and to exit this mode you need to follow some tried and tested tips. 

When Should You Use DFU Mode

When a new software update arrives, Apple does not allow users to downgrade to an older version anymore. This is where you can make use of DFU mode and achieve your goal.

The DFU mode allows you to downgrade to previous versions of the iOS, fix issues with your device or unlock an iPhone. Apple users also use the DFU mode to jailbreak their devices. 

For example, if your phone is currently on a new version of the iOS but you need to downgrade and jailbreak it, you should enter the DFU mode.

However, you must also keep device compatibility and software files to go to a previous version of the iOS. 

The DFU mode is different from the Recovery mode, which prevents users from downgrading to a previous iOS version.

But it does allow users to install the updates or restore the iDevice to the current firmware.

And just like the DFU mode, Recovery mode may come in handy when you want to jailbreak your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

iPhone Stuck in DFU Mode? How to Exit

Exiting DFU mode on your device is easier than entering it. Follow these steps carefully:

Step 1. While the device is still connected to the computer, you can force restart the device using the following steps:

  • iPhone 6 or previous model: Press and hold the Sleek/Wake and Home buttons simultaneously. Release these buttons when the Apple logo pops up on the screen.
  • iPhone 7 & 7 Plus: Press the Volume Down and Sleep buttons together at once and wait for the device to reactivate.
  • iPhone 8 or above: First press Volume Up and let go of it quickly. Then repeat the exact same step with the Volume Down button. Now press and keep holding the Side button until you see the slider on the screen.

Step 2. Now let go of the buttons so that your Apple device disconnects from Finder/iTunes.

Step 3. Press the On/Off or side button and turn the device on normally.

iPhone Still Gets Stuck in DFU Mode? Try TinyFix iOS System Repair

If you have tried the steps mentioned above and achieved no luck with the device, then we have a great tool for you to try next.

If your iPhone won’t leave the DFU mode, you need TinyFix iOS System Repair.

It can help with various system issues like iPhone stuck on a reboot loop, frozen screen, black screen or iOS update stuck.

TinyFix will instantly fix issues on your device without losing precious data.  Download the TinyFix program on your computer and install it.

Then follow the step-by-step guide to use this program to fix issues with your Apple device. 

Step 1. Launch the program and click on the ‘Fix Now’ button in the ‘iOS System Repair’ section.

 main screen of TinyFix

Step 2. Connect your device with the system through a lightning cable.

Step 3. In the next window, choose the mode you wish to use and carry on with the process. Standard Repair can solve the iPhone stuck in DFU mode issue without erasing data from your phone. 

Standard Repair Mode

Step 4. Next, the program will prompt you to choose a firmware file on the system. The program is built to automatically detect iOS versions and provide firmware for the phone. Wait as the program downloads the package on your device. 

get the appropriate firmware

Step 5. When the firmware download is done, you can start the device repair. It will take a little while to complete the device repair. 

repairing the device

The best thing about using TinyFix is that it does not erase data from your device. Your data stays safe and the problems are solved. 

Contact Apple for Further Assistance

If your iPhone is stuck in DFU mode and nothing above is working for you to resolve the issue, It's time to get your iPhone repaired by Apple support

You can seek assistance from the Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider to repair the device.

If your iPhone is still under warranty, Apple should cover the repair for free as long as it hasn't been damaged in any other way, such as by liquid.

Exit DFU Mode on a Jailbroken iPhone

If you’re using a jailbroken iPhone, it’s likely that its warranty is no longer valid. This means you can’t take it to the Apple Service Center and get it repaired for it.

Fortunately, you can use an alternative method when the device is stuck in DFU mode and fails to connect to iTunes.

An IOS system repair tool is available at your disposal. It’s going to solve issues when if the device is jailbroken. So take assistance from TinyFix and get your device fixed in no time.

Wrap Up

The DFU Mode and Recovery Mode are two powerful ways to fix most issues on your Apple device, but they also have some downsides. I

f your device entered DFU mode and stayed stuck, we hope that this guide helps in resolving this issue.

Always remember to keep your data backed up to avoid any unpleasant situation when such a situation arises.

If nothing works, TinyFix should solve the issues in no time and return your device back to normal. 

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